Making a list, checking it twice

This year I'd 
'til I

'til I
and to drink these...
 'til I'm
 If you could throw in a bit of
and a good ol'
too, I'll make sure I leave out some
for you.

If I'm honest, a little
might be nice, I may not be an

but at least I've tried.

But honestly? All I really want for Christmas this year, is a super warm
'cos it's
over here!

images from weheartit


daisychain said...

I LOVE this post so much x

Danni and Maria said...

:D YAY! I was unsure about posting it 2bh - I realise it's all borrowed photo's. BUTHEY it's Christmas after all XD


Sherin said...

Danni: brilliant post!! Definitley one of my ever!! All the pictures fit so nicely and it definitely put a smile on my face.

Danni and Maria said...

Sherin- bless you!! So glad it put a smile on someone's face :D


Harriet said...

Hahaha I love this! Merry especially!! (Gosh I miss Lord of The Rings - haven't watched it in ages...)

Danni and Maria said...

Hehee, thought it was the best way to represent merry :P Though I did have a miiinor panic earlier that I'd put Pippin in by mistake. I'd never have lived it down!


Winnie said...

Haha I love this! So creative/imaginative. Have to admit that it took me a minute to get the 'MERRY' pic. I was like err..'Drink until you get hobbit?' is that the new word for drunk hahaha. Thankfully I got there in the end!

kirstyb said...

its freaking freezing over here xxxx

Jazzabelle said...

hehe, this is just brilliant danni! like winnie i also first thought hobbit, whoopsy! :) i hope you are having a lovely evening. i'm so excited for christmas! xxx

Danni and Maria said...

Kristabel - yeah it's freakin freezing here too...but I was stumped at how to put that in picture form! hehe

Jazz - Thanks hun! Sadly my evening's gonna be spent doing lots of uni work...BUT I do have a fish finger sandwich at my side XD


Lil said...

This is soooo cute.

I know what you mean, its absolutely freezing here too. I hate living in a horrible old student house!


Danni and Maria said...

Lil - Uh huh. I'mma see it as perfect training to be an intrepid arctic explorer.