Thursday, 7 August 2014

How I styled a white shirt...

It's funny looking back over nearly 5 years of outfit posts, my style has changed so much since I first started blogging- I'm still undecided about whether its for the better but I have definitely been favouring a more pared back look of late, maybe I'm finally growing up? When T M Lewin challenged me to style up one of their white shirts, I jumped at the chance. I loved this shirt and although I had a few ideas for how to wear it, I figured it would work best with my favourite jeans and my jazziest pair of shoes. You may have noticed the slightly different backdrop in these pictures too! As you know we moved at the beginning of the month (I can't believe we have been here that long!) and I have been trying a few different places and so far this is my favourite- what do you think? 

Shirt:c/o T M Lewin, jeans: Gap, shoes: Clarks via Spartoo
Although T M Lewin shirts are designed to be work shirts, I decided to wear this for brunch and coffee at the weekend with Mark so I undid the pussybow and rolled up the sleeves for a more casual look which I actually prefer. Although I like the sleek look, I always end up looking slightly dishevelled so I decided to embrace it, rather than fight my natural tendencies! ;) Amazingly I managed not to spill anything down my top and it is still a pristine white- maybe I am a responsible adult after all?! This shirt has a lovely pattern on it but it is so subtle that it didn't show up in any of the photos- you will have to look at the website to see how pretty it is!

I have heard lots of people rave about Gap's jeans and I picked this pair up last time they were having a sale. I really love the fit and they are super comfy, unfortunately they are just far too long on my legs. Luckily a turn up manages to solve this problem and show off my shoes too, win-win situation!

How would you style a white shirt?
P.S. T M Lewin sent me this shirt but if I didn't love it, I wouldn't blog about it!


Sophie said...

Such a classy outfit Maria. Wish I coud do effortless as well as you!

Sherin said...

Good job on styling the shirt. I love that this one has details at the front - makes it more fun to style.
I never know how to style white shirts ever!

Juliet said...

Love the outfit! I had the opposite problem with Gap jeans though, loved the fit but the regular was too short!

Matthew Pike said...

classy stuff for the coffee! I've nly just started to wear white shirts actually, more of the soft cotton oxford style than smart.

Buckets & Spades

char said...

i never manage to look anything BUT dishevelled when I'm trying to go for a chic look. That said, I would never know how to style a shirt like this either. I read a post on Amy's blog about looking back at what she wore a few years ago and your post is inspiring me to do the same - to look back and see if / how my style has changed.

Alice said...

I need a white shirt in my life! xxx


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