Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A very English Style...

After reading Kristabel's post about some of the lovely presents she got for Christmas, I promised myself that I would treat myself to one book I have had my eye on for quite some time; Luella's guide to English Style. I had gazed at it longingly when I was searching for Christmas presents for other people but no-one picked up on my (not so subtle!) hints. Finally then I bought it here, whilst I was browsing Amazon for DVDs- I promise it's for my dissertation! Now Luella is was probably my favourite designer brand and I think this is because of the dreamy silhouettes and bright pops of colour and pattern- basically my ideal wardrobe
Dress: Luella, blouse: Miss Selfridge from charity shop, shoes: New Look
Now I am lucky enough to own a genuine piece of Luella, just before the label folded and the website was taken down, I was having a sneaky browse (does anyone else do 'dream shopping'?!) and clicked on the link to the 'Rebecca' dress. The only one left was in my size and before I knew it some Luella loveliness was winging it's way towards me... I have only worn it a couple of times, one was to a student night (what WAS I thinking?!!!) but it gives me the fizzy feeling that I think is so important with clothes.  But this post is not just an ode to Luella, but rather to my new coat, part of the bloggers challenge with Tesco. I love the belted waist and the buttons are so cute! It reminded me of the book as there is something quintessentially English about a brown check, do you agree? 

I decided to choose something that I wouldn't normally choose myself and saw this beauty on the websiteIt is gorgeously warm and fits like a dream. The one quibble I have is the fastening at the top can make me look ridiculously busty if I have a lot of layers on underneath so watch out for that! 
Cardigan: Tesco, top: Gap, skirt; Primark (about 3 years ago!), belt: Primark, tights: Sainsbury's, shoes: Kurt Geiger.
I first put together this outfit in the summer but of course it was far too warm to wear it then so the weather today was just perfect. I felt with the topknot (trying to keep my hair out of my eyes!) it was an outfit worthy of Luella and it was an outfit that put a spring in my step; a necessity as I didn't get the graduate scheme that I really wanted :( I guess I just have to keep positive and move on to the next one now! 

Do you have a favourite designer? What outfits do you wear to perk yourself up?


Belle xx said...

hello stylish lady! i love top knots too - so easy to wear and i think they always look stylish xx

daisychain said...

your Luella dress is AMAZING.

Danni and Maria said...

Belle- it just means I'm not faffing with my hair too....much easier on a busy day!

Laura- Thank you, it really is beautiful :)

Maria xxx

Kb said...

Ah thanks for the mention! I think I posted about that Luella dress ages ago, so jealous you have it! I only managed to buy a bag before the label folded and I never made it back to Bicester...gutted. Though the book is a great read so far, very informative and I might be doing a Luella-style post myself!

Hannah said...

The dress is gorgeous, well down for getting it before the website shut down =) I've seen loads of bloggers mention the Luella book, think I'm going to have to check it out =)

Hannah xx

E is for Eleanor said...

Ahh the Luella dress is just so pretty on you, and a perfect shape!

Also that Tesco coat looks amazing! Off to check it out :) x

Sherin said...

I've had my eye on the Luella book as well. That dress is stunning though. Looks amazing on you! I love the purple colour.

Danni and Maria said...

Kristbel- it was your article which inspired me so it's only fair :) Can't wait to see your post :)

Hannah- I know, I was SO happy! If you follow the link I posted, I think that's the cheapest :)

Eleanor- Thank you lovie :) The coat is So nice and warm, I love it so much that I've barely taken it off :)

Sherin- DEFINITELY get it, it's a really great read and thank you, it's definitely a princess dress :)

Maria xxx

Sarah said...

Luella was my favourite designer too. Her collection was always just go wearable and featured dresses that I know would suit my shape. I have the ditzy print Rebecca dress and a black Olivia prom dress from the following season. Unfortunately I was a size 10 then and neither currently fit :(

Danni and Maria said...

Sarah- I know, the dress were just to DIE for I really love them! The fit of this dress really depends on what weight I am too, damn body! *shakes fist*

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get the graduate scheme you wanted! It clearly wasn't meant to be, and I'm sure it just means that there is a better one out there for you!
But I am in love with your Luella dress outfit!! It's so cute, especially with that blouse as well!

p.s. I'm such a silly milly I didn't even realise I wasn't following your blog, so am now!

Danni and Maria said...

Claire Eloise- Thank you love, I was (obviously!) SO gutted but it will all work out OK in the end.. well I hope so at least! The dress is just beautiful I absolutely love it! And welcome aboard ;)

Maria xxx

Harriet said...

Love your Luella! It's erfect!

Sorry about the grad scheme, it's so competitive out there. Fingers firmly crossed for next time.

Danni and Maria said...

Thanks Harriet, I was gutted but it is SUPER competitive, especially this year! And Luella makes everything better ;)

Maria xxx

Sarah said...

So sorry to hear about the grad scheme. :( But at least you're still smiling - and wearing a gorgeous dress is always a surefire way to make you feel a little bit better! You look goooorgeous in the Luella dress, and I love the coat too! I was going to buy a tweed coat in New Look after Christmas, then I hesitated, and it went in the sale and was gone forever. Ah well!

Danni and Maria said...

Thank you love, I was gutted but it obviously wasn't meant to be! And thank you, I think a swooshy dress makes everything alright ;) The coat is SO warm and I figure I am being fashion forward with my mixing of patterns :P

Maria xxx

Jazzabelle said...

oh my, the luella dress is PERFECT on you! it goes so beautifully with the blouse, i honestly thought it was part of the dress - great styling! :) sorry to hear about the grad scheme!


Danni and Maria said...

Thank you Jazz! It meant that I was a bit warmer and slightly more covered up :) I was obviously gutted but I just have to keep looking I guess :)

Maria xxx


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