A Street shopping spree...

I spent a good portion of last weekend wandering around the many shops at Clarks Village in Street, Somerset. I was quite restrained (for me) and limited myself to this dress and pair of shoes and a super jazzy pair of trousers for the summer. Unfortunately the mornings are still a bit gloomy here so my coat was still necessary but I'm so glad that I am able to take photos outside again. I think every fashion blogger hates the impracticality of winter!

Coat: Dannimac from my mum, dress: Whistles, shoes: Clarks, bag: Miss Selfridge
Whistles is one of those shops that I had resigned myself to gazing wistfully out for at least 10 more years before being able to buy anything. I always love their clothes and when I saw this dress on the reduced rail I snapped it up. It was originally £110 (!) but the label said £30 and I finally bought it for £15 and I couldn't be happier. My love of white dresses (especially if they are broderie anglaise!) is well documented and this is a worthy addition to my collection. I love the sleeves and the length is perfect for work, I imagine this will be getting a lot of wear this summer...

A close up of that gorgeous cut-work! I have had this bag for quite a while now and it matches perfectly with my beautiful new shoes from my beloved Clarks. 

I have been looking for a pair of pink flats ever since I bought these pink heels for my graduation. I love the colour but heels are completely impractical for everyday wear so I have been looking for the perfect pair of flats ever since... These are a beautiful soft suede with a teeny block heel and so far are ridiculously comfy, here's hoping they don't need much more breaking in! I was so excited when I saw them and I was so happy to finally add them to my wardrobe. 

Which brands can you only dream of buying from?

Embracing the humble ankle sock...

Another day, another outfit featuring my cream dress and camel coat! This dress is my go to outfit whenever I'm not sure what to wear as it is such a versatile colour and I really love the shape of the dress. I'm so glad that the weather is starting to improve too, I am desperately in need of some sunshine and my pretty summer dresses are just dying to be worn. It may not be summertime yet but with (nearly) bare legs, a girl can dream, right?! 

Coat: Dannimac via mum, dress: Forever 21, belt: George at ASDA, ankle socks: Primark, shoes: Betty London c/o Spartoo
Apologies for my over excited moon face here, the sunshine was obviously far too exciting! This floral belt doesn't get worn as often as I'd like but it was perfect for adding a bit of a pattern to an otherwise plain outfit. I have been painting my nails a lot more recently and this Nails Inc 'Tate' nail polish is my favourite red colour. I love the fact it isn't too bright too, I think the darker red looks really dramatic against my skin and I love it for adding a bit of an edge (this is as edgy as it gets chez Fallon!)

Saying that though, I have finally embraced the ankle sock/dress/ankle boots combination after many a failed attempt to pull it off. This was mainly for practicality's sake (there is nothing worse than shredding your feet when trying to break in your new shoes) but actually I liked how it turned out. I did feel like an oversized five year old for a while but I like to think I actually looked pretty darn cool in the end. I have been lusting over these beautiful boots for ages and I couldn't be happier. As with all Betty London shoes, they are ridiculously comfy and so well priced too, I think I may have a slight problem....

What do you think, have I managed to pull off ankle socks?
P.S. This post was done in collaboration with Spartoo

A weekend in Portishead... (PICTURE HEAVY)...

All I seem to be doing recently is travelling! This weekend, Mark, Sophie and I took a trip down to Portishead as our friends have just bought a house (!) there and they invited us down to see it. I had never been before so wasn't sure what to expect but it was lovely, very expensive looking but friendly too. Whilst we were down there, we also spent a day at the spa followed with some shopping at Street , definitely a girls' weekend cliche! The spa we went to was fab, and my neck and back massage was just what I needed to relax, after a stressful few weeks...

Portishead Marina- can I have a billionaire husband and a yacht please?! 

Lovely coloured flats at the water's edge. 

This was a some kind of animal made out of old oil and gas drums who I fell in love with, isn't he the cutest?! 

I had unfortunately dressed for sunnier climes so I had to bundle up in a scarf and gloves on top of my blazer. I found out that it gets pretty windy along the waterfront!

The rocks were a lot of fun for clambering all over, however old you get I don't think you ever grow out of this! 

Brightly coloured sculptures- Mark and I liked their weird faces....

I think this was some kind of lighthouse which looked amazing. Imagine the view you would get from up there! These stone pillars were a bit strange, we decided in the end that they were markers for lost ships. Anyone care to put me right?

After a brisk walk we popped into Chandos Deli for a quick drink where I had the world's yummiest berry smoothie. The decor was quite minimalist but these flowers added a splash of colour to each table. 

These brightly coloured oranges looked amazing in the sunshine but the smell made me all nostalgic for Italy!

More lovely apartments (can you tell I'm jealous yet?!)

We saw lots of sculptures as we were walking around the marina but this one was definitely my favourite. These 3 matchsticks were huge and I did have trouble getting them into a photo but my contortions were worth it!  I love how the metal is carved to look like wood and they looked so realistic, I almost expected smoke to come off them! 

