OOTN- ANOTHER playsuit!

Any regular readers of this blog will know just how obsessed I am with playsuits. They are comfy but without the flashing potential of a dress... the perfect combination?! In addition to this, they come in a wide variety of colours, prints and shapes, perfect for a bit of fashion experimentation! The one issue I have with them though, is just how inconvenient they are if you need the loo! Aside from this though, they are probably my favourite item of clothing at the moment :) I currently have 5 but I am always looking  for more to add to my collection! ;)
 I wore my newest playsuit out to a work social at a Chinese buffet, probably not my wisest idea as there wasn't a lot of expansion room but oh well! Apologies for my slightly hunched back, my shoulders have been killing me recently!
I was really pleased when I bought this, as it is a size smaller than I would usually get :D I haven't been trying to lose weight but recently I seem to have lost a few inches (despite all my barbeques and burgers!) Either that or my weight has just redistributed... does anyone else get that?
The background to this playsuit is actually navy, rather than the black which I first thought, so I picked it up with my navy tights (a necessity in this super cold and blustery weather!) shoes and bag. I rediscovered this bag fairly recently- it is quite a bright navy colour and was 50p from Primark... not bad considering I wore it almost constantly for 6 months! :P
That's a whole lotta navy!
With my hair, I just washed it with the Aussie Frizz Miracle shampoo and conditioned it with the '3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy' which left my hair lovely and soft. Before I towel dried it I used a bit of the Conditioning Milk and then added some serum to define the curls a bit better. This sounds like I have coated my hair with products but it just felt really soft and smelt LOVELY! 
 Mark got me as I was moving my hair out of my face but I think it's a really nice photo :)
I kept my make-up fairly simple, I hate wearing tons of make-up when it is still light outside when I am going out in the evening, I always think it can be too much in bright sunshine! I  blasted my hair with some Aussie hairspray too just so the wind wouldn't leave me looking like I had been electrocuted! :P The hairspray also has a really yummy smell, and I absolutely ADORE it! (Can you tell I love Aussie products yet?!)
The bow on this makes me so happy! 
 I don't know if you can see it very well in these pictures but I wore my lovely bow ring to match! I have worn it so much that all the colour has started to rub off it and it keeps making my finger green :( I am wearing the Diet Coke and Nails Inc. Paris nail varnish (did everyone go out and get them all?! I am obsessed with the London one !) but none of these photos do it any justice! It is a really lovely bright pink that really cheers me up :) 

I had a really lovely time with everyone from work and it was a welcome break from all my revision! I know most of you will have probably finished your exams by now but Warwick is silly and seems to run on a different timescale entirely! I want to finish exams and start my dissertation and prepare for my summer placement, but at the same time, I don't feel prepared, despite the never-ending workload. Ah well, it will all be worth it in the end!

What are your summer plans? Have you finished all of your revision and exams yet?
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What's in my handbag?

The lovely Sarah tagged us to reveal what we carry around on our handbags in this post and I jumped at the opportunity! I really love seeing what is in other people's handbags and comparing it to the junk that I carry around in mine. Recently I have been rotating 3 bags, dependent on the outfit that I am wearing and also what I need to lug to uni.
 This red Topshop bag which I swapped with my sister I wear whenever I can as it's the perfect size for everyday.
 This tan Asos bag is absolutely HUGE! I can fit all my folders for uni inside it which is quite an achievement! 
This dark brown Fiorelli handbag was an 18th birthday present from my lovely friends but unfortunately it's not very big so I tend to wear it at the weekend or when I want to smarten an outfit up :)
As you can tell, I have a LOT of stuff in my bag! This is the contents from Friday arranged neatly so I can photograph them for you all! 
Some of my make-up. The Rimmel mascara is my favourite daytime mascara at the moment and the Topshop lipstick is in 'Blush'. I have used an eyebrow pencil since a beautician got a little bit overzealous waxing my eyebrows and I had to fill them in! I thoroughly recommend it though, it just makes me look more polished, even when I'm not wearing make-up. 
More make-up! My keys and gazillion key rings (I had to take a load off as my keys wouldn't fit in my bag...OOPS!) and a spare cannula for my insulin pump :) I normally have some deodorant with me but I don't know where it was in these photos :S
My phone, purse and sunglasses. Believe it or not, last week was REALLY sunny here but it seems to have gone back to winter this week :( 
I have to take my passport everywhere as I don't actually have any other ID and inevitably I forget to bring it with me unless I keep it in my bag all the time! You can also see my personal skincare favourite too! I am OBSESSED with the Boots Vitamin E skincare range and I am sure it has made my skin a million times better. I have even converted Danni to the cause! ;)
Last but definitely not least, my diabetes stuff! I will have been diabetic for 13 years this summer and I have to take my stuff with me everwhere. That's the reason why I have such huge bags...honest! :P Recently I have had my camera with me all the time but obviously I used it to take these photos! :)  

What do you have in your bag? Do you carry everything but the kitchen sink, or just the bare essentials? I tag anyone who wants to share what's in their bag!

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Give it away, give it away, give it away now... [GIVEAWAY]

Wow. I can't believe we've reached 50 followers today; it seems like just 5 minutes since we began our little venture into the blogosphere (I could not sound any more cliched if I tried could I?). First of all, I think we owe you all a big thank-you. Not only for taking an interest in our admittedly average lives, but for being patient enough to let us develop our own personal styles; in fashion and in writing. Finally, I think we can both sit back and smile with pride at the blog we've created; by no means is it the most advanced, or interesting, but it is something that we can both truly enjoy and enjoy to share. I thought it'd be interesting to take a quick look back at where we've come from, and give you guys the chance to have a good old giggle at our (ok, my - Maria looked lovely!) fashion faux pas from one of our first posts...

