Mum's the word...

Ever since I was very young, my mum has dressed well and as I have grown up, there are certain pieces that I have just had to snaffle off her. This coat is a case in point, I had been eyeing it up for ages and when she said she was going to get rid of it, I practically snatched it out of her hands! 

Dress: vintage Laura Ashley (stolen from Mum),  coat: Dannimac (stolen from Mum), belt:  vintage Laura Ashley, boots: Carvela via John Lewis, bag: Fiorelli (gift) 
I wasn't entirely sure about pairing the coat with this dress but it was so cold and the flared shapes of my macs just looked wrong with the length of the dress. Plus, when I get something new to wear I put it on immediately!  

Sleeves and a rather fantastic daisy print = dress love! This dress is another piece I stole from my mum's wardrobe, I loved the print and the length is perfect for the colder weather,  long enough to keep my ankles warm but short enough for the hem not to drag in the mud and grime that accompanies the rain at this time of year... 

A preview of my rather fantastic boots. I bought these the other week from John Lewis and I have barely taken them off. They are so comfy and perfect for the Autumn with a chunky heel and most importantly, grippy soles! No more falling over on slippy leaves for me! 

Do you steal clothes from your mum's wardrobe? How do you prepare for the Autumn weather? 

Camel+ tobacco.... a Clarks inspired outfit post...

I think sometimes it is all too easy to get caught up in the pretentiousness of fashion and forget that at the end of the day, getting dressed is supposed to be fun. When I bought this dress I wasn't sure what colours to pair it with but this Clarks advert provided me with all the inspiration I could want. Prepare yourself for some very silly photos!

I unfortunately don't have a cute dog to cuddle so I had to make do with a cuddly toy dog from when I was a baby! :P

My colour scheme was slightly different but this advert provided me with the inspiration I needed for styling this up...

Coat: Vintage Dannimac (stolen from my mum!) dress: Mango, belt: New Look, tights: Primark, boots: Carvela from John Lewis, scarf: gift from Mark's parents
This coat is so so cosy and perfect for the Autumn chill and adds an edge of sophistication to all of my outfits, you can see why a classic camel coat is a wardrobe classic!

A better look at the colour of the dress and the look of love reserved for my wonderful co-model, Zac.

I honestly cannot praise these boots enough- they are possibly the most comfortable shoes in my wardrobe and the perfect colour to go with pretty much all of my Autumn outfits...I love it when a plan comes together! 

I have only just noticed the piece of fluff on my dress in these pictures, how annoying! I have been wearing this leopard print belt with everything recently, it has been the perfect accompaniment to all of the rich colours I have been wearing.

I really loved taking these photos and I hope you find them a bit more interesting than my usual outfit posts :)

Should I make Zac a regular feature?! What has been inspiring you recently?

Imperial purple...

I love rich colours and my favourite one to wear is purple. This dress always reminds me of 'the purple one' in the Quality Street tins crossed with imperial robes- no bad thing in my opinion! It is the perfect outfit for wearing to meals and going out for drinks so it was my first choice for a family party this weekend.

Dress: Tesco, leather jacket: New Look, tights: Sainsbury's, shoes: New Look
With a dress this snazzy, I kept the rest of the outfit simple, opting for my favourite jacket and some trusty black opaques.
This dress has pockets, POCKETS! 
As ever, the little details are the best part of any outfit and the pleated sleeves and back detail make this dress look much more expensive than the £7 I paid for it! I have to say, I am always very impressed with the quality of Tesco clothing, especially for the prices!

I cannot wait to get my hair cut again, all of my layers have grown out and it's got to a point where I can't do anything with it. I'm not sure whether to go shorter (just above the shoulder) or to keep on growing it?

When I saw these shoes in New Look I fell in love and although they are very high, the platform makes them slightly easier to walk in although I will never be someone who wears heels everyday!

Which shops do you always go back to? Can you walk in heels?

Apple and blackberry sponge pudding recipe...

Apologies for the lack of foodie posts recently! I have been training and working long hours for my job at Asda, ready for opening our new store (which I am very excited about!) so I haven't had much time to eat/cook anything worth photographing until Mum made this gorgeous apple and blackberry sponge the other day. There's something about the combination of blackberry and apple that always reminds me of Autumn and this recipe is a good way to use up 'offensive' looking apples and perfect for easing you into the chillier months...

Berry jeans...

I find that the best outfits are the ones that are thrown on at the last minute and this was no exception. I had had my eye on these jeans for quite a while now and when they arrived as a surprise present from Mark I was super excited to try them out. Ever since they arrived, I have barely taken them off and I loved the mix of rich tones when I paired them with this top. I love how easy jeans are to wear and these berry beauties are more interesting than the other pair that I own...

Jeans: Miss Selfridge, top: New Look, shoes: Dorothy Perkins, bag: vintage from the Clothes Show
I have found that printed tops look best with them and the print on this one managed to pick up the tone of the jeans whilst being a bit more interesting than a plain t-shirt or blouse. 

