Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Straighten up...

Although I may complain about my hair, I have been lucky enough to have hair which I can straighten if I want to (unlike my younger sister for example!) even though I don't do it that often.  The other morning I woke up with completely mad hair- one side looked like I had been electrocuted and the other was completely flat. I knew that nothing would work except straightening it so out came my trusty straighteners, which I have had for years, and my rather snazzy hair styling kit from GHD. (post to come on this lovely set soon!)

Jacket: New Look, blouse: Topshop, skirt: Kew via charity shop, tights: Primark,  shoes: New Look, necklace: Accessorize
I always end up pulling this shirt out for when I am feeling particularly uninspired with my work outfits and it was the perfect match for this purple suede-y mini skirt (seen here with my alphabetights). It was loose enough to contrast with the skirt but still look smart with the blazer (I hope!)

Paired with a huge necklace from Accessorize, this was an outfit that I felt relaxed in but also confident. The necklace is definitely my biggest statement piece of jewellery and it is surprisingly versatile due to the number of colours it incorporates. I had stopped wearing it for a while as it was so heavy that it broke itself and only now had I bothered to get a piece of ribbon to tie the 'shields' back together again. Definitely a necklace that means business...

When I straighten my hair, I don't like it to look too pristine, so I liked how this turned out with the different lengths of my layers. I haven't had them cut back in now for at least 6 months but until I chop it a lot shorter my hair will still have all these different lengths in. Any tips on making my hair grow faster?

Do you have any tips on making your hair grow faster? What do you wear when you mean business? 

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Another year older, but not much wiser! I will  be spending the next couple of days drinking far too much and dancing till my feet hurt with some of my favourite people so I will see you once I have recovered! ;)


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Breton stripes (and black glitter ankle boots!)...

 As we edge into Autumn, I pulled out this striped dress again and added some slightly more seasonally appropriate accessories to combat the chillier weather. I wore it to meet up for lunch with the lovely Hattie a few weeks ago. It is always nice to see her, even of we are the worst bloggers for taking photos when we meet up!
Dress: Isabella Oliver (clothes swap), leather jacket: New Look, belt: Primark, socks: H&M, ankle boots: Primark
Since buying the new Kate Moss lipstick, I having been loving richer berry shades and this Revlon Matte is that perfect shade of 'just finished a bottle a glass of red wine'.

Plus it matches perfectly with my nail varnish, Nails Inc. in Tate. Slightly darker than your classic reds, it's one I always go back to when I want a dramatic but wearable look. 

The highlight of this outfit was definitely these shoes, though. Is there anything more fun than black glitter ankle boots?! I bought these to wear out on my birthday (I think they are suitably party-like!) but realised that I hadn't actually broken them in so I dug out my ankle socks again to protect my feet against the inevitable blisters. Although they are from Primark, they are surprisingly comfortable and they don't shed too much glitter when I walk, which is always a risk with glitter shoes!

Would you wear glitter ankle boots? How do you transition your clothes from season to season?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Uniqlo x Orla Kiely: the top...

This top is the last of my pieces from the Uniqlo x Orla Kiely collection (I promise I will stop banging on about it soon!) I initially ordered this one but that was in the parcel that went walkabouts and they only had XS left when I went to reorder it :( Apologies for the annoying strand of hair in this first photograph, I didn't realise that it had fallen out of my plait until I looked at the photographs! I loved the printed top and the camel coat but I did feel like I was dressed like a mum from the 1970s... 

Coat:Dannimac via my mum, dress: NW3 from Hobbs, top: Uniqlo x Orla Kiely, socks: Marks & Spencer, boots: gift from my parents, bag: Fiorelli (birthday gift) 
 As soon as the top arrived, I knew it would be perfect for pairing with my beloved denim dress. I am always on the lookout for nice printed tops for layering with and this is lovely. The cotton is light but still warm; and best of all, this t-shirt holds its shape when you wash it, which my cheaper t-shirts definitely don't. 

I also dug out my brown 'riding boots'. I got these as a present after doing well in my GCSEs (all those years ago!) and although I wear them most winters, I'm never sure what to pair them with as they are quite a statement piece. The knee high socks added some warmth and I was able to live out another Clarks shoes fantasy- I LOVE the advert with the socks layered under the boots!

Isn't this just the cutest print?! I can see it paired with my green maxi skirt and my fur gilet, something I can definitely imagine Stevie Nicks wearing. Or maybe it's just having Fleetwood Mac playing in the car over the last few weeks that is just making me think that!

What's your favourite seventies look? How would you style my boots?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Prawn and green vegetable noodle soup...

This is so simple you can barely even call it a recipe, I first made the bare bones of this (noodles and stock)  at uni when I had absolutely nothing left in the cupboard except some stock cubes and a pack of noodles  (I think we've all been there at one point!) and I always go back to it when I want something quick and easy to eat. 


Friday, 19 October 2012

Checking out peplums...

