Black Ruffles and Chocolate Truffles...

...well that just about sums up my Christmas - and what a wonderful one it was! As usual it was a fairly quiet affair here at the Slater's; just the way we like it : ). Grandma came round on Christmas day, and enjoyed a stunning Christmas dinner (minus the turkey but with all the trimmings!) cooked by the one and only Mummy Slater. It was delicious!

We have lots of funny little traditions over the festive holiday, like reading 'the night before Christmas' on Christmas eve, before leaving out a mince pie and glass of sherry for the jolly one to enjoy... we're all little kids at heart! We always have warm home-made muffins on Christmas morning while opening our presents, and taking it in turn to open them means we're rarely finished unwrapping before 12! I had some beautiful presents this year - lots of lovely recipe books, clothes and jewellery, as well as a surprise new digital camera -Eeep!


This year i wore my new ruffled black skirt from H+M with a nude pink top and spotty tights which were so much of a bargain from Primark that I stockpiled them!
Me and my beautiful sister

I felt ready to dance in the Royal Ballet! Or at least I did before I'd eaten my roast dinner - topped off with some yummy home-made Yule Log!

The ONLY thing acceptable to do after such an indulgence is slobbing out in front of a not-so-christmassy film (Ice Age 3 this year!) and finding hilarity in watching all the adults nod off in their Christmas-cracker hats!

On Boxing Day we had my cousins round and enjoyed our traditional feast of mum's home-cooked chips with leftover meat and pickles. Possibly even better than roast dinner methinks! We had yet another lovely day, and ended up playing Disney trivial pursuit - what is it about Christmas that demands for board games to be dug out?!- and realised just how competitive Dad can be...even when playing against a THREE year old. Shame on you Dad.

We also went to see Avatar this holiday - I cannot believe how utterly amazing it was. We didn't manage to see the 3D version but if you get the opportunity I would definitely say it is worth spending the extra because in all honesty I'm planning to go and see it again just to get the 3D experience!

I took the chance to wear my new navy heart cardigan, with my stolen thunder heart and arrow earrings and my 'New York likes you as a friend' tee.


 I'd like to say i put my heart and soul into this outfit...but it is [quite clearly] one of those that's thrown together without much thought [as are most things that i wear on a day to day basis]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, you're probably starting to think about getting prepared for tonight's celebrations so have a fantastic New Year and see you in the new decade!

For richer, for poorer....

After hitting the sales, I am just over £100 pounds poorer, but with a richer wardrobe for my troubles :)


* John Lewis Tan Leather bag (£35 from £85)

* Bertie Zip pumps (£27.50 from £55)

* Celia Birtwell make up bag with brushes (£6 from £12)

* Charles Worthington 'Smooth' gift set (£6 from £12)

* Warehouse dress (£12 from £75)

* Jonathon Aston tights (pale pink fishnet with flower seam) (£2 from £10)

* Clover necklace from my parents :)

* Gorgeous underwear courtesy of John Lewis (Around £30 from £60)

TOTAL SPEND: £106.50


Have any of you been shopping in the sales? What lovely goodies did you get?

Ruffling some feathers

 Some pictures from my Christmas and Boxing day :)

What did you all do on Christmas day and Boxing day? Does anyone else still leave a little something out for Father Christmas?! 

Merry Christmas Frills 'n' Spills! :)

Dear Maria and Danni,

Here is a brand new banner for the blog, as was promised some time ago. The old one was a bit of a rush-job and hopefully this is a lot better? I've even made it all Christmassy for you. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas personally to my wonderful girlfriend, Maria. This was my 'big idea' for getting a present to you, when I am so far away this Christmas. I hope you really like it.

A very Merry Christmas from your first reader, wishing you both all the best with the blog in the New Year.

P.S. Sorry, I had to 'hack in' to post this... ;)

Beautiful photos


I only wish my hair was as versatile...just wow.

I admire Lily Cole so much- she is just absolutely stunning and living proof that you can have both brains AND beauty. If you haven't seen 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' yet, I thoroughly recommend it.

The most gorgeous model ever? 

Another outfit post (!)

Today, all seven of my immediate family and my Nanny and Grandad went to The Griff pub in Nuneaton. It was really nice to see them again as I haven't seen them in AGES. My meal was really REALLY nice- I had " A smoked paprika, marinated, succulent breast, served with chips, salad and Beefeater coleslaw" which was 100% NOM :) As any reader of this blog knows, I take any opportunity to dress up, and today was no exception :)


Dress: Limited Edition New Look
Belt: Tesco
Blazer: New Look
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Peacocks
Bangle: Boutique in Cannon Park :)

I love the pleat details on the bust of this dress and the contrast between the exposed zip and the whimsical print that reminds me of Claude Monet's 'Sunrise' . Pretentious, moi?! I only wish I had my leather jacket to wear with it, but I think my blazer worked just as well :) I look absolutely awful and very awkward in these...I need to find a photo face methinks!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, what did you all get up to?