 Gosh. I'm almost ashamed of that photo. Yet in a way it reminds me how far I've come in less than a year, and in all honesty I think the blog itself has helped give me the confidence to develop, as well as the wonderful friends I have who've brought me out of my shell. I can't possibly speak for Maria here, but I do know that she too feels that the blog (and all of your lovely contributions!) have allowed her the confidence to try new things, and brave new trends.

Here are a couple of photos taken this week before we went to a friends 'black and white' themed birthday party...
Apologies for the blurring! Hopefully though, the differences are clear and you can see how much we've changed over the past nine months. 

Now, on to the exciting part; we're hosting our very first giveaway. We've got lots of pampering goodies to be won...
... including body creme, shower creme, bath salts, nail varnishes and ear-rings (every pampered girl needs a bit of bling!) and you could win the lot :). All we want to know is how you find time to relax and pamper yourself.... the more original the better!It's one entry per person, so just leave a comment below with your idea and we'll pick a winner in a week's time. [Please note this giveaway is open to U.K readers only - sorry!] That gives you a whole seven days to come up with something unique, so get thinking!

Once again, thank you all for your support so far and good luck!

I finally feel like a grown-up....

Now you may ask why I suddenly feel like an adult, and the reason why is quite simple... yesterday Danni and I hosted our very first barbeque. Now we have catered for our friends and family before but we haven't been brave enough to try cooking on a barbeque- the defining feature of summer for a lot of people. With the lovely weather continuing on from the weekend in Coventry, we decided to brave it and invited our friends round, hoping against all odds that they would reach home unscathed by our cooking. Now Danni and I have obviously had barbeques before but they were prepared by either our dad's or our friends parents so we were quite nervous- especially as we weren't really sure how to set it all up. Enter Harry and Mark!
 (Yes, Mark is wearing one of our Waitrose Christmas aprons!)
I think it is a universal truth that we all revert back to cavemen when confronted with cooking meat on a fire :P Mark and Harry were 'supervising' the barbeque whilst Danni and I were inside putting food onto plates and moving all our junk from the lounge so people could sit down. 
 This is our little student home garden... It is actually quite big but we hardly ever use it! 
We had quite a good variety of food; normal and 'hot and spicy' burgers and my "special chicken". I made a marinade with some natural Greek youghurt, paprika, cayenne pepper, tex mex spices and cajun spice and dipped the chicken in before barbequing it. It was amazing, even if I do say so myself! ;)
We also had coleslaw, a lovely homemade salad with a balsamic vinegarette dressing (on offer at Tesco atm :P), new potatoes and butter, Kettle chips crisps and LOTS of rolls!
And of course, no barbeque is complete without onions! NOM 
In the end, we ended up eating ALL of the food as it was absolutely yummy and we watched 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'  which I mentioned here. It was definitely better second time round as I wasn't trying to work out who all the characters were. It is one of the trippiest films I have ever seen though!
On the blocks that the barbeque was sitting on we had a little caterpillar which Danni and Mark befriended and then released into the wild. I don't like bugs but they wouldn't let me squish it :(

I will leave you with this little gif of me and Danni waiting for the food to be cooked!
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What have you all been doing in the sunny weather? Has anyone else tried to barbeque without parental guidance yet?! 

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Wow. Hasn't this weekend been lovely?! Me and Maria have somewhat differing views on the hot weather - I can think of nothing better than basking in the warm rays, whilst Maria prefers sheltering in the shade with a good book but we've both managed to enjoy the sunshine in one way or another. On Saturday we arranged to meet with our future housemates (minus James who was away and consequently missed out on a scrumptious breakfast. Sorry James!) for brunch at an American Diner in Leamington.
Jelly Beans with the bill? Immediate love.
  Many thanks to Lisa who suggested this little place because without her input we wouldn't even have known this treasure-trove existed! Walking into Dockers is like entering a scene from Grease, we're talking Juke boxes, sparkly booths, super-duper milkshakes and Russell Howard. Yep, turns out the comedian (who, let's face it we all love) enjoys a spot of 1950s America as much as the next person and although we were too scared to intrude on him and his friends, I managed to get a sneaky pic of him leaving the place...
Creepy and stalker-ish I know but we were so [embarrassingly] excited that I had to snap some form of evidence. Anyway, once [a potentially despairing] Russell left we managed to enjoy our brekkie which was delicious. I had blueberry 'hotcakes' with whipped cream [basically one enormous pancake smothered in fruity goodness] and Maria chose the breakfast bagel topped with scrambled eggs, bacon and maple syrup. There were so many yummy things to choose from that it was hard not to feel like you were still missing out on something! None of us tried any of their luxury milkshakes but I for one plan to sample the whole of their menu before the terms over. Problem solved.
Lisa, Me and Maria. I look somewhat bored...I wasn't!!
We went on to have a good old wander around Leamington (sadly no more sightings of Russell) and the gardens were full of people having picnics, sunbathing and generally enjoying the sunshine. I love how the sun makes everyone so carefree and cheerful, no doubt we'll all turn into miserable weather-haters as soon as a drop of rain falls, but for now we can all relax (note how I am failing to mention revision and the dreaded E word...let's not taint the sunny post shall we?!).
We then headed back to Kenilworth and had a good few hours relaxing in the park. It's such a beautiful town and I can't wait to move there next year. I can sense that things are going to get much better from here on, and if this weekend is anything to go by next year's going to be a blast : )

Me in 'i'm SO a photographer' mode
Maria's new sandals

I can't believe year two of Uni is coming to a close. It's a scary but exciting thought for me, and I'm looking forward to what next year brings. Hopefully that will include lots more sunshine!