Trialling the Triumph Magic Wire bra...

This post contains a bra that was sent for review

I have been wanting to try the Triumph Magic Wire bra ever since the lovely Poppy raved about it back in September last year. The metal underwiring has been replaced by a piece of silicone which offers the same support without any of the digging in. House of Fraser very kindly offered to send me some underwear and this was the only possible choice for me. A nude bra is hardly the most exciting piece but under certain tops or dresses it is essential and is certainly a staple of my wardrobe. After wearing this all day to run various errands, I can confirm that this is the comfiest bra I have ever tried on and I will be buying it in all its different variations, it really is that good!
Bra: c/o House of Fraser
Recently, I have found that I have been dressing up less and less, especially at the weekend. This is partly practical- it is difficult to hoover the car in a mini skirt but partly because the clothes I am choosing aren't (necessarily) as unique. When I was a student, I spent a lot of time hunting down bargains in charity shops whereas now I order most of my clothes online, or pick them up in supermarkets. That isn't to say I don't love those clothes, just that I suppose my wardrobe is more generic than it used to be! This blouse is one such item, I picked it up in the sale at Sainsbury's after spilling some food down my front (I am an adult, I promise!) and have been wearing it nonstop ever since. I don't usually get on with sleeves but these are really floaty and the loose shape means that I am not boiling to death in it which is always a risk in the summer. The embroidery on this also makes it much more interesting and I really love the contrast of the bright blue with the white, it feels very fresh and summery!

I have been raving about Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm over on Instagram but it deserves a mention here too. I got a sample on the front of Marie Claire magazine and it has already become an integral part of my beauty routine. It makes my skin look glowy without being shiny and I really love it! I have been applying it onto freshly cleansed skin under my beloved Dr Jart BB cream and looking much more alive as a result. It isn't cheap at £35 but a little goes a long way so I may just buy a couple more magazines instead...

My beloved Warehouse skinnies have been looking a bit worse for wear recently but they are just so comfy that I am reluctant to give them up just yet, here's hoping a similar pair come up in the sale! Usually when the weather hots up I go for bright nail varnishes but recently I have been loving more autumnal shades, maybe because they contrast so well with my summery clothes? There is an exception to every rule though and I have been wearing Nails Inc Gel Effect Kensington Passage nail varnish on my toenails ever since I got it in my Glamour beauty box. It is the perfect coral shade and even makes pasty pale old me look like I have a tan!

Have you tried the Triumph Magic Wire bra yet? Are you as big a fan as me?

P.S. I was sent this bra to review but if I didn't love it, I wouldn't feature it!

How I wore gingham trousers...

Black and white is not a colour combination I go for very often but monochrome does look very chic and these Uniqlo gingham trousers were just too good to resist! I have to admit that I do look more than a little pretentious in my sunglasses but it was so bright that it was next to impossible to see without them. With the cat eye sunglasses and the skinny gingham trousers, this outfit could have been quite 1950s in style but thanks to this oversized tunic top, it felt a little more modern. I have been scouring Pinterest for some sartorial inspiration and have a few ideas. Now I just need to feel confident enough to wear it with a white shirt knotted at the waist- wouldn't that look ace?!

Top: Daisy Street via ASOS, trousers: Uniqlo, shoes: Marks & Spencer, glasses:Accessorize
MAC Impassioned lipstick is one of my favourites and the neon pink shade adds enough interest to make this feel more 'me'. Red lipstick would have been a more classic pairing but I actually love how much more fun this is! Paired with Max Factor Disco Pink nail varnish, I fulfilled all of my matchy matchy tendencies and felt slightly more summer appropriate- win win!

I had been eyeing up these Uniqlo gingham trousers for a while but wasn't sure whether they would fit me. Luckily these are a trouser/legging hybrid and even have enough stretch to fit over my hips! ;) I never thought I would wear leggings so happily but paired with a loose blouse, they are surprisingly comfortable and I felt super sassy in them. I was worried that they would be super warm but they didn't feel too smothering, even in the heat. Now I just need to buy all of the different patterns and have them on permanent rotation... 

Would you wear Uniqlo's trouser/leggings?

Deco print dress...

