What's in my make-up bag? Make-up for pale skin :)

I think it's the fact that I am so nosy but I love seeing what is in other people's bags. Harriet, Leia and Paula showed us their make-up essentials and I am going to attempt to do the same. I wrote a post about my favourite lipsticks a while ago and although I have since added to my collection, I am going to focus on my basics which I use almost daily to give me a natural look (which every girl knows takes a lot of make-up! :P)

As I have very pale skin, I often find it difficult to find foundation and concealer that doesn't make me look orange, has anyone tried the Dainty Doll range by Nicola Roberts? I want to try it but it's quite expensive if it isn't any good! 

L- Maybelline Super Stay 24hr concealer in shade Light/Beige Clair 2 R- L'Oreal Infallible concealer in shade 01 Vanille. 
As I have skin that is prone to spots, a good concealer is a must! Currently I am favouring L'Oreal Infallible and Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Concealer. Both of these give good coverage and blend well, I would say that I prefer the Maybelline at the moment, merely because it doesn't feel too heavy

L- Barbara Daly Soft Focus illuminator R- L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Primer

I bought the L'Oreal primer when it was slightly cheaper in Boots and cannot recommend it enough! A tiny amount leaves my skin velvety and keeps my make-up looking flawless even after a night out. I normally mix the illuminator with some foundation to give a lighter dewy glow or dot it along my cheekbones as a highlighter. 

L- Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation in 04 light porcelain R- Max Factor Second Skin foundation in 040 Creamy Ivory.
I use the Maybelline foundation if I am feeling more self-conscious about my skin as it gives  slightly heavier coverage. My Max Factor foundation is so light and creamy and covers any redness of my skin whilst giving  light dewy coverage.

Clockwise from left: Mac Summer Rose blusher, Topshop blush from palette and Benefit Thrrrob blusher
I tend to choose my blusher dependent on the outfit I am wearing, for example if I am wearing red, I will choose Thrrrob as it is a pinky red, whereas the Mac blusher is more purpley in tone. The Topshop blush has to be applied very lightly as it is very pigmented! 

From top: Models Own volumising big brush mascara in black, Maybelline The One by One Volum'Express mascara, Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil in 001 Dark Brown and No. 7 Amazing Eyes Liner. 
I first used an eyebrow pencil after I had my eyebrows waxed and the woman took off 80% of the hair. I totally freaked out and ran to Boots to find a pencil that I could use until they grew back. Luckily they did but I still use this to brush through my eyebrows and fill in any gaps. I am always amazed at how much eyebrows can change the shape of your face and this pencil helps to keep them groomed. The liquid eyeliner is a fairly new purchase, thanks to Boots No. 7 vouchers and a little encouragement from Danni. I haven't quite mastered the Cleopatra flick  yet but I am getting there!

From top: Max Factor Lipfinity lasting lip tint in shade 04, Lipcote, Burt's Bee Pomegranate lip balm and Cherry Carmex.
The Max Factor lip pen is the perfect 'your lips but better' shade for me and the felt tip applicator makes applying it a doddle. Lipcote is indispensable if you want to wear lipstick without it rubbing off as soon as you eat or drink something and Carmex and Burt's Bees have been the saviours of my lips this winter... I blame Laura personally! ;) 

I also keep a mini hairbrush (despite only brushing my hair once every blue moon!) hair bobbles, kirby grips and cotton buds (to correct those pesky eyeliner mistakes!) inside my rather gorgeous Celia Birtwell case. You should know by now that I am a sucker for anything shiny with floral print! 

What's in your make-up bag? Any products you can't live without?


PinkBow said...

I liked seeing this! I would like to see the Nicola Roberts range but not sure where you can buy it. Love your make-up bag!

Maria Fallon said...

Paula- I have managed to get hold of a blusher and some lippy off Asos of all places so will be trialling that! I love anything Celia Birtwell so the Boots sale is always my first stop! :)

Maria xxx

A Certain Vintage said...

love alll the celia birtwell stuff in boots so much as well, got my mum a gorgeous makeup bag from there last year.
must do a post like this myself, i just love other people's ...clearly I'm a bit nosy!

Unknown said...

I love your makeup bag!

I would really like to try the Nicola Roberts range too as I'm quite pale, but it's only sold online as far as I know and I'd like to try it out before I buy!

Leia said...

I love peeking into make-up bags! Glad to see you're a Carmex fan too :)

daisychain said...

I wish there was a way to test the Nicola Roberts foundation before committing to buy!

Scarlet Owl said...

I can't live without Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I have quite fair skin too so I found that the little sample pots they give out so useful. I went through three different ones before I fund the right shade for me - saved me making an expensive mistake!

Maria Fallon said...

A certain vintage- Definitely do it, I would love to see your staples :)

Harriet- Thank you! Si far I have been impressed with the lipsticks and blushers BUT have not tried the concealers or foundations :(

Leia- A steadfast Carmex fan, I get through so much of this stuff!!

Scarlet Owl- That's a really good idea, would love to try Double Wear, so many bloggers rave about it! :)

Maria xxx

daisychain said...

you are the winner of my giveaway! Drop me an e-mail with your address and I will get organised and to a post office :) xx

Sherin said...

Hehe, I love nosing around in other's make up bags! I've been looking for a decent concealer, so I'll try the Maybelline one.
Is the Maxfactor Lip tint good? I'm still in between 2 mionds about buying it.

Maria Fallon said...

Laura- EEP! So excited! Have sent you a DM on Twitter :D

Sherin- The Maybelline one really works on my skin and doesn't need *too* much blending! The lip tint is really good and it means I can add lip balm which I don't normally with lipstick! :)

Maria xxx

Vicki said...

i love seeing what products people use!! great post :) x

Maria Fallon said...

Vicki- Thank you love, so do I, I think it's because I'm so nosy! :P haha!

Maria xxx

Rachel said...

This is such a sweet photo of you!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Ever since I discovered Chanel Pro Lumiere I cannot live without it, hands down fave! Just found your blog and its lovely :)

Maria Fallon said...

Rachel- Thank you :)

Bec- Thank you, would love to try a high end foundation!

Maria xxx

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Only just seen this post but you must try Dainty Doll, it's amazing, I have quite a few swatches on my blog, but I highly recommend the liquid foundation :).