Have you ever been to Portishead? How do you relax?

A trip to the National Gallery, Scotland... (PICTURE HEAVY)...

As you know, I took far too many photos when I visited Edinburgh and here's the second lot of photos. Jules, Ian and I decided to visit the National Gallery which was a real  highlight of my trip.West Register House on Market Street looked lovely in the light. It took me forever to work out which building this was, lots of Google Street View stalking was needed ;)

Princes Street Gardens- apparently this is an ice-rink in the winter which I imagine looks beautiful. 

The highlight of the day had to be this guy who I mentioned in my last post. This guy was the most hilarious bagpiper ever. He refused to play until someone gave him some money and then stopped after about 10 seconds, I don't think he was very keen on actually bagpiping! 

I was so excited to visit the Scottish National Gallery - I love visiting art galleries but living where I do, I don't get to do it very often so this was a lovely afternoon out. 

The floor was absolutely gorgeous and I love how the pattern had faded from all the feet trampling over it...

When I walked in and saw 'The Kiss' by Rodin, it was just the icing on the cake. This is one of my favourite sculptures and it is even better in the flesh. Apologies for the gazillion photos but I was practically jumping for joy at this point!


Can you believe that this is CARVED OUT OF MARBLE?! Insane.

I love me a good sculpture and these two were so elegant. I love the flow of the drapery!

I love the light in this painting: La Via Appia by Brasscasat. I had never heard of the artist before but I fell in love with it as soon as I set eyes on it. 

Poplars on the Epte by Monet. I love the fact that Monet bought the trees at auction so he could continue to paint them! 

Before the Peformance by Degas. I was surprised by how dark the colours in this were, I always assumed that Degas' pieces were a lot lighter. 

The colours that Gauguin uses are even more stunning in the flesh. The Three Tahitians is so vibrant but I have to say, IO prefer the softer colours of the Impressionists like Monet...

Orchard In Blossom (Plum Trees) by Vincent Van Gogh was also beautiful and very fitting for Spring as all the trees are blooming here at the moment.  

More Monet- this time it's Haystacks and a gorgeous sunrise...

I didn't realise that Degas also did sculptures, this is called The Tub  and is described as  "a personal exploration of a self-absorbed figure in a private act of mundane intimacy". I just thought it would make a cute paperweight! ;)

I wish I could stand on one leg! This Grande Arabesque was another favourite from Degas, she just looks so elegant! 


Isn't Lady Agnew of Lochnaw such a babe?! I loved her dress and her pose is so challenging, I think I'm in love! 

Do you like visiting art galleries? Which artists are your favourites?

Edinburgh, I love you... (PICTURE HEAVY)

Apologies for the delay since my last post, I spent the weekend staying with two of my best friends up in Edinburgh. I haven't been to Edinburgh since I was about ten so I couldn't remember much of it but as soon as I landed, I felt like I had come home.  I will definitely be visiting again sooner rather than later. The weather was gorgeous (apart from Sunday morning) and I took so many photos that I will have to split them into two posts, you still have the National Gallery and the world's most hilarious bagpiper to come!

Is there anything nicer than being greeted with tea, snacks, a stack of magazines and a gorgeous bedroom to sleep in? I think not!

Fettes really is the most beautiful school, it looked like a gothic Disneyland!

I mean check out those pillars! ;)

After a wander through Inverleith Park- filled with smiley faces and frolicking dogs, it was starting to feel like we were in a movie. The setting was stunning and I love the fact that you can see all the way down into Edinburgh town too...

Banks of daffodils are guaranteed to brighten up your day.

I had never heard of Stockbridge before but it was recently voted the coolet place to live inScotland which I can well believe. With 13 charity shops and plenty of cute delis and cafes, it was a fashion blogger's dream...

 Peter's Yard was our choice for lunch- these cakes sounded amazing but I was just about able to resist their charms...

Mainly because of this amazing 'winter slaw'- who knew cabbage could be so delicious?!

This was the most amazing veggie pizza- I love anything with artichoke hearts on and this sourdough pizza was delicious. 

Plus, anything with parma ham on is bound to be a winner in my book!

I wish I could have taken this giant brie home with me but it was already a struggle to get everything back on the plane. Which stupid person decided to take hand luggage only?

Cobbled streets look beautiful but can be hellish on your feet!

I think Fredericks may be my new favourite tea shop, it was beautifully decorated and so relaxed. I love places where they aren't constantly trying to rush you out of the door! Definitely another stop on the fashion blogger tour too ;)

Plus, they didn't get too annoyed when we were spelling out Edinburgh in sugar sachets- definitely a win in my book!

A nice glass of wine (or two) ...

Delicious homemade fajitas, BGT and A Knight's Tale were the perfect combination for an amazing  Saturday night. The best kind of friends are the ones who you can kick back in your pyjamas and watch rubbish TV with, amirite?

This was what I expected Edinburgh to look like everyday...

...but actually I couldn't get over how good the weather was, it made a beautiful city look even more gorgeous!

Have you ever visited Edinburgh?