Styling the Three Islands cocktail ring by Astrid & Miyu...

This post contains an item that was sent for review

There are many perks to being a blogger but trying out different brands is definitely up there. Jewel Street got in touch a little while ago to see if I wanted to pick out something from one of the 250 jewellery designers they have on their site and I leapt at the chance. I chose this beautiful cocktail ring from Astrid & Miyu and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I have been trying to incorporate more jewellery into my outfits and this ring is perfect for adding some sparkle! The ring looks pretty bling-y on the site but it is a lot more delicate in person and I love the different coloured jewels, especially paired with the rose gold! Yes, I am gushing but it is just so SHINY! ;) The best part though? It is completely adjustable so it even fits my sausage-y fingers!

Three Islands cocktail ring by Astrid & Miyu c/o Jewel Street 
It is pretty obvious that a piece of jewellery this snazzy would work all dressed up but I wanted to test the theory that it would work just as well with a more casual outfit and I was pleased to say that I was right. This outfit is classic Maria, stripes and a red skirt are slap bang in the middle of my comfort zone and they were the perfect understated backdrop for the ring. It was super bright when we were taking these photos, hence me lurking around in the shade, there's a reason why I have to wear Factor 50! ;) Although it was sunny, it was also super windy, meaning that I I had a bit of a Marilyn moment with my skirt which was embarrassing to say the least! I paired my windswept 'do with my favourite red lippie-Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick Ruby Tuesday of course which made me feel pulled together, even if I was more than a little flustered at this point!

Top: H&M, skirt: Warehouse, shoes: Marks & Spencer
A close up of the ring 'in action', you can see the size of it a bit better here too. Normally I find rings a bit clunky when I am actually doing stuff but I forgot that I even had this on which is a good sign in my book. I won't be wearing it every day but will be pulling it out anytime I need a little extra sparkle in my step...

This skirt was one that I picked up in the Warehouse sale and it is one of the favourite things in my wardrobe. The high waist is uber flattering and is the skirt falls at the perfect length for me. I love a swooshy skirt and this one is super fun to wear. These shoes were the only choice to go with this outfit- the rose gold heel matched the ring perfectly!

Have you ever tried Jewel Street? Who are your favourite jewellery designers?

P.S. Jewel Street sent me this ring to review but if I didn't love it, I wouldn't feature it!


MissPond said...

Oh Maria I love this outfit! The red makes such a nice pop of colour in the springtime :) I love the ring you've chosen, it's such a pretty design and it goes with the outfit really well!!! x

Sophie said...

Good choice Maria, that ring is gorgeous!

Story Of A Girl

Gem said...

Love that ring, nice to have a really unusual and colourful statment item x

laura said...

Oh this is utterly beautiful! x

Juliet said...

Wow - I love rings and that is the ring of my dreams! Must get something from them at some point... Juliet xxx

The Style Rawr said...

Such a beautiful design, I love that you can pull out any of the colours so it's really versatile! I can imagine it working well with an all black look. :)

Tara x

Sarah said...

Such a pretty piece!

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Sherin said...

The ring is gorgeous. I love that it's so fun. Cocktail rings are so much fun to wear.
And really like the whole outfit. The red skirt is so pretty.

laura said...

I love that outfit on you, it looks fab!
Laura @ Laughter is Catching