Florals in a field...

It seems like Mark and I have had plans every weekend recently and although I love doing stuff and seeing people, there's nothing better than having nothing planned. At the end of October (some of!) my family and I went to see the Vulcan's last flight at Staverton airport  and although it's not the kind of thing I would usually go for, it was actually really fun. I wore this floral Gap dress and it was ideal for both the huge roast dinner I ate beforehand and standing in a field at the airport ;) I am a massive fan of Gap dresses and this one is another firm favourite, especially as it it has pockets, I mean, what more could you ask for?! It's not fancy, but it sure is fun...

Dress: Gap, shoes: c/o George at ASDA
I have been wearing my hair a little longer recently (it looks weird in hats otherwise!) and am able to do a little more styling-wise, like curling it with my GHDs. The best part is that the wave holds, even in the wind and rain! I have had my Fitbit for nearly 2 months now and and I really love it, it has definitely inspired me to move more

I love a swooshy skirt and this one is lovely, especially as all of that extra material helps to make your waist look smaller, just what you need after a big dinner ;) 

It is so nice to spend time with family and although I don't get to see them as much as I would like, they are pretty darned special. Now can you guess which of us are related?! 

My Grandad, me and Mark, my sister Catriona and her boyfriend Rory, Mark doing his best fashion blogger pose, me and my Dad, the Vulcan swooping overhead and my Mum.

Monochrome tweed...

I am jumping all over the place with my outfit posts at the moment. This one was from 2 months ago and I swear it felt more like winter then than it does now! Whilst the colour scheme is fairly muted for me, playing with textures and proportions makes it much more interesting.  I wore a pretty similar outfit a couple of years ago but I can't believe how different I look. I was in dire need of a haircut here but I love the outfit so much that I guess you will just have to ignore whatever is happening with my head in these pictures haha!

Blazer: ASDA c/o Matilda, top: Monki, jeans: ASOS, boots: Primark
The silhouette of this tunic looks completely different without the blazer and I think I look pretty tall here which makes a nice change! I wish I had broken the line of the top up a little bit as it is a little bit difficult to see where the top ends and my pasty skin begins here. This lipstick is a firm favourite of mine and makes this monochrome look a bit more me

I really love this Radley bag (FYI it's the Berkeley bag in blue) and it is the perfect size for everyday use. I can even fit a book in there! I just wish the strap on it was a little bit thicker, it can feel a bit precarious when I have it jammed full of stuff but I guess I just need to learn how to streamline the junk essentials I carry around with me.

These glittery boots were in constant rotation in the winter of 2012 but I lost them in the back of my wardrobe for a while. Happily, they are now back and I have been reaching for them when I need a bit of cheering up, I never could resist such sparkly shoes!

The Seafolly rain coat from Seasalt...

Try saying that in a hurry! I have been a fan of Seasalt for years, their clothes are always so well made and fun too. I was lucky enough to be sent the Plant Hunter Rain coat when their Rain range first launched and I really love it. The only problem is that it can sometimes be a bit too cosy so I treated myself to this gorgeous tomato red Seafolly one a couple of months ago which is just as waterproof but less warm- perfect for the mild weather we have been having! I was umming and ahhing for ages about the colour for this but I'm glad I opted for the tomato shade, the redcurrant is much less fun in person and this  cute coral shade adds some (much needed) brightness to my winter wardrobe. I couldn't be happier with it and it has already proven its worth a million times over on my walk to work.

Coat: Seasalt, shirt: Gap c/o Matilda, jeans: Gap, shoes: Office
The detailing on this coat is fantastic and I love a cosy hood! Toggles on a coat always make me think of Paddington Bear and these never fail to put a smile on my face. The stripy lining on this is so fun too, you know how much I love stripes

This is hardly a ground-breaking outfit but sometimes you can't beat a bit of simplicity. This shirt is another Gap special and it is so soft. Gap may not be very trend led but you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere that does basics quite so well! I wish the shirt was a little bit slouchier on me but the fit always makes me feel a bit more pulled together which is no bad thing. These jeans were also a Gap bargain, they fit so well and (hopefully) you would never know that they are actually jeggings!

Shirt: Gap c/o Matilda, jeans: Gap. shoes: Office
Are you a fan of Seasalt? Where did you buy your winter coat?