Anyone who has read this blog for more than five minutes knows that pretty dresses are my favourite thing to wear and this Whistles dress is a welcome new addition to my wardrobe. I love Whistles clothes and stalk them on eBay (obsessed, moi?!) and was super thrilled when I won this one. I told you that coral was a huge part of my wardrobe, wouldn't this look ace with nude tights and my new favourite shoes? I will take any excuse to get all dressed up and weekend errands are way more fun when you are wearing such a fun dress! It was super windy when we were taking these pictures, hence my slightly worried face, I was trying to make sure I didn't inadvertently flash my neighbours, haha!

Dress: Whistles via eBay, tights: Tesco, shoes: Marks & Spencer
I really love the tulip (?) print on this dress, it reminds me of Art Deco prints which are super fun. The colour combination is fairly unusual although it does make matching accessories and make-up much easier- always a win in my book! I have been trying to use less product on my hair recently and without conditioner to weigh it down, my hair is fairly unruly but it feels much better overall. 

The dress even has pockets, what more could you ask for?!

I can't wait to wear this with nude tights or bare legs but I actually love how long my legs look here, the joys of a short skirt and black tights ;) 

Are you a Whistles fan like me?

Polka dotty...

One of the best things about having had a blog for such a long time is that I can track how my style has changed (or not!) in the past five years from looking back at old outfit posts.Whilst I will never be someone who could commit to a capsule wardrobe, I have got a few common themes running through my mountain of clothes. I mean, pretty skater dresses will always be a winner for me and red and navy is a classic combination that I can't resist! Add in some coral, white, pretty prints and stripes and you basically have my wardrobe, haha! I picked this dress up in Sainsbury's sale a while back and I really love it. Dresses are so easy to wear and this one is perfect one for pulling on when I don't know what to wear. Not bad for £6 in my opinion!

Dress: Sainsbury's, shoes: c/o George at ASDA
You know that I am a fan of bright lipstick and MAC's Ruby Woo is a gorgeous classic matte red that  suits everyone but I love as it looks so dramatic against my pasty pale skin. The matte finish can be difficult to wear but with a bit of prep work, it lasts all day without needing to reapply it, perfect for lazy low maintenance people like me... ;)

These shoes are super difficult to photograph but they are super comfy and perfect for summer as they are just so thin. I am thinking about getting another pair to keep in my bag for shoe emergencies, what do you think? 

Are you a Ruby Woo fan?

Simple summer workwear...

Another day, another summery outfit! I bought this stripy dress in the Gap sale a while ago and have been waiting for the weather to be warm enough to wear it. Summer workwear is a tough one, especially if you have a stricter dress code than I do (I certainly don't tend to be this smart at work usually) but crisp dresses and bright accessories are a pretty safe bet. They feel professional but still fun and this outfit ticks all the boxes for me, I can't be dealing with fussy outfits when it is warm outside! I am impressed that I managed to keep this clean for the entire day when I wore it, no mean feat when you are as clumsy as I am! Gap's shift dresses can be a bit hit and miss on me, they can look a bit sack-like on me and the waist often hits me in completely the wrong place but this one is surprisingly flattering. It is loose enough to be comfortable in a hot office but the tie waist helps me feel less shapeless. Don't get me wrong, I love oversized pieces but I just look and feel awkward when I try and pull them off! 

Dress: Gap, necklace: New Look, shoes: Clarks
Another outing for the Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm in 'Charming Coral'. It is such a lovely peachy shade and ideal for when the weather is hot, I can't be dealing with a full face of make-up when the temperatures reach the twenties! You also get a better look at the subtle stripe pattern here too, it makes the dress way more interesting and the double layering of the fabric also helps to make the dress less sheer too, win win! This necklace is one of my favourite things to wear in the summer and I love the fact that it goes perfectly with the rest of my coral accessories, I do like things to match ;)

This bag is just so cheery and the white makes that gorgeous coral shade pop even more! Isn't the patterned leather the cutest?!

I couldn't resist wearing these shoes either, they are just such a good colour and you can't help but smile when you have such a cheery pair of shoes on your feet!

How do you dress for work in the summer?

Date night denim...

This post contains jeans that were sent for review

When House of Fraser got in touch to see if I was interested in styling some of their jeans, I jumped at the chance. I have been looking for a replacement pair for these leather look trousers for a while so thought I would take a risk on these coated Biba jeans for a similar look. Imagine my surprise when they arrived and looked more like a pair of sexy waterproof trousers than waxed jeans! Once I had got over the shock, I tried them on and they actually fit really well, something I was worried about as Biba usually runs pretty small for me. Paired with a swooshy tunic top, I was sold and I wore them out for dinner and drinks with Mark. 'Date night' is one of those things that can feel a bit contrived (especially when you live together!) but it's nice to have an excuse to get all dressed up and trying good food and drink is a great way to spend time together. I always hate the idea of going out but we always have a lot of fun when we force ourselves to get out of the house, I just need to tear myself away from Netflix for more than five minutes...

