Secret Garden

Can you remember your favourite childhood film?

I thought I could. Ask me and I'd reel off about ten awfully cliched Disney classics, probably ending with a well rehearsed "but my all time favourite has to be The Little Mermaid". I guess I felt some affinity with Ariel. Quite worrying really when said character is a sea-living, crab-befriending fish-girl. Well, at least you can't say my aspirations were unimaginative.

Worker Boots: Primark

Nevertheless, it is only now that I can actually remember a film that captured my heart far more tightly than Ariel ever could. It was The Secret Garden. Full of dark corners, secret rooms and enchanting friendships, this film was made for daydreaming, adventure seeking little girls. And I was one of them.

Playsuit: Dorothy Perkins // Cardigan: Peacocks

And the catalyst for this sudden reminder? A little jaunt to the theatre to see it on stage. I feel embarassed, ashamed almost, that such a wonderful story slipped my mind on those countless occasions. The play was just beautiful. Wonderful actors, wonderful scenery, and of course, a wonderful storyline.

Nails: Models Own Top Turquoise // Feather Ring: Miss Selfridge // Mouse Ring: Accessorize

I wore my floral playsuit, [quite aptly really but completely unplanned!] chunky cardigan and worker boots. I'm never sure how to dress for the theatre - a night time showing is bad enough, but this was a matinee and thus proved even more confusing. To dress up or down? To jean, or not to jean?!

Oh god. All this theatre talk has switched me to Shakespeare mode. Better make a swift exit, but not before pondering...what was your favourite childhood film? Can anyone else remember The Secret Garden? If not, and you get the chance, watch it ... for your inner ten-year-old's sake :)


Hannah said...

lovely playsuit, love the spotty tights and woolly cardigan =)

Hannah xx

Steph0188 said...

Love this outfit, so lovely :) The boots are yummy! & I have that cardie- wooo!
My fav film was an Alice in Wonderland knock off, so basically that story- but it was the cheaper 'fake' ones that you could buy. I loved it & literally watched it over & over

Alexandra said...

The Secret Garden was my favourite film when I was little too, I just adored the whole idea of it. I still love watching it now as well!


daisychain said...

Oh yes, it was the Secret Garden for me, too!

"this fashion lark." said...

I absolutely love that cardigan! x

Danni and Maria said...

Hannah - thank you! They were all bargains too :)

Steph - yay for the cardi! I never saw a film of alice in wonderland til the 3d one 2bh!

Alexandra - so glad someone else can remember it, such a good film.

Laura - yay! Another secret garden fan :D

This Fashion Lark - thanks, from trusty Peacocks ;)


thomessa said...

This is such a cute and adorable outfit! You look great! :)

Sherin said...

Ooo, the theatre. Hope you had fun! I'm off to see something next week.
I never saw The Secret Garden. I absolutely loved the book though.

You picked a great outfit. I love the cardi. And the feather ring is gorgeous.

Danni and Maria said...

thomessa- thaaanks!

Sherin - I do like the theatre...don't get to go very often but it certainly makes a nice change :) The feather ring was actually in the sale - woop!


Harriet said...

I love your playsuit - the pattern is gorgeous and so perfect for The Secret Garden. I loved the book and *adored* the film, it was so beautifully shot.

I still like the idea of dressing up for the theatre, even if we don't get out our opera clothes so much any more! A matinee is definitely a more relaxed performance though, so I think your look is perfect.

Sarah said...

I think this is a perfect outfit for the theatre! I love it! especially the playsuit (I have a huge thing for them!)

Lil said...

I loooove the Secret Garden! I'd forgotten all about it so thank you for reminding me.
Yes, its very easy to divert straight to Disney when someone teams the word 'childhood' with 'inspirational', but I think there are a lot of hidden gems out there that I've kind of forgotten because they've been beaten out of my mind by talking dogs and friendly candlesticks.
My theatre rules - anything goes, except jeans. Jeans in the theatre, for me, are a no no. Xxx

Danni and Maria said...

Harriet - The film really was beautiful wasn't it?! Like a piece of art.

Sarah- thanks! It's the only one I've got but they're so comfy i wish i had more!

Lil- Don't get me wrong, those talking dogs and friendly candlesticks are incredible...but they have made me forget a ton of other characters/films that are so much better!


Chelsea Lane said...

I adoreeee your outfit! perfection <3 my favorite childhood film was Pocahontas!


Danni and Maria said...

Ooooh Pocahontas is a good'un! Definitely the best soundtrack, such beautiful music.


Anonymous said...

AMAZE outfit, definately something i would wear :)
and i loved the secret garden, but i was a very 'girly girl' and was more into my barney!
new follower, fab blog! amy,x

heartshapedbruise. said...

This is a bit of a random comment - but I just had to say: I wore that exact same playsuit, & a VERY similar cardigan just yesterday!

Sarah said...

omg, thanks for the reminder- i was a huge fan of the secret garden! and such an adorable appropriate outfit dear- i love it! xxx

Danni and Maria said...

Amy - thanks! Lovely to hear from new followers :D

Heartshapedbruise- hehe, great minds think alike?!

Sarah- thank youu! Glad I could remind people of it- such a good film :)


Jazzabelle said...

i can vaguely remember the secret garden, though i must watch it again! i adore what you are wearing, your cardigan is lovely. you look so pretty and tall!how tall are you, by the way? my favourite childhood film? well i know i used to watch toy story an awful lot when i was younger, but now i'd say beauty and the beast is my favourite disney childhood film :)


Danni and Maria said...

You must indeed! Tis such a lovely film :D
Beauty and the Beast is my mum's fave...gets her every time! hehe.

And thank you love, I'm 6ft...JOY. Useful for seeing over things, not so great if you're having a bad hair day...there's no hiding!


Emma Jade said...

Love that playsuit on you! Gorgeous nail colour too :)

Danni and Maria said...

Emma Jade- thank you m'dear! I've gotta admit I could easily be converted to models own now- very impressed! But feel like I'm betraying Mr Barry M!


Anonymous said...

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