How to...curl your hair using rollers

At the end of 2010, we asked you what you wanted to see more of on Frills 'n' Spills this year and a few people asked for a tutorial on how to use rollers. I apologise now for how silly I sound on this video, I was super nervous and I hope you don't laugh at me too much! 

Let me know if you try this and how you get on! 

Cream of the Crop

If you'd have told me back in 1995 that the meshy white crop top I adored would someday go out of fashion I would probably have cried. I loved it, not least because it made me feel like a Spice Girl. And therein lies the reason it was so hideous.

Fast forward 16 years and the humble crop top is beginning to adorn those spring/summer window displays that are creeping in, tempting us to re-enact those good ol' days of Zig-a-zig-aah.

I've bought a couple in past seasons, though have always plumped for an oversized style to avoid revealing too much of the nation's nans favourite pet hate...the midriff. Now though, I've got a pair of high waisted jeans to combat said peeve and just so happened to stumble upon this sequinned crop top in the Republic sale for a mere £10.

Is it a bird? Is it a lizard? No. It's a crop-topped blogger.

 I can't help but feel a little reptilian in this - the sequins remind me of shimmering scales, and boy do they make a noise. But noisiness aside, I kinda like it. Almost as much as my white crop top of '95. Almost.

Face didn't want to play. 
(Actually secretly practicing Spice girls dance moves)

So while the crop top might not be back in all of it's neon-mesh Sporty-Spice proportions, it's certainly making a well deserved comeback. Now, to practice those dance routines...

A very English Style...

After reading Kristabel's post about some of the lovely presents she got for Christmas, I promised myself that I would treat myself to one book I have had my eye on for quite some time; Luella's guide to English Style. I had gazed at it longingly when I was searching for Christmas presents for other people but no-one picked up on my (not so subtle!) hints. Finally then I bought it here, whilst I was browsing Amazon for DVDs- I promise it's for my dissertation! Now Luella is was probably my favourite designer brand and I think this is because of the dreamy silhouettes and bright pops of colour and pattern- basically my ideal wardrobe
Dress: Luella, blouse: Miss Selfridge from charity shop, shoes: New Look
Now I am lucky enough to own a genuine piece of Luella, just before the label folded and the website was taken down, I was having a sneaky browse (does anyone else do 'dream shopping'?!) and clicked on the link to the 'Rebecca' dress. The only one left was in my size and before I knew it some Luella loveliness was winging it's way towards me... I have only worn it a couple of times, one was to a student night (what WAS I thinking?!!!) but it gives me the fizzy feeling that I think is so important with clothes.  But this post is not just an ode to Luella, but rather to my new coat, part of the bloggers challenge with Tesco. I love the belted waist and the buttons are so cute! It reminded me of the book as there is something quintessentially English about a brown check, do you agree? 

I decided to choose something that I wouldn't normally choose myself and saw this beauty on the websiteIt is gorgeously warm and fits like a dream. The one quibble I have is the fastening at the top can make me look ridiculously busty if I have a lot of layers on underneath so watch out for that! 
Cardigan: Tesco, top: Gap, skirt; Primark (about 3 years ago!), belt: Primark, tights: Sainsbury's, shoes: Kurt Geiger.
I first put together this outfit in the summer but of course it was far too warm to wear it then so the weather today was just perfect. I felt with the topknot (trying to keep my hair out of my eyes!) it was an outfit worthy of Luella and it was an outfit that put a spring in my step; a necessity as I didn't get the graduate scheme that I really wanted :( I guess I just have to keep positive and move on to the next one now! 

Do you have a favourite designer? What outfits do you wear to perk yourself up?

This Week Has Been...

On fire
[read: AWN FIYAA]


[thanks to this]


[who doesn't want nails to match their candles? Hmm?]

[first ever Creme Brulee. Hopefully not the last!]

[Fancy  a personalised message from an Aussie cutie? Umm, when is the answer ever going to be no here?]

Eye Opening 
[pre-mascara vaseline = non stubby lashes. Win!]


and sensationally calorific.

