Thursday, 9 June 2011

Garra Rufa fish treatment at Spa Balik

Today Yu, Danni, Lisa and I went to try out the Garra Rufa fish treatment at a local spa as a way to celebrate and relax now that it's getting towards the end of term. I have heard wonderful things about these treatments and despite being a little bit nervous I was really looking forward to it. The spa was really nicely decorated and smelt amazing and the atmosphere was really relaxing. The lady in the spa was also really nice and friendly and made me feel a lot less nervous about it all! 

Yu and I 
Lisa and Danni
When I first put my feet in the tank I was completely freaked out- The feeling of all these little fish was very tickly and I pulled my feet out straight away. Luckily, when I put my feet back in, I soon got used to it and began to relax as the little critters nibbled away at the dead skin on my feet and legs. 

After a 15 minute treatment, I pulled my feet out of the tank and dried them off before applying a peppermint and lemongrass moisturiser. After doing a bit of shopping (pictures of my purchases at some point this week!) I came home expecting to unveil completely dry skin free feet. Unfortunately whilst my toes seemed to have less dry skin, there appeared to be very little noticeable difference to the rest of my feet.  I guess if you went on a more regular basis it would have more of an effect but I don't know if I would. Saying that, it was very relaxing and it was nice to take the weight off my feet for a while and I think if you went for a couple of sessions you would start to see a difference.

Would you ever try this out? How do you look after your feet?


Brat said...

You're very brave, the thought of those little critters anywhere near my feet completely freaks me out! I think it stems back to childhood when I had a leach stuck to my leg after wading around in the brook behind my house.. Ugh.

snippets&scribbles said...

Oooh, I've done this twice and I agree that after the first time I didn't really notice a different (apart from the top of my feet were really smooth!) but after the second time I did see a difference :)
I love the feeling of the fish on my feet, which sounds weird but I am definitely going to go again!

franky xxx

Yu said...

Ooo I didn't see you posted about this!

It was so much fun, I can't wait to try it out on my hands! :D

Danni said...

I swear there's still one stuck on my foot- they feel tingly! Not convinced my feet are any better, but it was def a lot of fun XD x

Lil said...

I LOVED this when I tried, as you read!
I would definitely choose a normal pedicure over this for my feet though, if given the choice. Although this was fun and a relaxing experience, I didn't see that much of a change in my skin. X

Dawniepants said...

oh my goodness ive been much too daunted to try the fish pedicure. Im so glad u took pictures though! Maybe I will give it a try

Susie said...

I am so torn--on one hand, I really want to try this, but on the other hand, I have incredibly ticklish feet! I think I am going to be brave and attempt it though now!

StephanieDJL said...

Um I need Danni's legs! I tried this a few weeks ago & I wasn't that impressed with the results, the treatment is pretty scary/ticklish/D: inducing to have it done regularly too

Sherin said...

I am ridiculously scared of these tanks! I know I'm going to have to brave it one day though! I suppose there only would be a noticable difference if you're doing it often, not just after 1 or 2 sessions.

Anonymous said...

I love these fish treatments!! xxx


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