Granny chic...

I want to introduce you to my new friend; a metallic skirt that treads the fine line between granny and chic. It is so lightweight, so perfect for Spring, and the beautiful coppery brown colour tones down the twee pastel tones I have been pairing it with! It really is true love... It's not something that I would usually go for, but I think that is one of the reasons why I love it. It is such an unusual colour and a slightly more challenging length than I'm used to, but I have so many different combinations planned out! I think the difficulty will be prising it off, rather than trying it on! 

Skirt: Miss Selfridge, body: Primark, jacket: New Look, wedges:New Look, belt: New Look,  badge: The Very Hungry Caterpillar via Waitrose, rings: Miss Selfridge, pasty legs: model's own
I cannot believe how lovely and warm it has been this past couple of days too! The sunshine was so warm here that I even discarded tights to embrace wedges for a taste of Summer [Apologies for my milky white legs, they haven't  been exposed to sunlight before today!] I did get some funny looks and the occasional car hornas I skipped through the park but I was having too much fun to care! 

You can also see my new haircut in these pictures! I didn't have much trimmed off but I had a load of the weight taken out and my hair feels so much better for it :) I went to a little salon called Cabello Hairdressing in Kenilworth and I can really recommend it, the stylists are always lovely and friendly ( I always have Michelle) and you get a cup of tea or coffee...what more can you ask for?! 

You can see the horse print on the body a bit better here, I thought it added a bit of interest to an otherwise plain outfit and tied in the colour of my accessories. I was inspired by the way that various bloggers have worn the [now infamous!] Topshop pleated skirt, as collated here by Hannah  and I think the knotted belt is a bit more 'fashiony' than my usual skinny waist belts. 

Nail varnish: Barry M raspberry c/o Susie
I have a weekend of essay prep and house cleaning/sorting ahead of me so I am already planning ways to break up these rather dull tasks, most notably catching up o my new favourite show; Glory Daze, a bit like American Pie but set in 1986. If you haven't seen it yet, then check it out on 4OD because it is so funny, the last episode had me laughing all of the way through and it is full of really cute guys (I'm in love with Joel, what a cutie! <3 )

Are you a fan of Glory Daze? Do you challenge yourself to try new styles?
P.S. I am selling some clothes HERE so please take a look and help me pay off my overdraft!


Helen said...

that skirt is lovely, i love how you're styled it! oh and your hair is lovely too, i really want to find a nice salon that makes me feel comfortable but i never do in hairdressers.

daisychain said...

I love that skirt so much! I am sorely tempted but payday is almost a week away :(

I'm saving my dress I bought from you to wear on my birthday at the end of April! I buy myself a new dress for it every year :) xo

Unknown said...

What a stunning skirt! I am all about the granny chic if it looks this good!

Hannah said...

I like your new friend the metallic skirt, what a fantastic purchase! I'm loving the sunny weather at last, hope it stays this way. Gorgeous hair cut too =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Leanne Cornelius said...

Stunning outfit x

Unknown said...

Two things:

1 - Granny chic rules - true dat.

2 - you have fabulous legs and better that they're pale and interesting than riddled with skin cancer or summat!

Maria Fallon said...

Helen- Thank you! I stumbled upon this hairdressers completely by accident but I really trust her with my hair! :)

Laura- I'm sure it will still be there by payday, I can really imagine you rocking it! I can't wait to see you in the dress either! I'm honoured you chose it as your birthday dress :D

Harriet- Thank you! I think the colour is just divine :)

Hannah- Thank you :) This sun is gorgeous :D

Stundon- Thank you :)

Llara- Aww thank you love, and pale English Rose all the way ;)

Lottie- Thank you :)

Maria xxx

Sarah - essbeevee said...

I love this whole outfit - the skirt looks amazing with that body and the belt, too. And your legs aren't pasty! They're PORCELAIN.

(Yeah, that's what I'm telling people about mine...)

Maria Fallon said...

Sarah- Thank you, I felt like a very cool granny in it! :P And we can be porcelain beauties together ;)

Maria xxx

helen turnbull said...

skirt is perfect length and colour, nicely styled :).

Helen, X

Capucine de Chocqueuse said...

This is such a nice outfit, I like the skirt a lot!

Maria Fallon said...

Helen- Thank you :)

Lilacpurplesky- Thank you :)

Maria xxx

Susie said...

I love how your styled this! There isn't anything "granny chic" about it to me, just super chic! xoxoxo

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

oh, the skirt is just beautiful! such an interesting colour. i wasn't sure about the body when i saw it in primark, but after seeing it on you i have changed my mind, it really adds something to your outfit :) x

Maria Fallon said...

Susie- Thank you love :)

Jazzabelle- Thank you, I wasn't sure about the body either but I thought it might make a nice change :)

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

Oooo, hello new skirt. It's so pretty. The metallic colour really suits you!
And your hair looks so amazing!!

Leia said...

That's such a pretty skirt!


Alexandra said...

such a lovely outfit :)

franky xx

Maria Fallon said...

Sherin- Thank you :) I love having my hair cut, it always feels so swooshy afterwards!

Leia- Thank you :)

Franky- Thank you love :)

Maria xxx