All in all it's been a good'un I'd say. Plenty of food, friends and faffing around - always a good combination!

I'm beginning to learn that planning is key. I tried living the last-minute lifestyle, cramming in work quickly, stressing over unfinished essays or unmet friends and frankly, it hardly lasted a term. I just can't do it. I'm a geek at heart - give me a diary and a set of new pens and I'm ready and raring to go.

Oh God. That really was quite nerdy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that being organised is no bad thing for me, especially this year. Whether that's planning essays, work or's all going in the diary from now on. 

Plus, I get things to look forward to which, in the midst of endless dissertationness [yep, it's a word] is always, always a necessity. Good luck to all those who're handing in theirs soon, I know there's a few of you! And please, go and have a drink on me when you've finished...

...monopoly money counts as payment right?!

An ode to all things cow...

'Beef' is a restaurant that focuses on everyone's my favourite meat; beef and is the brainchild of Andreas Antona. This is a sleek and modern restaurant that delivers amazing food at very reasonable prices. Luckily for us, we all had a lunchtime free to go and sample the menu and boy was it good! The restaurant was very masculine looking and smelt of freshly sawn wood but the jazz style music meant that it was comfortable and very nice indeed!
LOVE gherkins!
The reason why the owner of the restaurant did this is because “I don’t like burger buns, there’s no love in burger buns.” AMAZING.

My pudding was something I have never tried before; Rhum Baba and let me tell you, it was delicious! The cherry on the top just made it for me :) As was befitting a snazzy restaurant, I decided to dress up a bit and resurrected a dress that was first seen here; this is practically vintage people! Looking back at this post makes me laugh so much, my face is hideously funny and I have obviously adopted a new photo pose since then ;) .... 

Same dress, different way of wearing it, recently I have been layering so many dresses with skirts, it really does double your wardrobe without taking up any more space. Plus, the elasticated waist meant that I had enough room for pudding as well ;) 

I really love the print on this dress but it always seems to get passed over, mainly because I pair it with either grey or black and it just feels a bit, safe? Saying that, it fits really nicely and has quite a few colours I could pick up in it. 

I paired it with 2 day old hair, Models Own, Lilac Dream nail varnish and the purpley colour on my new Topshop Face Palette. Although the blush is super pink, I really like it and I hope it waken up my face a little! Feeling fluey is not conducive to flattering pictures! 

And last but not least, the shoes of dreams, dusky pink velvet? Check. Bows? Check. Sparkles? Check. I managed to pick up these gorgeous shoes in the sale at John Lewis and they are SO pretty, I feel like a princess when I wear them which is what all good shoes do, right? 

This next week is going to be pretty tough with deadlines looming on my dissertation but I am feeling motivated and ready to roll. First though, Mark and I have to go and help an old friend celebrate his 21st...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE! :D 

What are your plans for this weekend? Have you found any old favourites lurking in your wardrobe recently? 

Secret Garden

Can you remember your favourite childhood film?

I thought I could. Ask me and I'd reel off about ten awfully cliched Disney classics, probably ending with a well rehearsed "but my all time favourite has to be The Little Mermaid". I guess I felt some affinity with Ariel. Quite worrying really when said character is a sea-living, crab-befriending fish-girl. Well, at least you can't say my aspirations were unimaginative.

Worker Boots: Primark

Nevertheless, it is only now that I can actually remember a film that captured my heart far more tightly than Ariel ever could. It was The Secret Garden. Full of dark corners, secret rooms and enchanting friendships, this film was made for daydreaming, adventure seeking little girls. And I was one of them.

Playsuit: Dorothy Perkins // Cardigan: Peacocks

And the catalyst for this sudden reminder? A little jaunt to the theatre to see it on stage. I feel embarassed, ashamed almost, that such a wonderful story slipped my mind on those countless occasions. The play was just beautiful. Wonderful actors, wonderful scenery, and of course, a wonderful storyline.

