An Aussome Night!

What starts with champagne and ends in cocktails? An Aussie bloggers event of course!!

Words just can't describe the whirlwind that was yesterday; and a fantastic whirlwind it was too. After a worryingly jerky coach journey [seriously, we were writing our obituaries] me and Maria arrived in London once again for Aussie's Take the Heat Bonfire Night event. Now, come November the 5th, I'm normally prepping myself for a chilly night of fireworks, a runny nose, and a cheeky cone of chips from a pretty questionable food van. What I got this year though was a champagne fuelled London Eye flight, a trip over to Covent garden [in a Hummer limo nonetheless] and all the cocktails and canapes I could manage at the wonderful Jewel Bar.


Eye Spy

We began with our flight on the Eye where we were greeted by lovely members of staff who let us loose on some champagne and canapes. They were good, and I mean goood. So nice in fact that we almost forgot we were on the Eye. Almost. London looked far too pretty to be ignored - it was so good to have the chance to look at the city, and I mean really look. Usually I've got my head stuck in a tube map or clothes rail so it was nice to truly appreciate how beautiful London is....and boy is it breathtaking!

After lots of photos and a bit of mingling we then followed Emma on what we presumed was going to be a pretty cold [and painful for Maria's poor feet!] walk to Covent Garden. Little did we know we'd be getting a lift in a Hummer limo ....yep. I actually squealed with excitement.

Excited? I think so!

We laughed, we chatted and of course, we tweeted and before we knew it we'd arrived at Jewel Bar. The staff were wonderful and brought us a glass of champagne each to toast the evening...

as well as endless cocktails...
 Lil and Maria favoured the French Martini...ooh la la!

 The peach mojito was my personal fave...yum.

and of course, the bloggers favourite; cupcakes!
Kristabel and Fiona sharing a cupcake moment!

The drinks were fab, the food delicious and the location stunning. But what made the night so fun was the wonderful company. I have to say I was more than a little nervous to be in a room with so many fantastic bloggers - I'd be lying if I didn't feel a little starstruck seeing so many of my favourite reads! Yet they couldn't have been friendlier, and everyone looked gorgeous. It's all too easy in the blogosphere to forget that there are real people behind those wonderful musings; there's only so much that blogspot can tell you. At events like these though it's great to get to know the blogger behind the dashboard, let go, and have fun!

 I got to meet the lovely Jazz

Maria mingles with Jazz and Fiona

A special mention also to Hayley who won the Take the Heat challenge with her beautiful up-do! I don't have a picture sadly, but make sure you check her blog for more on the evening.

So finally, I'd just like to say a massive thank you to all of the wonderful Aussie team, as well as the beautiful bloggers we met for making Bonfire night so special - what a Yummy evening indeed!


As  Danni has said, it was a really wonderful evening and it was so lovely to meet so many amazing bloggers . Apologies if I came over as completely starstruck, it was like meeting celebrities! Many many thanks go to Aussie for organising SUCH an amazing night, I don't know of anyone who puts so much thought and consideration into blogger events AND produces such great haircare ;) I went on the Eye fairly recently but London by night is something else! Our invitation said "Hot hair and high heels" so I went all out! Unusually for me, I was wearing black and cream accessorized with a red belt and patent red heels which were very high and soon became quite uncomfortable! 

The stairs (!) in our hotel room provided the perfect place to take photos :) I added some rollers to my hair to give it a bit of oomph (technical term) at the roots and then used some smaller rollers to ensure that my curls were even and then used the Aussie hairspray to fix it all in place. If you hate the smell of hairspray as much as I do, definitely try the 'Hi Hold + Hi Shine' hairspray- it smells gorgeous AND makes your hair looks super win! 

A rare photo of me and Danni! She was so busy snapping photos of the gorgeous view that we forgot to get a photo of the two of us... Whenever flash is used on a camera, I always close my eyes and Friday was no exception :P

Some very sophisticated bloggers in Covent Garden ;) 

Home sweet home...
After an amazing party, Hayley, Danni and I caught the tube home and collapsed in our hotel room for some much needed rest (my poor poor feet!) and a lovely girly chat :) The next morning we woke up, packed our stuff and headed out for a day of retail would be rude not to! 

Before we hit the shops though, we needed to refuel and wake up so we headed to Leon- a chain which I am increasingly impressed with! The food was amazing, the service was fabulous and the decor- WOW. I need a gherkin lightshade STAT.

We managed to pick up some goodies which will inevitably be featured here at some point and hopped on the coach back home! I can honestly say I have never been so relieved to kick off my shoes and slob in front of X factor :)

A BIG thank you to Emma and Aussie for organising this and also to all the amazing bloggers who came and made it such a fabulous night... if you comment on this post,  I can link to you all properly :) 

What did you do for Bonfire night? What do you do to glam up? 


Sherin said...

Yup. It was an amazing event. I had so much fun and it's always amazing catching up with fellow bloggers!

Danni and Maria said...

It really was! It was so lovely to see you again and you looked absolutely gorgeous :)

Maria xxx

Abbie said...

Looks like you had the most amazing time!! I'm very jealous :D

Danni and Maria said...

Abbie, it was just brilliant! I wish you could have been there- I really want to meet you :)

Maria xxx

Kelly said...

It was amazing wasn't it!
Didn't get to chat but hello! and hope to see you guys again.
Great write up.

Danni and Maria said...

Thanks Kelly - so sorry we never got to speak but hopefully we can have a good ol' natter at the next one!


daisychain said...

that looks like FUN, I was enjoying the tweets!

Danni and Maria said...

Thanks Laura! It was SO much fun! I expect a lot of the tweets made less and less sense as the night went on?! ;)

Maria xxx

Lil said...

Was so lovely to see you two again! Had a great time, we're so lucky to be spoilt by Aussie.
Can't wait til next time!

Danni and Maria said...

Lil, it definitely was amazing to see your gorgeous self! :) We will definitely have to try and meet up soon :)

Maria xxx

Little Scribbler said...

Looks like a great fun night! I went to an Aussie event a coupla years ago and it really was a great night and everyone was so well looked after. Good guys. Oh, and you two looked tres chic!

Danni and Maria said...

It was indeed- they always manage to surprise us... and spoil us rotten!!!


hiven said...

these are lovely!

x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Keri said...

Glad you have a good night beauts - it was lovely meeting you!

Keri (the blonde with Aussie :P)


Danni and Maria said...

aaw Keri it was lovely to meet you too!! Love the photos you took- lots of brilliant groups shots...thank you!


Kb said...

Great to see that you had an awesome time in London, that cupcake photo is rather strange! Hopefully we can sort a little meet-up soon!

Danni and Maria said...

Ah it was great to see you Kristabel! I think that pic captures a certain je ne sais quoi ;) Definitely looking forward to another gathering soon!


Anonymous said...

It was lovely to meet you Danni! Thanks for being my loo partner at the beginning, haha!


Danni and Maria said...

Amy, it was me (Maria!!) who was your loo partner :P And it was really lovely to meet you, apologies if I was completely fangirly :)

Maria xxx