Cream of the Crop

If you'd have told me back in 1995 that the meshy white crop top I adored would someday go out of fashion I would probably have cried. I loved it, not least because it made me feel like a Spice Girl. And therein lies the reason it was so hideous.

Fast forward 16 years and the humble crop top is beginning to adorn those spring/summer window displays that are creeping in, tempting us to re-enact those good ol' days of Zig-a-zig-aah.

I've bought a couple in past seasons, though have always plumped for an oversized style to avoid revealing too much of the nation's nans favourite pet hate...the midriff. Now though, I've got a pair of high waisted jeans to combat said peeve and just so happened to stumble upon this sequinned crop top in the Republic sale for a mere £10.

Is it a bird? Is it a lizard? No. It's a crop-topped blogger.

 I can't help but feel a little reptilian in this - the sequins remind me of shimmering scales, and boy do they make a noise. But noisiness aside, I kinda like it. Almost as much as my white crop top of '95. Almost.

Face didn't want to play. 
(Actually secretly practicing Spice girls dance moves)

So while the crop top might not be back in all of it's neon-mesh Sporty-Spice proportions, it's certainly making a well deserved comeback. Now, to practice those dance routines...


daisychain said...

I love this top on you, I just cannot pull crops off, try as I might!

Claire | French for Cupcake said...

Envious of your figure! You look fabulous!

Hannah said...

that top is amazing, must be fun to go dancing in

Hannah xx

Anonymous said...

you look amazing in the top!! I love crop tops, but can never find the perfect one so end up making my own lol. (And I secretly love 90's fashion, it was just so fun!) xx

Sherin said...

So jealous of how amazing you look in these photos! I used to have crop tops, but put the thought of wearing them again right out of my mind. Wearing them with high waisted jeans is a fab idea.

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I used to wear crop tops too, but my tummy is way too out of control to do it anymore! The top is lovely, and what a bargain. Not a crop top, but I still regret not hanging onto my 'Girl Power' t-shirt.

Winnie said...

Haha I didn't have the crop tops but I DID have the neon meshy vest tops...cringe.

You look lovely and I can ALMOST hear the sound of your sequinny top! I bet people can hear you before they see you :) It looks cute!

Ellie said...

oh Danni! It looks fab on you :D I didn't do crop tops, not then and not now. I couldn't inflict my belly on the general public! haha x

Maria Fallon said...

Laura- thank youu! I definitely have to be persuaded to buy them, but this was too sparkly to resist!

Claire- Oh bless you! Thanks m'dear :)

Hannah- I have yet to dance in it, but will definitely go stand by the DJ acting as percussion ;)

Claire Eloise- Oooh DIY crop tops sound like a good idea!

Sherin- Yeah without the high waisted jeans it's definitely a nono! And thank you :)

Penny Dreadful - Can't believe you gave up that tee! Ohh the 90's

Winnie- Thaaanks! Glad someone else can remember those awful net/mesh wife beater things. UGH! And's definitely not one to wear if trying to avoid someone :P

Eleanor - thank yooou! I can't quite believe I'm wearing them 2bh.. esp in this weather! Silly me.


Anonymous said...

Loving the whole outfit, especially the crop top! x

Hayley said...

Love the top, but slightly disappointed that theres no vlog or gif of Spice Girls dance moves ;)

Maria Fallon said...

TheJollyFashionista - Thank you! :)

Hayley- haha, now even I wouldn't want to inflict my dance moves on the blogosphere. No one deserves to see that :P


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

ohh, i so love the crop top, it looks great on you! but most importantly oh my goodness look at your legs in those jeans! cor blimey, lucky thing. just take him, robert sheehan is yours. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i have no chance ;) xx