Watch: DKNY (gift)
Although I love these jeans, it has been quite a shock to wear something this fitted, as these show every lump and bump! Luckily looser tops and leg lengthening nude shoes have eased me back into wearing 'super skinny jeans' - something I never though I would be saying! 

My little brother took these photos and I have to say I was really impressed! He was directing me as he was taking the photos and managed to take some that were really rather fantastic! 

Would you wear berry jeans? Who do you get to take your outfit shots? 

Seeing red...

I bought this skirt off the lovely Jazmine back in May and when it arrived and I unwrapped it from it's beautiful packaging, I was stumped. I loved the colour and the volume but I wasn't sure how to style it so it disappeared to the back of the wardrobe unloved and unworn.

I refuse to be defeated though and so I pulled it out today to try with my new favourite top... I picked this up in my favourite charity shop and it has proven so versatile, adding that little bit extra to any outfit. This outfit turned out to be so so comfortable and I was surprised at how easy the skirt was to wear.

Skirt: Marks & Spencer via Jazmine, top: Warehouse via charity shop, belt: vintage Laura Ashley, shoes: Office, bag: Fiorelli (gift) 
Usually I would tuck my top into a high-waisted skirt but I left it untucked and belted it for a bit more definition... For some reason, the hemline of this top, with the skirt reminds me of a tulip...anyone else?!

A pop of red lipstick to top it all off! I never used to wear sleeved tops but recently I have been drawn to them, especially if they are sheer like this...

Outtake of the day comes courtesy of me trying to show how swooshy the skirt is, I love how my legs look about 2cm long, haha!

How would you have styled this? Do you like a sartorial challenge?

Comfort zone...

I have always envied people who could throw on a pair of jeans and look effortlessly good, I unfortunately never managed to find a pair that fitted both my waist and  hips and so I gave up. Recently though, the acquisition of this shirt from ASOS reignited my desire to find a pair of jeans that fitted me. 

Shirt: ASOS, jeans: Boden via charity shop, belt: New Look, shoes: NW3 from Hobbs, bag: Fiorelli (gift)
 I found these jeans the day I left uni, in my favourite charity shop and where usually I would walk past, for some reason I picked them up. The denim was soft and I thought that the flared shape would help ease me back into wearing jeans which I haven't done for about 2 years. 

As you can see, the flares are huge and I needed my highest heels on to stop them dragging on the floor. The flares, wooden heels and billowy blouse made my outfit look quite 70s which I didn't realise until I was looking through these photos! 

This blouse is so comfortable and I loved the little quilted detailing on the shoulders, I always think that it is the little details that make a difference to an outfit! I am also in love with the Max Factor lipstains and I am wearing 'Marshmallow' in these pics... 

OOTD: Outtake of the day featuring Cousin It...
Based on these pictures, I think we are definitely experiencing the tail end of all of the hurricane weather! My hair looks like it's going to blow off my head, haha! I have to say, I can see why some people can't be separated from their jeans, these were really comfy and so easy to wear, I will definitely be turning back to these when I want something quick and easy to wear... 

What do you think, can I pull jeans off? How would you style this shirt? 

My love affair with Laura Ashley...

Whilst I adore Autumn clothes, I think floral dresses will always be my favourite thing to wear. I found these pictures on my computer and had to share them with you before summer becomes a distant memory... If you are a long-term reader of this blog, you will know how much I love Laura Ashley. Their clothes are beautifully made and although initially (fairly) expensive, do last for years. Their dresses have to be some of the most flattering garments on the high street and best of all, parent approved ;) I first saw this dress a few months ago whilst still at uni and sadly had to leave it on the rail as it was just too expensive to justify. When it was reduced in the sale though I had to have it and it now has pride of place in my wardrobe... 
Dress: Laura Ashley, sandals: Marks & Spencer, cardigan: Mango, bag: vintage 
There's just something irresistible about the gorgeous floral print and the pop of coral was the cherry on the cake! I also loved the fact that the dress is fully lined, so few shops bother to do that nowadays and it is one of the reasons why I love Laura Ashley so much! Their dresses always remind me of Char (who always looks stunning!) It's weird how you associate particular brands or styles with bloggers, I always find myself saying "That is totally so and so..." when I am out shopping! 

It is strange, I am usually wary of midi lengths on skirts but on dresses I never seem to mind, maybe because the hard work of matching a top half has been done for me?! The skirt on this dress is so swooshy, I felt like some kind of princess when I wore it! 

Wearing the dress with sandals probably wasn't the best idea with my stumpy legs but they were so comfy and a bargain at only £6 from good old M&S and I bought them at the same time as my bargainalicious coat... that was definitely a good day's shopping! The striped pattern on the sandals adds a bit of pizazz to any outfit and they are ridiculously comfy... what's not to like?! 

Apologies for the awkward looking pose here, it was so difficult to get a decent picture of the crossed straps at the back without just focusing on my rather freckly shoulders! The straps are adjustable thanks to some rather cute buttons and again, I think it is this kind of attention to detail that is really worth paying for!

