Monochrome tweed...

I am jumping all over the place with my outfit posts at the moment. This one was from 2 months ago and I swear it felt more like winter then than it does now! Whilst the colour scheme is fairly muted for me, playing with textures and proportions makes it much more interesting.  I wore a pretty similar outfit a couple of years ago but I can't believe how different I look. I was in dire need of a haircut here but I love the outfit so much that I guess you will just have to ignore whatever is happening with my head in these pictures haha!

Blazer: ASDA c/o Matilda, top: Monki, jeans: ASOS, boots: Primark
The silhouette of this tunic looks completely different without the blazer and I think I look pretty tall here which makes a nice change! I wish I had broken the line of the top up a little bit as it is a little bit difficult to see where the top ends and my pasty skin begins here. This lipstick is a firm favourite of mine and makes this monochrome look a bit more me

I really love this Radley bag (FYI it's the Berkeley bag in blue) and it is the perfect size for everyday use. I can even fit a book in there! I just wish the strap on it was a little bit thicker, it can feel a bit precarious when I have it jammed full of stuff but I guess I just need to learn how to streamline the junk essentials I carry around with me.

These glittery boots were in constant rotation in the winter of 2012 but I lost them in the back of my wardrobe for a while. Happily, they are now back and I have been reaching for them when I need a bit of cheering up, I never could resist such sparkly shoes!


Sophie said...

Ah Maria those boots! How could you ever lose them?! Such beauties.

Sarah said...

I picked up a Radley bag recently too! I'm really impressed!

My Sentimental Heart


Sherin said...

OMG those shoes! They are seriously amazing.

Natasha said...

Oh wow those boots are amazing Maria! I do love some sparkle in my outfit. Love the jacket too, you look lovely, as always! - Tasha

Lucy in the Clouds said...

How have you only included those boots in as an afterthought?! They're magnificent! X