Cheeky little vlog.


Don't you hate it when you watch yourself back on screen? It's like having to sit through those old family recordings of yourself at birthday parties, and realising what a horrible child you were. This has happened to me. More than once.

Don't you also hate it when you over use a word? Like nice. It's a nice word, don't get me wrong. But it's just....nice. Still, apparently I like it.

And finally, don't you hate it when you realise how miserable you look, and how you always put on that telephone voice when there's a potential that you'll be talking to someone who's never met you?

Yeah, me too. But I've decided to show you this anyway, cos there's some real nice things that you should go out and get! The satchel is my new baby, and a BIG plus is it doesn't answer back. Or need feeding. The website it was from is here [and here is Afeitar's blog, though if you haven't read it, get out from under that rock!]. 

Also, that book is a definite must for all you typographists. Or those who are as nosey as me and just want the chance to snoop into someone elses life for a little while.

So there you go, my first vlog.

And if you can't face listening to me ramble as well as reading this, maybe just play it on mute for a good laugh? Slapstick right there.


daisychain said...

You are adorable! You have such a gorgeous voice.

Ella said...

awww such a sweet voice:) carry on the blogging! xxx

Sherin said...

Great job on the Vlog. Can't wait to see more! (Don't worry about over using words: I oversay 'Amazing').

Looks like you got some great Christmas presents. The Moschino perfume is great.
And I love the satchel!! It's gorgeous.

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you guys, for not taking the mick! Vlogging is so weird...but definitely better than a stupidly long presents post!


Unknown said...

You're so natural on camera! I lvoed this - I'd definitely love to see more vlogs from you in the future!

Maria Fallon said...

Harriet- bless you! That means a lot :D if i can ever think of more vlog ideas i'll give them ago :)