Guess what? It's another floral maxi!

That's right folks, I'm back with another floral maxi dress! I picked this little beauty up in H&M, figuring that it would be perfect for my holiday and I am totally in love with the print and colours- you really can't go wrong with neon floral print! Maxi lengths are a favourite of mine at the moment and they are perfect for this weird transitioning weather we are having at the moment too...

Dress: H&M, jacket: Principles, belt: vintage, shoes:New Look, bag: Miss Selfridge
The one issue I have though is the length, I know it's a maxi dress but this dress was literally sweeping the floor [niiice] before I tied it up at the bottom. I'm hoping I can persuade my mum to shorten it for me as I am pretty lethal with a pair of scissors as I just don't know when to stop chopping (as many dodgy fringes will  testify!) 

The colours on this were a perfect match for my blue shoes and belt, lovely accessories that are often passed over for something less challenging (i.e. nude or black shoes!) I love it when an outfit comes together and this one made me feel elegant and apparently I even looked taller, no bad thing in my book! I also painted my toenails for the first time in about 2 months and the hot pink shade was the perfect complement to the dress. I will definitely be taking this away with me...I have the most perfect black floppy hat to pair it with too! 

Even my hair seemed to behave! I am sad to announce though that my beloved bag has in fact died. The clasp broke less than a week after I bought it and needless to say, I was not impressed! I didn't repurchase it as I didn't want it to happen again but rather put the money towards something else * which I am very excited about sharing with you! 

This rather lovely card popped through my letter box not long ago from my lovely housemate Lisa. I have finished uni with a 2.2 (I was SO gutted to be 1.25 marks off a 2.1!) and this post marks the last photos taken by my beloved brick wall. I have had a fantastic time at uni despite my many health problems and although I am slightly disappointed with myself I am optimistic about the future :)

Do you have any summer essentials? How do you cope with disappointment?

* This something else is a rather  lovely sale purchase from none other than Topshop...see if you can guess which dress it is! 

Quick and easy homemade chicken nuggets...

My mum first found this recipe in her Waitrose magazine and it has been a staple recipe for me ever since. Trashy food is always tempting but homemade chicken nuggets are a lot better for you than shop bought ones, especially if you use turkey like I did!

Life skills...

As uni draws to a close, the worry about adjusting to 'real life' looms even larger. It is impossible to know how easy the transition between uni and work will be but luckily I have a few things working in my favour. So many people I know don't know how to cook or clean or even how to open a bank account but luckily my parents equipped me with these essential life skills and hopefully this will make it a little bit easier for me... 

Dress: Tesco, coat: Antoni and Alison via T.K. Maxx, cardigan: Mango, belt: New Look, shoes: New Look,  bag:  ASOS
I have had this Tesco dress for a couple of years now and I originally paid £7 for it but I wore it so much that it actually wore through in certain places and the belt almost came off. Luckily my mum and grandma taught me how to sew when I was younger so with a bit of work I was able to patch up the holes and reattach the belt. It may seem like a small victory but it was a triumph nonetheless. I saved money on replacing a much beloved dress and proved that I could look after myself

These photos were taken next to a churchyard near to my house and provided a more unusual location than my usual brick wall backdrop. These ruins were once a gatehouse and I don't know how tall people were in the fifteenth century but even I struggled to walk through the doorways and I'm only 5'4"! 

The gorgeous reddy colour of the bricks looked lovely with the tan colour of my bag and I thought it looked quite cute perched up on this ledge! 

I am also considering whether to get my hair cut again as it just seems to be a bit unruly at the moment but I like the fact that I can tie it up when it is warmer...I just don't know what to do!

How did you make the transition between uni and work ? What skills do you think are essential? 

Tickled pink...

Top: ASOS, skirt: Zara, shoes: Miss Selfridge, belt: Primark, bag: Miss Selfridge
Certain outfits really lift your mood and this was one of them. The hot pink of the skirt makes any outfit feel fun and instantly puts a smile on your face. I was meant to be saving this top for my upcoming holiday but I thought it went really well. The skirt is fairly short so I thought the shirt was a perfect match as it made it a lot more demure. 

The broderie anglaise detail adds a bit of interest to an otherwise basic top and makes it a bit prettier too. The top is nice and light and I can imagine it would be perfect for when the weather warms up. I am always on the look out for basic items with a twist and this falls into that category perfectly... The fact that it is sleeveless is really the icing on the cake for me- I really don't get on with tops with sleeves as I am always too warm, especially in the summer...

This is my new baby, the gorgeous satchel bag from Miss Selfridge which I bought at the weekend. Every time I look at it, I fall more in love. The shape is just perfect and the colour seems to go with everything in my wardrobe. I cannot express how much I love it and so many people have complimented me on it, that it has well and truly paid for itself!

