I finally feel like a grown-up....

Now you may ask why I suddenly feel like an adult, and the reason why is quite simple... yesterday Danni and I hosted our very first barbeque. Now we have catered for our friends and family before but we haven't been brave enough to try cooking on a barbeque- the defining feature of summer for a lot of people. With the lovely weather continuing on from the weekend in Coventry, we decided to brave it and invited our friends round, hoping against all odds that they would reach home unscathed by our cooking. Now Danni and I have obviously had barbeques before but they were prepared by either our dad's or our friends parents so we were quite nervous- especially as we weren't really sure how to set it all up. Enter Harry and Mark!
 (Yes, Mark is wearing one of our Waitrose Christmas aprons!)
I think it is a universal truth that we all revert back to cavemen when confronted with cooking meat on a fire :P Mark and Harry were 'supervising' the barbeque whilst Danni and I were inside putting food onto plates and moving all our junk from the lounge so people could sit down. 
 This is our little student home garden... It is actually quite big but we hardly ever use it! 
We had quite a good variety of food; normal and 'hot and spicy' burgers and my "special chicken". I made a marinade with some natural Greek youghurt, paprika, cayenne pepper, tex mex spices and cajun spice and dipped the chicken in before barbequing it. It was amazing, even if I do say so myself! ;)
We also had coleslaw, a lovely homemade salad with a balsamic vinegarette dressing (on offer at Tesco atm :P), new potatoes and butter, Kettle chips crisps and LOTS of rolls!
And of course, no barbeque is complete without onions! NOM 
In the end, we ended up eating ALL of the food as it was absolutely yummy and we watched 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'  which I mentioned here. It was definitely better second time round as I wasn't trying to work out who all the characters were. It is one of the trippiest films I have ever seen though!
On the blocks that the barbeque was sitting on we had a little caterpillar which Danni and Mark befriended and then released into the wild. I don't like bugs but they wouldn't let me squish it :(

I will leave you with this little gif of me and Danni waiting for the food to be cooked!
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What have you all been doing in the sunny weather? Has anyone else tried to barbeque without parental guidance yet?! 

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Unknown said...

Hey Dani and Mia,

yeh I've bone BBQ's. In my first year at halls during the summer we used to have one at least once a week however, none of the stuff we made was homemade, it all came from the supermarket.

As a person who now has to cook everything from scratched after finding out I have hundreds of intolerances, I am yet to try the BBQ. However, before I leave to go home for the summer I aim to cook a little goodbye meal for all my friends.

The bbq looked lovely, the food definately yummy, and you both looked beautiful.

Much love xxx

Maria Fallon said...

I can't believe we haven't been brave enough until now! And this time we didn't make the burgers, that will have to be done for next time!! ;) Thank you Sophie...I miss you :) xxxxxx

Ellie said...

This looks so yummy and so fun having BBQ's! Also, you're nearly at 50! Woop! xx

Maria Fallon said...

I know! We are both so excited about the giveaway :D

Maria xxx

Helen said...

hmm this is making me so hungry for bbq food now! shame it's started to rain here now and the warm weather has gone away boooo

Maria Fallon said...

I know it rained all day today whilst I was at work- not so good when you have to stand outside because of fire alarms :(

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

awww looks like fun, and I love the little gif at the end :)



Maria Fallon said...

I thought everyone would like to see Danni demonstrating some new dance moves :P

Maria xxx

Unknown said...

iv been thinking about a bbq but i have decided i am not cut out for it! i am not a domestic goddess at all and i would most probably make the guests cook for themselfes! i have done that b4 ha ha! link exchange girlies? xxx

Maria Fallon said...

It was a lot of fun though :) And yes please for a link exchange!