Although this dress won't get a lot of love during the colder months (sob!) it is the kind of dress I will keep for years and put back as soon as there is the slightest glimmer of sunshine, definitely a wardrobe classic! 

Do you like Laura Ashley? Have you tried midi lengths? 

Bottle green, navy blue and cracked brown girl chic?

Top:ASOS, skirt: ASOS, belt: vintage Laura Ashley, shoeboots: Office
Recently I have noticed that my style has become much sleeker and toned down and clothes that I wouldn't have looked at a year ago I am now being drawn to. When I first bought this skirt I wore it a lot with stripes and red tones but I think it looks equally good, completely pared down. I don't know whether preferring a more classic look is a sign of me growing up and my style evolving or just a sign of me becoming less adventurous in my old age?! 

 I really liked the earthy tones and slight schoolgirl vibe I got with the bottle green and navy together- it's just a shame that my uniform wasn't this! I have to say though, my skirts were nearly as short at school :P  These shoes always remind me of the 'sensible shoes' I had to wear for school but obviously much much nicer! I can't seem to stop wearing this belt either, it's the perfect shade of brown to match my bag and shoes and tie the outfit together and I can see this accessories combination becoming a staple throughout Autumn... 

My attempts at taking photos with the tripod seem to be improving slightly, I only took about 20 of this outfit ;) I do miss having Mark around to take my photos and now my siblings are back at school I am reliant on my tripod and a teeny tiny remote!  

Outtake of the day comes courtesy of me awkwardly trying to hide the remote as my ankle snaps off... ah well! 

Has your style evolved? What are your favourite colour combinations? 

Rusty florals...

 Since I first wore this dress I have been counting down the days until I can wear it all layered up. I am definitely the kind of person to wear the majority of my clothes all year round and I was desperate to find some nice t-shirts to help me layer things up.  Last pay-day I bought some basic tees from ASOS in the sale and they have been invaluable in these past few weeks. I have always shied away from long sleeves because I get so warm but these are thin enough that I don't boil but keep my arms nice and warm.  Autumn is definitely my favourite season and this dress was crying out for some rich rusty orange to lift the floral print. 

Dress: River Island, t-shirt: ASOS, belt: vintage Laura Ashley, bag: Fiorelli (gift), shoeboots: Office
I also really love the colour, rusty orange is a definite favourite of mine and it picked up the floral print in the dress nicely too. 

I found this belt underneath my brother's bed and when I saw the gorgeously worn leather I just had to pair it with this outfit. I love the abundance of rich brown tones around at this time of year and the belt ensured that I didn't look too young in a rather cutesy looking dress. 

Recently I have been described as dressing like a 5 year old and whilst I don't mind being described as "cute", people always presume that I am about 16 and being ID'd is getting embarrassing! My beloved shoeboots gave me a bit of height and hopefully convinced people that I am actually old enough to be allowed out of the house on my own. 

I can see this becoming my favourite outfit this A/W as it is just so easy and comfy and I can imagine it looking even better with my boots in a few weeks! I also got the bottle green version of this t-shiort too so expect to see me wearing that very soon!

Which is your favourite season? How do you remix outfits for the colder seasons? 

A tourist in your own city: Worcester

It seems like I all have done recently is talk about being a tourist but sometimes you have to take a step back and appreciate the smaller things in life. These photos were taken a while back when Mark and I met up with my best friend Sophie in our local town, Worcester.  

Dress: Dorothy Perkins, boots: Primark, tights: Primark
After all of your help with deciding to keep these boots, I paired them with this dress to give it a slightly cooler edge, the sheer tights also meant that I was less self conscious about stumpy leg syndrome too! 

Just chilling outside my cathedral...
I think it is so easy to forget how beautiful places are if you see them regularly and it was nice to wander around, catching up and reminiscing with two of the best people in my life.  Worcester really is a lovely city and behind the cathedral is quiet despite being 2 minutes walk from the centre of town. 

Whatever your religious views, you cannot deny the grandeur and dignity of cathedrals, their very stones demand that you savour the moment and respect the history. 

My new boots proved to be exceedingly comfy and I cannot wait to pair them with chunky socks and a woollen dress this Autumn. 

I love this girl so freaking much!
Recently, the training for work has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with long hours and lots to remember so I met up with Sophie again yesterday, which was the perfect antidote to all of the stress. Sophie is one of those people who never fails to cheer you up and I fell in love with her the moment we met at college 5 years ago.  She has been there for me through all of my ups and downs and I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Gorgeous, intelligent, funny and the best friend a girl could wish for... Recently I have been so grateful for all of the lovely people I have in my life and I just wanted to pay tribute to all of my wonderful friends and family and just wanted to let them know. Go and tell yours that you love them. 

Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? How do you show your appreciation?

P.S. This was meant to be a light-hearted post but it turned into rather a weighty subject so apologies for that, at least there are pretty clothes to look at!