Top: Daisy Street, jeans: c/o House of Fraser, shoes: Hobbs (gift from my parents)
Whatever I did, I couldn't get my hair to work with this outfit so I opted for a mini quiff to keep it off my face and paired it with this gorgeous pink lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Pink Pong 06 . I love the transformative power of bright lippie, the rest of my make-up was pretty minimal but thanks to this hot pink shade, I still felt pulled together.

I had been looked for a swing-y tunic top for a while and I'm really pleased with this one from Daisy Street,it has a nice high neckline, making it ideal for work but the split sides and looser fit make it nice and light too, especially with more fitted trousers like these. The jeans are actually a dark navy, but look almost black here which I really like, dark jeans always look dressier to me! I don't tend to wear much black but I'm really impressed with this top and am seriously tempted to order the other colours too

 A closer look at the coating on the jeans and the zip detail at the ankles. We joked that actually waterproof trousers would be great for wearing out, at least if someone spilt their drink down you, it would just wipe off! ;) I was lucky enough that my parents bought me these beautiful cerise Mary Janes when I graduated and although I don't wear them as much as I would like, they were the perfect way to add a bit of interest to a very plain (for me!) outfit.

How would you style these jeans? 

P.S. I was sent these jeans to review but if I didn't love them, I wouldn't feature them!

Navy, white and coral

This outfit has been a long time in the planning. Mark bought this skirt in the H&M sale for me last year for my birthday and I have been waiting a long time for the weather to be bright enough to wear it. It doesn't look like it in these photos but it was super sunny here, hence my lurking around in the shade! I wasn't sure how to make this less 'work-y' for the weekend but bare legs and coral accessories brightened it up no end, The stripes on this skirt are a very dark navy that looks black in some lights and blue in others so matching them are nigh on impossible. A white top would certainly be easier but I am obsessed with navy at the moment, it could be a bit gloomy for summer but paired with white and coral, it looks fresh rather than fusty. 

Top: Tu at Sainsbury's, skirt: H&M, bag: Clarks, shoes: Clarks
I wear this top a lot but it has never appeared on the blog before now, only over on Instagram, I guess I need to get better at taking photos during the week! I love the scalloped detailing on it, it makes it look like it is from somewhere way more expensive than Sainsbury's. Here's a better look at the Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm in 'Charming Coral' that I wore in a recent outfit post, it is pretty but hardly groundbreaking colour!

This Clarks Timely Love bag is a recent addition to my wardrobe and I love it. It isn't the biggest bag I own but it is certainly one of the most fun! It is a gorgeous bright coral (yes, I am predictable!) and is roomy enough to fit my purse, bloods stuff and even my keys, not bad for something this petite...

I love the length of this skirt (just above the knee is definitely the most flattering length on me) and the mini pleats are super fun- what more could you ask for in a summery skirt? I fell in love with these shoes when I saw them on Gillian at the beginning of the year. You know how much I love coral and these shoes are like the summery version of my favourite pair- there's no way I could leave them in the shop!

I mean, they have shiny silver heels, what more can you ask for?!

What colour combinations can't you resist?

Palm prints...

Summer for me, is all about maxi dresses and pretty prints so when I saw this dress in H&M, I fell in love. (I may have also bought this one too, oops!) I would never usually go for such a muted colour scheme (bright colours are much more my speed!) but I couldn't resist this gorgeous leafy palm print and I can't wait to wear it all through the summer- wouldn't it look ace with these gold wedges? Even though I just wore this to run some errands at the weekend I felt so glam and it definitely put a smile back on my face. Things have been pretty stressful round here recently with illness and things with family and friends so I have been trying to stay upbeat and just escape from my head for a bit. I have also started doing Yoga with Adriene videos and so far I am loving it, it is a good way to relax, she is fun and not too hippy dippy for me (something that has put me off yoga in the past!)

