Doctor, Doctor, I'm sick of being ill...

This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but I am fed up of feeling ill. I have been so lethargic and drained of energy for months and it means I have no energy to do anything, even if I had the inclination... I went to the surgery on campus the other week and they did a load of blood tests, and the results were "inconclusive" , meaning that I don't even have a name to give my mystery illness.

 I think I need some T.L.C and a doctor like this one...
In slightly happier news though, I found out that I have an interview for the Civil Service Fast Stream which I am excited and terrified about in equal measures :S It is REALLY competitive but if I could get this internship then I would have my foot in the door for when I graduate.Luckily I have a couple of weeks to prepare but I don't think I will ever feel 100% ready but I guess everyone will be in the same boat. I must be doing something right for them to have picked me though (I hope!) so I have nothing to lose by going for it, right? Yesterday in Tesco I managed to find a dress which I think will be absolutely perfect for my interview. It fits like a dream and manages to be both professional looking and flattering. The best part about it though was definitely the price...a bargainalicious £13! I think it looks very much like the Carmontelle dress from Victoria Beckham's AW09 collection but without the designer price tag :)

I have to admit, I was fretting about what I should wear as the email said 'smart-casual' which is a sartorial minefield! I also wanted to look both professional and feminine, without compromising my usual style of dresses and skirts, a task that is more difficult than it sounds. I will just dress it down with my new necklace and some flats I think. 
 I will keep you posted on how my interview goes...keep your fingers crossed for me please little bloglets! :)

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