Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blogging on the go...

Bag: Radley, coffee mug: Tiger, iPad mini 2: from Argossmart cover: John Lewis, pouch: Hobbs

Recently it seems like life has sped up and my schedule fills up quicker than I can blink. Not that I dislike having plans but sometimes it can feel like 'fitting it all in' is nigh on impossible. More and more of my blogging is done in snatched periods of time - 5 minutes before dinner here, a hurried commute here - so I have had to get better at blogging on the go. I got this iPad mini from Argos to try out and to show you the apps I use on a regular basis. Obviously the first thing I did was test out my blog. Doesn't it look lovely?!

The Blogger app on my Android phone is great for dashing off the text to a post but next to impossible to use for actually writing the text around the images. Luckily, the bigger screen on the iPad mini makes it much easier to use and I can even check the comments on my latest post (hooray!) Commenting on blogs using my phone is a total pain so hopefully this will mean I will be commenting more on all of your lovely blogs!

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are my 3 go to apps and I love the front-facing camera. I can get picture perfect selfies with minimum fuss, although it's slightly less subtle than my phone...  ;)


Like every other person, I am completely obsessed with Netflix and I have been able to catch up on my trashy TV watching without annoying Mark. There's only so many times he will sit through Gossip Girl with me!

Spell Tower is an app you have to pay for but it is ridiculously addictive and surprisingly fun. You can also challenge other people across Wi-Fi so Mark and I keep having  quiz offs- great for my competitiveness, not so great for domestic harmony ;)

Sadly enough, choosing a case was probably the thing I was most excited about when I agreed to do this blog post! Mark bought me a smart cover case which locks and unlocks the screen (snazzy) and I picked up this gorgeous bronze metallic pouch to protect it even more. Not bad for a mere £10 from Hobbs right?!

How do you keep a blog/life balance?
P.S. This post was done in collaboration with Argos


The Style Rawr said...

iPads are so handy but strangely I prefer commenting on blogs via my phone haha!

Tara x

char said...

I don't have a tablet or an iPad or anything. I don't suppose I'd use it much as I don't have internet at home.

Matthew Pike said...

i've got an ipad mini, love the thing. ace aren't they?!

Buckets & Spades


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