Dress: H&M, shoes: Marks & Spencer
I even dug out some eyeshadow to wear with this outfit. I have a gorgeous eyeshadow compact with gold and olive shades in that were ideal for a daytime appropriate smoky eye. Another outing for this lovely neutral lip stain too, I promise I don't always wear bright colours! ;) This necklace is slightly lower than I would usually go for but it helps to break up the print a little and makes me feel sassy rather than schlumpy under so much material...

I love the waist tie that came with this too, I am never happy unless I can nip in my waist with a belt, I am worse than Gok Wan! I'm wearing Essie Russian Roulette again here, I seem to just switch between that and Essie's Spin the Bottle at the moment, I'm going to have to branch out soon...

This dress is pretty long but luckily most of my shoes have a little block heel so I was able to skip along quite happily when I wore my favourite rose gold heeled shoes- always a winner in my book!

Are you a fan of palm prints? How do you turn your brain off and unwind?

Gloomy green...

It has been a little while since I last wore this green and white French Connection dress but I caught sight of it in my wardrobe the other day and I remembered how much I loved it. The weather was a lot colder last week than it was last summer (although I've gone from bare-legged to bundled up in a matter of days) but thank goodness that this dress works equally well with black tights as it does with bare legs! Saying that though, I wear the majority of my clothes all year round and just add or remove layers- I like all of the things too much to just wear them for a few months of the year! I am sure that I have managed to shrink this dress since I last wore it as I don't remember it being quite this short, I guess I can either wear it with thick tights like I have done here, or get used to flashing a lot of leg :)

Dress: French Connection, tights: Tesco,shoes: c/o George at ASDA
Yes, it's another day with coral make-up! I treated myself to the Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm in 'Charming Coral' last week and it is one of my new favourites. I haven't managed to build it up to the colour promised in the adverts yet but layered over Allure, my favourite peachy lipstick from the Poppy King x No.7 range,  it is the perfect daytime shade. My hair is looking particularly wild here, luckily I have finally manged to get it cut and I now look less dishevelled of a morning. I am really low maintenance with my hair and make-up, especially in the week,  so anything that makes my life easier is a plus!

I try not to get too hung up on the number on the scales but I think you can finally see that I have managed to lose some weight recently. I had been unhappy with how I felt for a while but I finally decided to do something about it and have been tracking my food and exercise with Noom Coach for a few months now. Life's too short to not eat delicious food and I am not going to deny myself but anything that gets me moving more can only be a good thing, right? I rediscovered Essie Russian Roulette when I was sorting through my nail varnishes the other day and remembered why I love it so much, it really is a perfect classic red. 

I promise I do take these shoes off... sometimes! They are just so darned comfy and make me feel pretty tall, especially when paired with some leg- lengthening black opaques. I just wish I had bought myself some back up pairs when they were still online :(

What do you wear in gloomy weather?

Pretty peonies from Debenhams Flowers...

This post contains a bouquet that was sent for review

It may be a complete blogger cliché but I really love peonies. They look so subtle to begin with but my favourite is when they burst into huge blossoms of colour and scent. Debenhams flowers sent me this beautiful peony bouquet to review and I couldn't be happier with them. I got eleven flowers, plus greenery in my bouquet and the scent is to die for. Getting a flower delivery is super fun and having a bright purple box arrive at work certainly brightened up my Friday! Fresh flowers are one of those wonderful luxuries that I always try and save up for, there really is nothing nicer than having a vase full of flowers to brighten up a room and they are guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

The flowers came wrapped in some gorgeous pink paper and looked lovely. Apologies for the dark photos, it was very late by the time I got home on Friday!

They also come with a useful booklet that tells you how to take care of the flowers- very useful if you are a notorious plant-killer like me!

I have been lucky enough to inherit a lot of glassware from various friends and family members but none of my vases were quite right. Luckily Waitrose is just a stone's throw away from our flat and I picked up this lovely vase instore for a mere £8. This one on the John Lewis website is near identical although I don't know why it is more than twice the price!

I mean, how could you not love them? They are just so unashamedly vibrant!

Subtle they ain't but I can't resist the millions of layers of petals!

What are your favourite flowers?
P.S. Debenhams Flowers sent me these peonies to review but if I didn't love them, I wouldn't feature them. If this has tempted you to order some next day flowers, use code DFBLOG25 to get 25% off any bouquet except the flowers by post range :)

P.P.S. Want peonies on a carnation budget? Click here for an ace tutorial which I will definitely be trying soon!