Guess what, I'm not a robot...

I love when you find a bargain in a charity shop, it can really make my day and the fact that the money is going to a good cause makes me feel less guilty about spending it! I spotted this cute robot t-shirt hidden amongst some rather questionable jumpers, proof that having a rummage is always a good idea! 

Top: New Look via charity shop, skirt: Dorothy Perkins, blazer: Tesco, socks: Marks and Spencers, shoeboots: Next, bag: c/o Fiona and Siren

I love all of the different robots, aren't they just gorgeous?! I felt quite a lot like a schoolgirl in this outfit, I think it was the grey blazer/sock combo?

I won this bag in a giveaway over at Fiona's wonderful blog and whilst it is not something I would ever choose for myself, I absolutely love it! It makes me feel a bit cooler (definitely no bad thing!) and adds a "delightfully tacky" element to my outfits. I really love some of the stuff on Siren's website, this gorgeous purple suede bag WILL be mine! :)

Also seen here with an outfit that I really loved but didn't photograph well; a gorgeous vintage green 'wiggle' dress and mulberry tights, leaving me looking like a cross between Joan Holloway and Laura! Not a bad combination AT.ALL. 

Dress: vintage, tights: John Lewis, coat: c/o Tesco, shoes: Tesco, bag: New Look, belt: Primark 

Back to the grind of essay and dissertation writing...luckily I have Danni and Lisa's birthdays to look forward to in the next few days :D I need to put on my dancing shoes and go and party! :D 

Have you found any bargains recently? 

P.S. Keep a look out for some exciting new features, coming soon! :D


Dani said...

Ah that t-shirt is adorable! I also really like your second outfit, the colours just go together so well! I'd never have thought to put green and mulberry together but it really works :) xx

Leia said...

I love your purple bag!


Maria Fallon said...

Dani- Thank you love :) I always think rich jewelled tones can look really nice together, it's a bit of a 'look' but I like it! :D

Leia- Thank you :)

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

It's true: A good bargain can make your day complete! I once found Steve Madden shoes in a charity shop!!

I do love the t-shirt though. It looks so cool. And the bag is pretty awesome!!

Unknown said...

Good luck on the dissertation workload lovie! :) The t-shirt is cool, but I'm very in love with your skirt more! The colour is lush, it makes a nice change to see some brights after the gloomy wintery palettes hehe jazzy ♥

daisychain said...

Needless to say I LOVE your coloured tights outfit! I also really love that robot tee. I am a bit robot obsessed!

Tuilie said...

You're just lovely. I really like to read this blog (and Dani's new blog now). I went all the way back and read older entries too :)

Maria Fallon said...

Sherin- Thank you, I LOVE those Steve Madden shoes of yours though, they're amazing!

Claire- Thank you love, I definitely need it! I wear brights all year round, I just add a coat when it's cold :P

Laura- I thought you would ;) And robots are amazing!

Tuilie- Thank you, that is so lovely :D

Maria xxx

Unknown said...

That is suuuuch a cool t-shirt! What an amazing charity shop find!

I love your bag too, how lucky are you for winning that competition?! I'm kicking myself for not entering it now!

Maria Fallon said...

Harriet- Thank you love, my one issue is that it's quite short but I figured I tuck everything in anyway so it doesn't make much difference! :P And the bag is amazing, I love it! :)

Maria xxx