I have seen quite a few bloggers wearing those amazing checked Uniqlo trousers and when I saw how awesome Jen, Hannah and Claire looked, I wanted in on the checked action. I picked up this pair of trousers after a lunchtime trip to New Look and I love the slim cut mixed with the check pattern. 

Top: Primark, trousers:New Look, belt: Miss Selfridge, shoes:New Look
I finally got my hair cut at the weekend and it feels so much better, if anyone is looking for a hairdressers in Cheltenham then I would definitely recommend Blushes on Montpellier, I have been a few times now and I trust them with my hair (which is definitely a big deal for me!)

I have had this top for a few years and I thought the slightly flared hem would work with the narrow cut of the trousers. I'm not sure what I think of the peplum trend, I love it on other people but I can't help but think that my hips don't need any help in looking any wider so (I hope) this hem is a subtle nod to the trend...

I love how this looks like my legs continue from one photo to the next, small things eh?!
The trousers are thin but still really warm and I can't wait to pair them with cosy jumpers and my favourite ankle boots when it gets colder, I think I will be going for androgynous layers this winter rather than my usual dresses and tights. I love the checked print and they will definitely be getting a lot of wear this winter!

Would you wear a peplum? Do you own a pair of checked trousers?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Uniqlo x Orla Kiely- the scarf...

After all of my gushing about this collaboration, it's hardly surprising that I bought a few pieces, although I love my dress and my top (post still to come!) I think this scarf may be my favourite. I love the mix of colours and of course, the classic Orla Kiely print- definitely a wardrobe classic. As with all my new purchases, I wanted to wear it STRAIGHT AWAY and so it was duly worn the next day to work with my favourite rusty orange top...

Top: ASOS, scarf: Uniqlo x Orla Kiely, jeans: Boden via charity shop, boots: Carvela from John Lewis
 It looks like I am going back in time with my style inspirations, I know the geometric patterns aren't for everyone but this leaf motif was calling out for some 70s styling and this flared jeans were the perfect match... 

The camel coat was really just the icing on the cake for my '1970s mum' look although I drew the line at doing Farrah Fawcett flicks, hopefully avoiding looking like too much of a caricature...

A close up of that beautiful print and my peachy make-up- Natural Collection's peach melba blush is possibly the nicest one I have found so far and I have hit pan on 3 already!

How would you define your style? Any tips to stop it tipping into fancy dress territory? 

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Sometimes I wish I was a 1980s teenager. I have a real penchant for 80s pop music and the garish fashion and I finally watched The Breakfast Club this weekend, which really sealed it for me. I have written before about 80s style work wear and this was another outfit that looked like I had pulled it out of my mum's wardrobe 20 years too late...
Shirt:H&M, trousers: ASDA, blazer: Tesco, shoes: Stylist Click c/o Spartoo, necklace: Dorothy Perkins
 I picked up these trousers in the ASDA sale a few weeks ago, as I loved the rich terracotta colour. I wasn't sure what to pair them with (it's still a bit warm for my chunky knit jumpers) but this long-line shirt from H&M was ideal. I bought it a couple of years ago as I wanted a slouchy fit top to give me that effortless cool that certain girls can pull off but unfortunately I couldn't find a way to make it work. Usually I would tuck in my top when wearing slim fit trousers but I actually preferred the shirt left untucked; a choice which felt very out of character...

Possibly the comfiest pair of shoes that I own and the perfect everyday heel height too!
 I painted my nails in this gunmetal grey from Barry M (another unusual choice for me) and I actually loved the edge it gave to the outfit as I was able to pick up the grey of the shoes. Even when I took my jacket off (you should know by now how I feel about things being matchy matchy!) I also love the slight stripe on the shirt to match the cuffs of the jacket. It's the small things...

Shiny hair courtesy of the new Aussie shine range. It seems quite apt that I am wearing my (faux) pearls here! ;)

Do you prefer to clash or co-ordinate? How do you take yourself out of your comfort zone?

P.S. This post was done in collaboration with Spartoo

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Uniqlo x Orla Kiely- the dress...

I have never bought any collaboration pieces before now  as there has never been one which I felt justified the cost of the items in question but when I saw the Uniqlo x Orla Kiely collaboration, I fell head over heels. I loved the colourful prints and the fact that it wasn't massively over-priced (take note H&M!) 

Dress: Uniqlo x Orla Kiely, coat: Dannimac via my mum, belt: Primark, shoes: New Look via eBay
Apologies for the awkward face in these photos, I have had the most horrific cold/flu the past week or so and this was the red raw nose stage- not pretty. It was a bit of a faff getting hold of my lovely clothes as the courier seemed to mislay the parcel but luckily I was able to re-order all but one thing. I think I actually prefer this dress in the green/grey than the original red I had picked...


As soon as the dress arrived though, I knew it would match perfectly with these shoes. I got the shoes for a mere £3.99 on eBay a few years ago and replaced the original shoe laces with some cream ribbon, much prettier, don't you agree?