A weekend escape to Cirencester

We have been spending a lot of time recently trying to explore our local area and I always forget how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Considering how close Cheltenham is to  the rest of the Cotswolds, it seemed too good an opportunity to waste. Cirencester is only half an hour away from home for us but shockingly I have never been, so it was top of the list of places to visit when Mark suggested a mini break. We managed to get a really good deal at The King's Head and it was the most relaxing weekend (and the perfect start to my birthday week of fun!) I was so relaxed and it was so nice to spend time together exploring somewhere new.

Our room was amazing and I really loved the soft grey tones and they made the room feel sleek but still welcoming. I also wanted to steal all of the soft furnishings, just look at how amazing that couch and blanket are!

Everything was super snazzy and I could happily have moved in permanently, if only I could be a lady of leisure all the time...

The bathroom was humongous and everything was very sleek...

We were originally planning to eat in the restaurant but as there weren't any reservations until half nine we went for room service instead. This burger was amazing although I was so full afterwards!

The hotel was right in the centre of town so we were able to start exploring straight away the next morning... 

It was absolutely pouring with rain though so we ended up sheltering in doorways and running between each stop. It really is a beautiful town though, even in the rain!

I was determined to visit the Corinium Museum and I was glad we did as it was super fun. Cirencester is best known for its Roman history but the museum covers from the Neolithic era, right up to the present day. Clearly a lot of the museum was focused at children (it would be a great family day out) but we definitely had more fun playing with all the exhibits than any of the children there!

A reconstruction of the south chamber of the Hazleton Long Barrow- all of the stones are original which is pretty cool!

I really liked the fact that everything felt quite spaced out, there's nothing worse than not being able to move around without fear of damaging a priceless artefact!

The 'Roman Garden' was beautiful, I just wish it had stopped raining long enough for us to go outside!
Mark dressed up as a Roman soldier whilst I serenaded him with a lute...
The Orpheus mosaic was laid in the 4th century AD and was so detailed. Mark and I had a lot of fun making up the puzzle too, who says it's just for kids?! ;)

I told you that there were a lot of mosaics! The Seasons Mosaic was discovered in Cirencester in 1849 and depicts the four seasons and scenes from Roman mythology. It is absolutely stunning and so huge!

A 'sator square'. These are such interesting artefacts and I advise that you read this fascinating article if you have a few minutes spare. 

We also tried writing our names using the Roman alphabet, I told we had you had a lot of fun!

There were so many cute cafes and restaurants to choose from but LB's at Swan Yard was our choice for a hot drink and some shelter from the rain ad we couldn't have picked a nicer spot. Very reasonable prices and such a friendly welcome too, I would definitely recommend it :)

We even got the chance to wander around the park. It was so beautiful, especially with all those gorgeous autumnal colours!

The best part though was coming back to the hotel, there's nothing better than thawing out in a hot bath!

Have you been to Cirencester? Where should we try for our next mini break?

Petrol blue and orange...

It is a well-known fact that Whistles make some very nice clothes and I have been lucky enough to add some of their pieces to my wardrobe over the past few years, either via their sale or on eBay. (I cannot wait to wear this gorgeous teal dress next time I go out either, it is just so swooshy!) This latest addition to my wardrobe is distinctly more casual than a lot of the dresses I own but it is perfect for throwing on when you want something comfy but still smart. I wore this over a month ago (!) but I am so behind on blogging my outfits. You will have to forgive me if there are some seasonally jarring ones although I always seem to be much warmer than everyone else, especially at this time of year! Thin layers are the only way to cope with fluctuating temperatures and this corally orange cardigan is one I keep out all year round as it is just so versatile. I love orange and blue paired together and the combination never fails to put a smile on my face.

Whistles gunmetal blue grey jersey dress, Gap coral orange cardigan, Clarks orange suede pointed heels, casual, fun, workwear, Autumn
Dress:Whistles via eBay, cardigan: Gap via Matilda, shoes: Clarks c/o Spartoo
The jersey material makes this outfit pretty casual but I really liked the contrast with the smarter heels. It has a nice nipped in waist too so I felt less slumpy and more like I could take on the world buy lunchtime! If only I had an orange blazer that matched, I could take my matchy matchiness to a whole new level ;)

Whistles gunmetal blue grey jersey dress, Gap coral orange cardigan, Clarks orange suede pointed heels, casual, fun, workwear, Autumn

You know how much I love these orange heels and they are just so comfy. It's not often I will choose to wear heels for a full day at work but these are just so fun that I couldn't resist!

Whistles gunmetal blue grey jersey dress, Gap coral orange cardigan, Clarks orange suede pointed heels, casual, fun, workwear, Autumn

How do you keep your work outfits fun?