Sunday, 29 January 2012


Whatever your religious beliefs (or not) you cannot deny the beauty of churches and cathedrals. After a busy few weeks, rather than seeking solace in Costa, Mark and I had a wander around Worcester Cathedral. We both had to do projects about it for school but it was the first time I really appreciated the beauty of it all. 

The quiet was just what I needed and it gave me space (and time) to gather my thoughts. It was an unusual respite from the toils of daily life but a welcome one and I actually found it quite inspiring. 

Where do you go for peace and quiet? Do you have any unusual inspirations?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Capri (trousers) by night...

I know magazine articles are always going on about 'wardrobe classics' that can be transformed from day to night but let's face it, what works for one doesn't always work for the other. Luckily though you can't go wrong with a pair of nicely cut black trousers and I managed to do a quick change on Saturday before meeting my friends at the pub...

Trousers: Topshop, blouse: Pins & Needles at Urban Outfitters, necklace: Topshop,  bag: c/o Accessories Direct, shoes: Marks and Spencer 
I have barely stopped using this clutch bag since I got it but I have managed to tear myself away from it for one photo! This blouse has popped up in both summer and winter outfits and is definitely one of the most worn items in my wardrobe, it's perfect for adding just a dash of colour...

Another Topshop sale necklace! I love Topshop jewellery but would never pay full price for it, the quality is just not worth it...

I really need to experiment more with my hair as I'm sure you're fed up of seeing the same old curls by now... any suggestions to get me started?

My favourite part of the whole outfit though has to be these shoes. They were a bargain in the M&S sale and as they came with comfort insoles [hallelujah!] fitted, it meant I could add a bit of pizazz without ripping my feet  apart and I could walk in them! *heavenly chorus* 

Do you prefer the trousers for day or night? How could I style my hair differently?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Sarenza Ambassador? Yes please!

The thing is, I probably already have too many shoes but there is always room for one more pair and when they look this good, I'd definitely make room! Looking through at the pairs I have shortlisted, you can spot a clear theme....

Jeffrey Campbell Swansong Floral Wedges

Jeffrey Campbell Situation

Mellow Yellow Klodete

Carvela Amass
Georgia Rose Fline

Jeffrey Campbell Papillon
Chipie Fetice

Irregular Choice- I'm from the future

Who knew there were so many gorgeous red shoes?!

I think though, if I had to choose my favourite pair, it would be these...

Feud Grenade
...not for me but my lovely boyfriend Mark who does so much for me and the blog and who desperately needs a new pair of shoes!

Go on Sarenza, help a girl out? 

Which shoes do you like best? Have you used Sarenza before?


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Capri (trousers) by day...

I have been searching for the perfect pair of black trousers for a while now and Topshop came up trumps with this pair in the sale. I met up with the lovely Hattie for lunch and a catch-up and I blame her completely for my sale purchases! ;) I was a little unsure of the length of the trousers when I tried them on in-store but once I got home and was able to try them with suitable shoes I was sold...

Jumper: River Island, trousers: Topshop, top: Primark, shoes: New look, collar necklace: Topshop
 I felt quite elegant in this and the trousers definitely lent an edge of class to an extremely comfortable outfit... I wore this for a chilled out Saturday before I glammed up the trousers for an evening at the pub (post to follow!)

I have always been a bit wary of collars but the beautiful pearl detail of this convinced me to try it out, I felt like a complete blogger stereotype though!

You may recognise this bag from this post, from someone who doesn't like clutch bags, I sure have worn them a lot recently!

Peachy make-up and wind-blown curls. My hair looks surprisingly ginger here! 

Outtake of the day:  me trying to keep my hair off my face makes for some rather amusing photos...
It was so nice to see Hattie again, I love meeting up with other bloggers and we ate, talked and shopped, the perfect combination!  

Do you have a perfect pair of black trousers? Have you met up with other bloggers?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A proliferation of pastry goodness...

In our family, food is king. We have always had fantastic home-cooked meals and I can guarantee that no shop/restaurant food will be anywhere near as good as any made by my mum or grandma. They both seem to have a magic touch with pastry (I think it's their cold hands that make the difference) but I am definitely queen of eating it ;) Apologies for the phone photos but I had to snap these pictures before they all got snaffled! 

Mini apple tarts are always a winner in the Fallon household!

Golden syrup topped with the excess pastry and sprinkled with cornflakes to make an extra gooey treacle tart...

Food is more fun in minature form and these tiny quiche Lorraines are no different! Just add ham and cheese to some beaten eggs and pour into the pastry cases...

My personal favourite: goats cheese tartlets with caramelised red onion. Literally heaven in a pastry case. To caramelise the onion I used half a red onion, a teaspoonful of sugar and a splash of balsamic vinegar and simmered on a low heat until the sugar started to go brown. The perfect accompaniment to any kind of cheese and possible present for foodie relatives or friends...

What would you make with pastry? Do you prefer homemade or restaurant food? 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Leather love...

I have been craving leather trousers for a long time (especially after Jen and Chloe looked so good in them) but was put off by the fact that they were either like leggings or super shiny. Not a forgiving look, I'm sure you'll agree! I saw these waxed jeans in the River Island sale [I can't see them online unfortunately!] and they offered me the perfect compromise, they have that luxe leather look with the comfort of actual trousers... win win!  I will give them this much too, these trousers are warm...

Trousers: River Island, beloved owl top: Zara, jumper: Primark, ring: Topshop, shoes: Primark
 I thought I would keep it simple with my favourite ever t-shirt and the jumper I have barely taken off. I love it when an outfit is made up of old and new favourites, it just shows that my policy of only buying clothes you love, does work...

I just love the zip detailing, it made me feel so rock 'n' roll! 
 Smudgy eyeliner (again!) and a bright pink lipstain...

I was unsure about which bag to wear with the outfit as I didn't want to wear too much black but I thought this gorgeous Kate Benjamin bag which Accessories Direct sent me was enough to add a touch of fun (even if it was black!)

Bag: c/o Accessories Direct.
Longtime readers of Frills 'n' Spills will know that I can't resist a bow and this fulfils all my OTT tendencies...

Plus the lining is emerald green! [This is my glamourous assistant face :P]

This little beauty, though, has blogger written all over it! I love love love the cartoon hearts on it and despite its garish fun print, the colours mean it is incredibly versatile. If I had been going anywhere nice when I wore this outfit, I think it would have been the perfect finishing touch...

Do you like fun clutch bags? Would you wear leather trousers?


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