This outfit was topped off with this mini hat clip from Miss Selfridge. I love quirky hair accessories and this adds a certain 'je ne sais quoi' whenever I wear it which I absolutely love.. 

Do you have any accessories that you love wearing? What do you look for when you are buying clothes?

This week has been...bittersweet

L-R: James, Lisa, Mark, me, Harry and Danni
This week I finally finished my exams and I don't think it has quite sunk in yet. I haven't been quite as ecstatic as I was last year but I think that is because it is all happening for the last time. Saying goodbye to my housemates has been absolutely heartbreaking, especially as I have had such an amazing time this year with some really brilliant people. I really hate saying goodbye and I really can't believe that these three years have gone by so quickly and I'm not ready to let it all go yet. 

Luckily there are a couple of us still around and we have been making the most of our freedom with lots of yummy food and plenty of Pimms.. there really is nothing better in the sunshine! I am planning to spend a lot of time in the park picnicking too, a cheap way to have fun and use up all of the food from my fridge too :P
You may have seen my tweet about finding a grey bag and let me tell you, it was next to impossible. I have a pair of grey shoes that go with pretty much everything and have never found a bag to match them until now! After a morning traipsing around Leamington,  I finally managed to track down this beauty in Miss Selfridge. It is the perfect size and can be used for day or night so I am really pleased with it! I am hoping to wear this for the Aussie party next Saturday, are any of you going? 

I also managed to meet up with SarahHannah and  Hannah's friend for coffee today and it was lovely to see them again, even if we still didn't take any photos! I have been slowly working my way through Sex and the City too, as the episodes are only half an hour or so I can watch quite a few a day! That and The Sims 3 have been taking up my time recently, perfect for relaxing on the sofa with! 

How do you cope with saying goodbye? What is the best way to relax?

P.S. Are any of you going to the Aussie party? What are you wearing? 

The infamous Venice dress...

Certain items become ubiquitous in 'the blogosphere' and this Venice dress is one of them. I first saw this dress on Sarah and Blair and have been keeping my eye out for it ever since. I was shopping after my fish pedicure the other week and when I spotted it, I knew it was destined to join my wardrobe. The shape is just perfect for me and I absolutely adore the print and at half price there was no way I was leaving it behind!

Dress: New Look, belt: New Look, shoes: New Look, jacket: Principles, bag: ASOS.
I have been wanting to wear it ever since but I decided to keep it for after exams as a form of motivation. I'm glad I kept it to one side as it really brightened my day up and was the perfect outfit to wear whilst doing a bit of retail therapy ;) I am so glad that my exams are finally over although I can't quite believe it yet! There is so much that I want to do over the next couple of weeks and I really can't wait...

The colours in this dress are ones I normally avoid (yellowy colours are not my friend!) but I thought it would be perfect for my impending holiday in Italy and hopefully they will look even better if I manage to get a bit of a tan... I have been using my Body Shop gradual tanner for about 3 weeks and yet there's been very little noticeable difference so far, maybe I need to switch to another brand, do you have any recommendations? 

I treated myself to this gorgeous bracelet from Miss Selfridge as part of my retail therapy too. I normally avoid bracelets but the gorgeous turquoise colour really swayed it for me and I thought it matched the dress perfectly. Recently I have really been drawn to pretty jewellery and am determined to find some more to add to my collection. 

Do you have any gradual tanner recommendations? How do you celebrate finishing something? 

P.S. Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post, diabetes is such an important issue and I'm glad that I was able to raise awareness here on the blog. 

Diabetes week- lets talk diabetes

Diabetes is a topic that is very close to my heart. As you may know I was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 14 years ago and it was probably the most difficult thing my family and I have had to go through. I have had some horrific ups and downs and at times it has felt like I was the only person suffering with this. Luckily, despite the lack of information and advice given to us by some of the doctors and nurses, Diabetes UK stepped in with their magazine Balance. I don't receive it any more but it helped me and my mum through some very difficult times and I will always remember the time I won £5 on the crossword (I was nine at the time!) So why am I bringing this up now you may ask? It is diabetes week and Diabetes UK are aiming to raise awareness and to get people talking about diabetes:

I know that I found it very difficult to talk to people about my diabetes and even if I hid it away that it would go away. It really impacted on my confidence when I was younger and this is why I think things like this are so important. I am lucky enough to have amazing family and friends that have been there to support me through it but not everyone is that lucky. If you know that other people are going through the same thing then you won't feel so alone which can only be a good thing, right? To raise some money, I am planning to sell all of the clothes that I don't wear and split the money between Diabetes UK and the PSP Support Network, another organisation close to my heart. I don't want to preach, I am not going to try and guilt trip you into donating money (although obviously that would be nice!) but rather to talk to people, do a little research and celebrate Diabetes Week with me! 