Nails: Models Own Top Turquoise // Feather Ring: Miss Selfridge // Mouse Ring: Accessorize

I wore my floral playsuit, [quite aptly really but completely unplanned!] chunky cardigan and worker boots. I'm never sure how to dress for the theatre - a night time showing is bad enough, but this was a matinee and thus proved even more confusing. To dress up or down? To jean, or not to jean?!

Oh god. All this theatre talk has switched me to Shakespeare mode. Better make a swift exit, but not before pondering...what was your favourite childhood film? Can anyone else remember The Secret Garden? If not, and you get the chance, watch it ... for your inner ten-year-old's sake :)

Smart casual

I have always envied people like Danni who look utterly chic and cool without even trying. I think I am much more high maintenance and like things to look 'just so' but I have tried to embrace the casual look more these past couple of weeks with long days on campus in the library...
This is my 'casual' leaning pose ;) 

I was really frustrated when I saw these photos because the outfit looks so much nicer in real life (in my humble opinion!) and it just didn't photograph well at all! :(  I loved the muted colours together and the subtle print mixing with the spotty top and stripy trousers but the light is always rubbish at the moment- sorry guys!

This was the outfit I wore to do the grocery shopping this weekend- I think I may have raised a few eyebrows in Sainsbury's!  ;) Originally I was going to wear these socks but they kept falling down  and it was too cold for 15 denier tights so I swapped them for the Pretty Polly suspender tights, seen here

I felt like this didn't photograph very well either but what do you think? I try and shake my style up occasionally as I think it is all too easy to get trapped into a 'style rut' and this is something I try and avoid where possible. I gravitate towards dresses but sometimes my day calls for something slightly more practical and this is where shorts and trousers come in. I still don't own a pair of jeans (I am yet to find a pair that suit me and are comfortable!) but I am embracing the practicality (occasionally) :D

I never thought I would see the day when I would be wearing ankle boots either! My legs aren't very long and I am wary of making myself seem shorter but these boots are just so comfy and fab to throw on when my outfit looks too prim- does anyone else do that or is it just me?!  The boots are also on sale now at Peacocks so get yourself there! Whilst I prefer dressing up slightly, I am learning to embrace casual dressing- so much easier when I have essays to write... 

I had my hair cut recently too, it's not too much different but it feels so much nicer. I always love getting my hair cut, I find it so therapeutic...I think I was a cat in a past life ;) I can't wait to style it up though, bring on the rollers! :P

Tonight though, I will be reunited with my two favourites, Seth and Ryan (swoon) I know I'm about 8 years late to the party but The O.C. is my new favourite show <3

Do you prefer dressing up or dressing down? Do you think I can pull off a more casual look?

P.S. Would you be interested in me doing a tutorial on how to use rollers?

My Week [or there abouts!]

Howdy :)

I'm afraid the hecticness of christmas hols, moving back to uni and trying to wrench a dissertation essay from my brain have all taken their toll on my week in photos posts. Not only have I been lame and negelected the poor things for a good few weeks, but this one comprises a few shots from a little while back, so bear with me - hopefully I'll be back on track with the next one!

 Okay, this maaay have been a couple of weeks ago now, but did anyone else see some mahoosive icicles recently? It was like waking up to Narnia...though these were made by a leaky drainpipe rather than White Witch...not quite as exciting!

Being at home meant enjoying yummy lunches in a warm house. Oh how I miss those days. This was an M+S chicken-edameme-couscous-superfralicajalistic-superfood salad. YUM.

 Dissertation = sadface + many,many word documents. Sigh.

My last night at home was spent celebrating my lovely friend's 21st birthday. It was awesome, there were cupcakes...what more can I say?!

17p from Sainsbury's. God love post-christmas reductions.

Finally handed in my Visual essay. Only a few million more to go. In the words of Jay Z... I'm on to the next one, on to the next... gangsta-ness kills me sometimes. It's just TOO much.

So there you have it, my week [or so!] in photos, from the White Witch to Jay-Z .... anyone want to attempt a six degrees of separation?!

Til next time,