6 wonderful years... (PICTURE HEAVY)

 This post is dedicated to Mark. We have been together for 6 wonderful years today and have been through pretty much everything you can think of and he has been my rock throughout. I couldn't have done it without him and he has always been there for me. Thank you Mark, I love you.

In a roughly chronological order, some of our highlights, from school prom through to getting our first flat together. I can't wait for all the new adventures with you 
P.S. Apologies for the pukey-ness of this post but it's a huge milestone for us and I wanted to celebrate that!

Umberto Giannini Incredible Body shampoo and conditioner: a review...

 I was sent this shampoo and conditioner to review by Mission PR and after using it on and off for about a month I feel like I have given it a good test run. I used to love Umberto Giannini products, I swore by the Curl Scrunching Jelly [it's nicer than it sounds!] but I haven't tried any of their products since they re-branded a few years ago. First up, I LOVE the packaging, the purple and gold is really luxurious and would look fab in any bathroom. I found the lids a bit difficult when I was blindly trying to grab my conditioner in the shower, but if you can avoid getting shampoo in your eyes like me, this shouldn't be a problem...

The illustrations are gorgeous and remind me of David Downton's work but I'm not sure who does these?

I am lucky in that I have quite voluminous hair anyway but I have been using this when my hair feels a bit lacklustre and in need of some old-school glamour.

The products smell sweet but inoffensive, Mark thinks it smells of "bubbles" [such a useful description there!]

Just to compare, this is what my hair looks like when washed with my usual Aussie shampoo/conditioner combo ..

...this is what it looks after the Umberto Giannini Incredible Body range has got its hands on it...

VERY early morning face, apologies!

Quite a difference I think you will agree! I should point out here that I don't use any kind of heat on my hair and I wash it before I go to bed so it dries naturally overnight.I am sure if you styled it from wet, you wouldn't get the same random stick out bits that I have here... The range is available from Boots and I am definitely going to try the Old School Setting Lotion when I have some spare cash. (It's on a 3 for £12 offer at the moment so it's a good opportunity to try the range out)

Do you need extra volume in your hair? Have you tried Umberto Giannini products before?

Nancy Drew...

  Welcome to my first outfit post from our new flat, I am still trying to find a decent background so you will have to bear with me until I find a nice blank wall...I don't know why, but I always feel like a detective in this hat! I don't wear it enough but I actually love the 1920s feel it gives to an outfit. 

Dress: Zara, hat: Marks & Spencer, belt: George at ASDA, bag: NW3 by Hobbs, shoes: New Look
Occasionly I am struck with a sudden bolt of inspiration when it comes to getting dressed and this outfit was one of those times. You all know how much I love my little red bag and this hat matched the tan tones on it perfectly. I have also been wearing this belt a lot recently, the floral print helps to jazz up an otherwise plain outfit...

I love it when I can match my lipstick to what I'm wearing and this scarlet Max Factor lipstain is perfect. I desperately need a haircut though, does anyone know of any good hairdressers in Cheltenham?

In one of those rare sunny interludes partaking in my favourite past-time: watching the cows.  What more could you ask for?

Which items should you wear more? What is your favourite past-time?

A few sneak peeks of the flat...

As you may know, I have recently moved house and started a new job, both of which I am loving! I am still waiting for the internet to be installed so here's some gratuitous house pictures instead of my usual posts...

The view is absolutely gorgeous and I love the fact that we have cows so close!

Living room...

Dining room...


Mark looking rather ridiculous!

Our lovely Juliet balcony...

The sun setting over that gorgeous view..

Hopefully I should be able to share some proper pictures of the house once the internet is connected, I can't wait to get back to blogging properly!

Pyjama pants...

Apologies for the Americanism in the title there but pyjama trousers just calls novelty print hippo PJs to mind [just me then?] rather than this rather slinky pair of trousers. I have worn these on the blog before and my styling is practically identical... I guess even fashion bloggers lack inspiration! 

Coat: Dannimac, trousers: Topshop, top: H&M, shoes: Oasis (from Mum)
As you can see, my bronzey cardigan made a reappearance  as it matched the little bronze dots on the trousers perfectly. Every time I wear these I remember how comfy they are but I never know what to pair with them to make them look less dowdy... This outfit was worn to the theatre and the thin layers were perfect as the auditorium was freezing!

Cardigan: M&S, necklace: Accessorize, belt: New Look
I know this is deeply uncool but I wish all heels were this height, then I might have some chance of actually walking in them!

I think it's partly the fit and style of the trousers but I hate how hey hang so low so I hoisted them up with a subtly clashing belt. This gorgeous necklace was from Accessorize, I can;t be the only person who bookmarks stuff for when it goes in the sale can I? I just don't know why you would buy anything full price?!

Would you wear 'pyjama pants'? How would you style these?

P.S. I still don't have internet but I had this post sitting in my drafts so I thought I would use it until I can post some pictures of our new flat!