Umberto Giannini Incredible Body shampoo and conditioner: a review...

 I was sent this shampoo and conditioner to review by Mission PR and after using it on and off for about a month I feel like I have given it a good test run. I used to love Umberto Giannini products, I swore by the Curl Scrunching Jelly [it's nicer than it sounds!] but I haven't tried any of their products since they re-branded a few years ago. First up, I LOVE the packaging, the purple and gold is really luxurious and would look fab in any bathroom. I found the lids a bit difficult when I was blindly trying to grab my conditioner in the shower, but if you can avoid getting shampoo in your eyes like me, this shouldn't be a problem...

The illustrations are gorgeous and remind me of David Downton's work but I'm not sure who does these?

I am lucky in that I have quite voluminous hair anyway but I have been using this when my hair feels a bit lacklustre and in need of some old-school glamour.

The products smell sweet but inoffensive, Mark thinks it smells of "bubbles" [such a useful description there!]

Just to compare, this is what my hair looks like when washed with my usual Aussie shampoo/conditioner combo ..

...this is what it looks after the Umberto Giannini Incredible Body range has got its hands on it...

VERY early morning face, apologies!

Quite a difference I think you will agree! I should point out here that I don't use any kind of heat on my hair and I wash it before I go to bed so it dries naturally overnight.I am sure if you styled it from wet, you wouldn't get the same random stick out bits that I have here... The range is available from Boots and I am definitely going to try the Old School Setting Lotion when I have some spare cash. (It's on a 3 for £12 offer at the moment so it's a good opportunity to try the range out)

Do you need extra volume in your hair? Have you tried Umberto Giannini products before?


Vale ♥ said...

Great post ! I sure need more volume in my hair and I am always looking for new products. I have been using John Frieda for a long time but lately I changed cause it seems after a while my hair gets used to a product and I need to change to have the same effect ! LOL !

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Sherin said...

I used to use Umberto Gianni. Looks like I definitely need to get back into them. I loved their hair products! The volume on your hair looks fantastic.