Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Diabetes week- lets talk diabetes

Diabetes is a topic that is very close to my heart. As you may know I was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 14 years ago and it was probably the most difficult thing my family and I have had to go through. I have had some horrific ups and downs and at times it has felt like I was the only person suffering with this. Luckily, despite the lack of information and advice given to us by some of the doctors and nurses, Diabetes UK stepped in with their magazine Balance. I don't receive it any more but it helped me and my mum through some very difficult times and I will always remember the time I won £5 on the crossword (I was nine at the time!) So why am I bringing this up now you may ask? It is diabetes week and Diabetes UK are aiming to raise awareness and to get people talking about diabetes:

I know that I found it very difficult to talk to people about my diabetes and even if I hid it away that it would go away. It really impacted on my confidence when I was younger and this is why I think things like this are so important. I am lucky enough to have amazing family and friends that have been there to support me through it but not everyone is that lucky. If you know that other people are going through the same thing then you won't feel so alone which can only be a good thing, right? To raise some money, I am planning to sell all of the clothes that I don't wear and split the money between Diabetes UK and the PSP Support Network, another organisation close to my heart. I don't want to preach, I am not going to try and guilt trip you into donating money (although obviously that would be nice!) but rather to talk to people, do a little research and celebrate Diabetes Week with me! 

Do you know anyone with diabetes?

P.S. If you have any questions then I will be more than happy to answer them !


The Brunette said...

My husbands brother is diabetic he was was under 5 when diagnosed. Its a horrible thing to have and its one thing I am really scared about getting. He has had terrible attacks and people do not realise how bad a hypo attack can be!

Since Mike's brother has it his mum raises a lot of money for diabetic charities she does table top sales amongst many other things.

Dani said...

I remember the first time I heard/read about diabetes was in the Babysitters Club books, which I read when I was much younger, and it shocked me then that people of my age (or older, as it was then) could be afflicted by something like diabetes! I really, really feel for you and your family, having seen what illness can do to a family, and I completely empathise with the not-talking about it and pretending it would go away if you hid it. My grandad has diabetes and although he's always been very open about it, like you said there are so many people who aren't! So this is a really good post and I shall certainly spread the link around so as many people as possible will read it :)
Much love xxxxx

Gillian said...

My cousin was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago and I know it has been really hard for him and his parents. It's great to know that there are charities like Diabetes UK who can offer support.

daisychain said...

Fab post Maria,
We've been doing a lot of diabetes awareness at work this year. Love love youuu x

Filipa said...

One of my good friends has it but he never makes a big deal out of it and makes it seem like it's easy. It wasn't until I looked into it myself that I have learned how I can support him better! Fantastic post!

Lil said...

As you well know, I have it! Balance was always a great support to me and my family too, Diabetes UK is a great charity. It can be so scary, and sometimes it really does feel like youre alone - but I love the fact that you're there if I need! I hope you know it works both ways! Xx

Helen said...

Oh I never knew you were diabetic Maria! My Nana is diabetic and she hates it because she has a sweet tooth. I think diabetes is hard because there's the perception that all sugar is bad for it but it's just getting the balance just right which is difficult.

Leia said...

My aunt has diabetes - unfortunately she still eats whatever she wants and gives herself jabs every morning! Not very healthy, I think. It's good that you're able to talk about your diabetes now, next time I'm in the UK I'll definitely stop by Diabetes UK and donate!


kirstyb said...

oh i had no idea xxxx

SophieDusting said...

I only ever really hear about Diabetes from you at college Mia, though I must admit I think I overlooked at how severe the medical issue was and how much it impacts upon people's life.

I had a test a year ago for it and it was only then I really read around it and realised how bad it really is. Fortunately I don't have diabetes.

You cope with it really well Mia - as a person with a chronic medical condition I know how hard it is not to allow something like that to define you. You never introduced yourself as Hi, I have diabetes, it was...
Mia: Hi I'm Mia
(weeks down the line)
me: what's that pump for?
Mia: oh yeh, I have diabetes, so...

You've coped with it so well, for all the years I've known you. And we do have a very special group of friends that support us no matter what. Keep up the fantastic blogging!


Intrinsically Florrie said...

You are amazing for posting this :) It's great of you to raise awareness.
At my first high school life was hell for me but there was one absolutely amazing teacher who helped me cope and offered a safe space. She was a diabetic and also one of the nicest and best people I've ever had the privilege to meet.

I feel like I need to right some posts like this sometime about issues related to me but I never quite have the courage. I wish Invisible Illness Week was sooner as I really want to do something for that!

Florrie x

Chloe Likes To Talk said...

Great cause Maria. I know people (and I've been guilty in the past) think of Diabetes as an old person disease or forget how serious it is with so many suffering from it, but it's mega important.


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