Saturday, 1 May 2010

A picture tells a thousand words

It seems as though there comes a time once in a while when a blogger hits a wall. Well, perhaps not so much hits it, as slowly approaches it with caution, and then stops. That wall is built up from general forms of procrastination...whether that's perfectly justifiable procrastination (i.e. studying, technological failure, end of the world etc) or the completely avoidable kind (i.e. staring into thin air, feeling tired, watching Glee etc). I myself have experienced both forms, in various guises this past week and my next move illustrates the complete peak of my too-busy-slash-lazy-slash-uninspired-to-blog phase which hopefully will pass as soon as this is out of my system.

Yup. It's the gratuitous photo post. No writing from me [except for the characters I've just managed to bash out] and lots of pretty pictures for you which in an even lazier admission aren't even all mine [my camera broke mid-week :( ]. I've begun to realise this is sounding a little weird...maybe I shouldn't even have revealed my bloggers-lull to the vastness that is cyberspace... but i guessed that a quick interlude of pictures before an actually worthwhile post might be nice... or maybe not. I'll let you decide :)

My Week...

Next Week...

What's been keeping you busy this week?



Anonymous said...

This week has basically been me sitting in front of my laptop, watching random tv shows instead of studying!

annabelle said...

hey girls, i love reading your updates and have added your blog to my favourite reads on my blog. hope you get over the blogging ban soon! annabelle x

COAFE Amy said...

Given the predicted lack of sleep next weekend from going to London with @Polkadot_Rach, I'm thining my posts might turn out all pictures soon, too! :)

Awesome idea, too! :) :)

xo Amy

What the Street Wears said...

Alice, <3

Danni and Maria said...

Thanks guys! It's nice to know that everyone goes through it sometimes. We've got exams creeping up so there might be a little lapse, but we've got a wonderful weekend ahead so look out for new posts! :)


daisychain said...

Oh how I relate x

M. said...

cute pictures!

lovelove, M.

Danni and Maria said...

Laura- i'm so glad you can relate! will be back on top form once my life gets interesting again

Marissa- thanks! hopefully will get a new/fixed camera soon though


PinkBow said...

yes, everyone hits a wall at some point. hope you have a good week ahead!


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