I love the fact that this dress has cute cropped sleeves, I prefer 3/4 length sleeves merely because I can still show off my snazzy watch ;)

Obligatory twee collar shot. Although I often fall foul of a blogger cliché or two, this is actually the first dress I own with a peter pan collar, where do I hand my blogger membership in to?! I know quite a few people who have snapped up some pieces from the collection and both Jen and Kristabel have this dress and have definitely given me some inspiration for how to wear it once the weather cools down...

You can't really see it in any of these photos but I managed to get my hands on the berry shade from the Kate Moss matte lipstick collection which I love, it is perfect for Autumn and I will be doing a proper post on it soon!

Do you like designer collaborations? 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Leopard print loafers...

 It has been a while since I last wore this dress, it is too nice to wear for everyday really but I wore it out for a meal with my best friend and her fiancé (I still haven't got used to saying that!) to celebrate my recent promotion. You may have seen my excitement over on Twitter last Monday and honestly I am beyond pleased, I have only been at my job for 5 months so to have that kind of recognition is a really big deal for me, especially as I worry so much! I am now a marketing executive (!!) and one step closer to ruling the world...

Dress: Motel, necklace: Accessorize,  flat shoes: Clarks c/o Spartoo
 I love this dress as it is so low maintenance and requires very little embellishment, the gorgeous jewel colour speaks for itself, but this brown stone necklace helped to pick up the colour of the shoes...

I LOVE the waistline detail on this dress!
And what beautiful shoes they are! I think every blogger and their dog has these leopard print loafers but after I unwrapped them, I could definitely see why. They are ridiculously comfy and look way more expensive than the price suggests, especially when you know that they are designed to last. Recently I have found that my feet simply cannot cope with ill-fitting shoes and I'm glad that brands like Clarks are making more fashionable footwear than I remember from school! 

Please ignore my legs, my mosquito bites from holiday still haven't healed, stupid diabetes!
For someone who first wore leopard print just over a year ago, I am amassing quite a collection,  I was always put off by the potential tackiness of leopard print but I guess never say never!

What have you been celebrating recently? Are you a fan of leopard print?

P.S. This post was done in collaboration with Spartoo

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Portobello mushrooms with pesto and roasted vegetables...

Recently I have been trying to be a bit more healthy and eat food that is tasty without being full of rubbish. The problem is, in the week when I am at work, I just want something quick and easy which is where the problems can creep in... I picked up these mushrooms when I went to my first car boot from a local grower and they tasted amazing. I simply blobbed a bit of basil pesto (technical term there!) onto the top of the mushrooms and sprinkled a bit of cheese on the top (hey I said I was trying!) and put them under the grill for ten minutes with some chopped up mushrooms and cherry tomatoes until the cheese started to bubble. 


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Take one collarless coat...

When Simply Be first got in contact, I wasn't sure what to think. Although I have put some weight on recently (hello sedentary job!) I am still a size 14 and I wouldn't consider myself plus sized. Potentially controversial topic aside, I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of clothes on offer and actually found it very difficult to narrow down my choices. In the end I went for this coat as anyone who knows me, knows that I have quite the soft spot for coats and I thought it would be nice to try a slightly different style. 

Coat: c/o Simply Be, shirt: vintage, jumper: Zara via charity shop, shorts: New Look, tights: Tesco, shoes: New Look
In theory I should love it. The colour is just perfect and it is lovely and warm but I think the design of the coat just looks all wrong on me. I don't think I have a long enough neck to pull off a collarless style and buttoned up is the only way of wearing it without looking completely shapeless. 

Even my usual trick of belting it didn't seem to work :( I am determined not to give up on it though as it is so well made and I really love the colour, I just need some styling tips...

Squinty face: model's own...
I felt slightly like I was wearing a school uniform with this jumper (maybe due to the scratchy navy wool?!) but I certainly never had such a cute spotty shirt for school. I wore this outfit to my first car boot the other weekend and felt slightly twee but oh so warm...

Have you ever shopped on Simply Be? How would you style a collarless coat?

Monday, 1 October 2012


So you may have heard a few whispers already but Aussie are introducing a new range designed to maximise the shine in your aussome 'do, filled with Australian Ginseng extract and Pearl powder. The best bit about these though is definitely the smell. Who wouldn't want their hair to smell like 'cotton candy'?! Even the classic 3 minute miracle has been given a makeover...

A basket filled with Aussie goodies? Yes please!

Yes, that is an Aussie bathrobe...

The lovely Eugene did my hair for me again and I absolutely LOVED the style. I had a thick braid coiled around my forehead, another around the back of my head with the rest of my hair curled and loosely pinned, I only wish I had been going out afterwards as this hair was hot to trot! 

Unfortunately my hair styling skills leave a lot to be desired but Eugene has inspired me to be a bit more adventurous with my hair, definitely something to try when I go out for my birthday! 

How do you add shine to your hair? Will you be trying the new Aussie range?*

*of course you will!

P.S. Check out Lizzie and Lily's posts too, they have some amazing pictures from the day...
P.P.S. Aussie gave me these items for review but you know how much I love their products already!


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