Do you know anyone with diabetes?

P.S. If you have any questions then I will be more than happy to answer them !

An ode to the Olsens...

Ever since I bought this sheer black maxi skirt I have had visions of wearing it layered up with loose knits and my leather jacket, as inspired by the Olsen twins. I'm sure there's no-one who wears black or a maxi better and they were the inspiration behind this outfit. Coincidentally it is their birthday today so I guess I have to say happy birthday! I don't normally wear such a lack of colour but I think black and nude looks really fab together.

Skirt: Yayer, jumper: Miss Selfridge, leather jacket: New Look, shoes: New Look, necklace: New Look , ring: Dorothy Perkins, bag: vintage via the Clothes Show, umbrella: borrowed from Danni
Normally I'm not a big fan of loose layers but this skirt encourages a more relaxed look and it was perfect for revising for my exam (which will be happening as you read this!) Originally I had planned to wear this with these nude shoes but the rain put paid to that! These shoes are the last of the three pairs I bought from New Look and they are the comfiest pair I own and perfect with any outfit...

I was trying to show off my shoes but it just looks like I am a flamingo standing on one leg ;) Mark and I endured pouring rain to get these shots but luckily they didn't come out too dark and I still look quite cheery despite the mystery wolf whistler of Kenilworth. As we were walking along, I had to hold my skirt up out of the puddles and this apparently was provocative to the mystery man of Kenilworth...ah well!
It looked something like this! :P 
This necklace is one of my new purchases and it has been invaluable in exam season. it seems I can't get enough of cute necklaces with watches in! I have never really been into jewellery but recently I have been obsessed with finding pieces to add to my collection.

I cannot wait to finish exams and relax, there are so many films that I want to watch, places I want to go and people I want to see... bring on Wednesday!

Do you have an unlikely style inspiration? Have you finished exams yet?

Can I pull off the androgynous look?

I'm a girly kind of girl, I'm not averse to a dash of hot pink and you are most likely to see me in a dress or skirt. Sometimes, however, I like to look a bit sharper and that is where androgyny comes in. The inly issue is, I don't know whether this style suits me... can I pull off the effortless cool that trousers and a shirt embody or do I just look like a boy? 

Shirt: Debenhams, bandeau top (under shirt): H&M, trousers: Topshop, shoes: Oasis (appropriated from my mum!) necklace: Topshop
Hopefully there are enough feminine details in this outfit to prevent it from looking like I have stolen Mark's clothes! I have had this skirt for years and whilst it is really comfy to wear, especially in the warmer months, it has been sitting unloved in my wardrobe for quite a while now. In the spirit of saving money, I am trying to rework the clothes I already have. 

I think part of the reason why I felt a little strange in this outfit was because I had to tie my hair up... a joy style I save for work, where it's compulsory. My hair is my comfort blanket and I'm not convinced that it suits me when I wear it like this.

I LOVE the little studs on them!
I bought these trousers a while ago and whilst they are perfect for cocktails or for dinner, I wanted to see if I could adapt them for day-wear as they are SO comfy and perfect for revision! The little studs on them matched the colour of these shoes perfectly, too. I have been trying to steal them off my mum for years and she finally caved in the Easter holidays. I'm sure you will agree that there's nothing better than a free pair of shoes! ;) 

What do you think, can I pull off the androgynous look? How would you have styled these pieces? 

Garra Rufa fish treatment at Spa Balik

Today Yu, Danni, Lisa and I went to try out the Garra Rufa fish treatment at a local spa as a way to celebrate and relax now that it's getting towards the end of term. I have heard wonderful things about these treatments and despite being a little bit nervous I was really looking forward to it. The spa was really nicely decorated and smelt amazing and the atmosphere was really relaxing. The lady in the spa was also really nice and friendly and made me feel a lot less nervous about it all! 

Yu and I 
Lisa and Danni
When I first put my feet in the tank I was completely freaked out- The feeling of all these little fish was very tickly and I pulled my feet out straight away. Luckily, when I put my feet back in, I soon got used to it and began to relax as the little critters nibbled away at the dead skin on my feet and legs. 

After a 15 minute treatment, I pulled my feet out of the tank and dried them off before applying a peppermint and lemongrass moisturiser. After doing a bit of shopping (pictures of my purchases at some point this week!) I came home expecting to unveil completely dry skin free feet. Unfortunately whilst my toes seemed to have less dry skin, there appeared to be very little noticeable difference to the rest of my feet.  I guess if you went on a more regular basis it would have more of an effect but I don't know if I would. Saying that, it was very relaxing and it was nice to take the weight off my feet for a while and I think if you went for a couple of sessions you would start to see a difference.

Would you ever try this out? How do you look after your feet?