Teddy bear's picnic...

 Today, due to the lovely weather, Danni, Mark and I decided to have a picnic in the very picturesque park in Kenilworth. We went to Waitrose and picked up some lovely treats to munch on in the sun. 
We had everything from cocktail sausages to radishes (my absolute favourite) and spent a lovely day just chillaxing in the sun, a welcome break from revision (Danni) and from migraines (me). As ever, when we get together we end up taking some VERY silly photos :) 
Danni munching on her baguette
My lovely pear ;) 
Typical British picnic weather when the sun went in it was FREEZING! 
I love my new hat :D It's like a straw boater and it looks FAB 

Danni and her Jaffa cake... she thinks she looks like the Joker, what do you think? 
I love the fact you can see Danni and our picnic in my glasses :D 

We also played Poohsticks! SO. MUCH. FUN!
We had such a lovely time and had a wonder around the park in the sunshine for most of the afternoon. It was lovely to spend some "quality time" with two of my favourite people and to catch some sun and I am definitely up for a repeat during exams :D

What do you do to relax? Do you have any tips for warding off exam stress?


Leia said...

Looks like so much fun!

How I ward off exam stress:

- eat too much junk (trying not to, now, though!)
- feeling guilty and jogging it off. Jogging actually REALLY lifts the mood (and I normally hate exercise!) and takes the mind off stressful things
- read blogs/do other random things online
- watch my fave tv shows! like desperate housewives, glee, the simpsons, family guy... :P

Unknown said...

looks lovely girls! serious sun envy right now. x

Maria Fallon said...

It was so nice just to sit in the sun and relax :) And I always feel really guilty NOT revising :S

Maria xxx

Claire | French for Cupcake said...

love the hat! Almost bought one like it in Primark yesterday but I couldn't pull it off like you! xo

Maria Fallon said...

Mine's from Primark, not bad for £3! :D And I bet you could, I tried it on and I fell in love... xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow. Looks great! Love your blog. xx

daisychain said...

that looks like such funnnnnnnn!

StephanieDJL said...

I'm wishing for sunshine now! The picnic looks fab :D I'm jealous of your boater too, I'm going to try one on tomorrow and be ridiculously disappointed when I look like a moron lmao. I am not a hat person :(

Maria Fallon said...

It was SO much fun, I thoroughly recommend it... and Stephanie just try on a GAZILLION hats till you find one that suits, that's what I do! :)

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

Please get formspring!

Maria Fallon said...

We have formspring, as I have said before. Check the sidebar

Rachel said...

That looks fantastic! I can't wait for a picnic... I'm having one with some of my friends after exams!!