It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Our Christmas tree for this year looked very bare when it arrived...

Apparently you are supposed to mix bleach with water to kill all the bacteria, and help it to live for longer (Tip courtesy of the One Show!)

 Every Christmas we have this CD on... It is SO old (as you can tell from the narrator's outfit!) but it has Christmas carols/hymns sung by a childrens choir and in between the songs there is the story of Christmas. It is a Christmas tradition that always makes me feel like a child again :)

Over the past couple of years we have used these decorations on our tree. I think they were from Habitat originally? Wherever they are from, they have a certain rustic charm :)

This is one of the many handmade decorations that we have on our tree. I think my Grandma made them or my mum and her brothers and sisters but I'm not entirely sure. They are little felt stockings with sequins on that can fit a box of Smarties in!

This year we have mini chocolate bars and bags of sweets stuck onto the tree instead- NOM!

We always have this little angel on the top of the tree as well. 

 This is a nativity set we have had as long as I can remember. The straw has a particular smell that instantly transports me back to my childhood :) There is also an angel that we stick to the wall but I couldn't include that as well due to my poor camera skills :P

The finished product with and without flash! :)

Just leave stockings under the tree, ready to be filled with festive goodies :D


(Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

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