Purple picnic...

With the first rays of sunshine, it seemed only appropriate to break out the sleeveless dress and sunglasses and hit town for some shopping. Originally I planned to just return a dress I ordered off Dorothy Perkins but one thing led to another and I ended up with some lovely treats... I have a post to come on those! Leamington is so pretty in the sunshine and everyone seems much more smiley when there's no grey clouds looming on the horizon :) I'm still not convinced whether I like leopard print, maybe it's a grower?

Dress: H&M via charity shop, scarf (used as belt): via Laura, cardigan: Mango, shoeboots: Office, sunglasses: my brother, bag: Fiorelli (18th birthday gift) scarf: Primark
After having a mooch around for some goodies, Mark and I went for a little picnic in the parkwith our housemate James. It was so nice to just sit in the sunshine and feel its warmth, albeit briefly as it soon got cold, even with the blanket we put on the park bench! ;) We managed to get some Waitrose sandwiches for next to nothing so we munched those along with some reduced treats from Co-Op (can you tell that we are students?!) 

It was really nice just to relax without having to set a deadline for when work had to start again! I can't wait till after the Easter holidays when it will be sunny all of the time [fingers crossed!] I even managed to match my yoghurt to my dress ;) 

make avatar

My photo poses clearly don't vary that much from picture to picture, haha! I am looking forward to finishing off the last of my work this week before heading home for a few weeks, I literally cannot wait to see my family again :)

What do you like best about the sunshine? Do you colour co-ordinate your food with your wardrobe?! 
P.S. I am selling some clothes HERE so please take a look and help me pay off my overdraft!


SophieDusting said...

That dress is sooooo cute on you - I haven't found anything I like in DP for about a year now and been thinking it's going downhill but I may have to search harder.
Plus your legs look so long and toned!!! May have leg envy :s
Miss you, keep posting - it's a welcome distraction from my dissertation! xxx

Lil said...

That dress is gorgeous! The colour looks gorgeous on you. Love the leopard print as a belt. Loving the little bit of sunshine we had today. X

Michelle said...

Your dress and shoeboots are perfection Maria! Aw I totally wish I'd gone for a mini picnic today, instead I sat indoors watching the Big Bang Theory and Friends on rotation, and ate my body weight in chocolate haha. Colour co-ordinating food and clothes sounds so genius! xxx

Maria said...

Sophie- Thank you love, I am TOTALLY taking you shopping and or sending you internet shopping links :P

Lil- Thank you :) The sun was SO NICE, cannot wait for when its a bit warmer :)

Michelle- Thank you :) Picnics are the way to go but Friends is a weakness of mine ;)

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

I'm loving the sunshine. I was definitley in a great mood yesterday, with the gorgeous weather.

I love the dress you wore. Defintiely really pretty and a lovely colour.

Harriet said...

That's such a pretty dress! I adore the leopard print belt as well - it's a great addition and the colours go so well with the dress.

daisychain said...

that dress is utterly divine on you! x

Maria said...

Sherin- Thank you, the sunshine put me in a really good mood too :)

Harriet- Thank you :) I'm slowly learning to love leopard print :)

Laura- Thank you love :)

Maria xxx

The Cat Hag said...

You are looking gorgeous! :)

The Cat Hag

Maria said...

Aww thank you Addie :)

Maria xxx

Sarah said...

I love the colour of your dress (and yoghurt!!) xx

Maria said...

Thanks Sarah, I do love this dress :)

Maria xxx

Jazzabelle said...

i love these photographs, you look so beautiful! light purple is definitely the perfect colour for you :) i haven't had a picnic in ages, i'm really desperate to have one, hehe. xx

Jazzabelle said...

i love these photographs, you look so beautiful! light purple is definitely the perfect colour for you :) i haven't had a picnic in ages, i'm really desperate to have one, hehe. xx

Maria said...

Thank you Jazmine! :) Picnics are definitely the way to go with all of the sun! :)

Maria xxx

Lizzy Lips said...

Lovely dress Maria, beautiful colour and it looks stunning on you.

Maria said...

Thank you Lizzy :)

Maria xxx