My Week [or there abouts!]

Howdy :)

I'm afraid the hecticness of christmas hols, moving back to uni and trying to wrench a dissertation essay from my brain have all taken their toll on my week in photos posts. Not only have I been lame and negelected the poor things for a good few weeks, but this one comprises a few shots from a little while back, so bear with me - hopefully I'll be back on track with the next one!

 Okay, this maaay have been a couple of weeks ago now, but did anyone else see some mahoosive icicles recently? It was like waking up to Narnia...though these were made by a leaky drainpipe rather than White Witch...not quite as exciting!

Being at home meant enjoying yummy lunches in a warm house. Oh how I miss those days. This was an M+S chicken-edameme-couscous-superfralicajalistic-superfood salad. YUM.

 Dissertation = sadface + many,many word documents. Sigh.

My last night at home was spent celebrating my lovely friend's 21st birthday. It was awesome, there were cupcakes...what more can I say?!

17p from Sainsbury's. God love post-christmas reductions.

Finally handed in my Visual essay. Only a few million more to go. In the words of Jay Z... I'm on to the next one, on to the next... gangsta-ness kills me sometimes. It's just TOO much.

So there you have it, my week [or so!] in photos, from the White Witch to Jay-Z .... anyone want to attempt a six degrees of separation?!

Til next time,


Winnie said...

The superfood salad looks amazing! Edamame beans are one of my favourite things! Your dissertation photo looks horrific...I really don't envy you but it will feel so awesome once you've finally handed it in!

Sherin said...

I remember the icicles! They were definitely magical. Ooo, those cupcakes look delicious.

And good luck with the dissertation!!

Anonymous said...

I love that M&S salad!! I hope the dissertation writing is going okay. (Is it wrong that I can't wait to pick and research for mine? I know it's ridiculously difficult but I just really love researching topics I love)
And yes I am feeling much better now post-exams thank you!! Just recuperating back at home now xx

Maria Fallon said...

Winnie- i could definitely jump on the edameme bandwagon ;) And BOO to essays. just boo.

Sherin - thank youu :) and yeah, the cupcakes were amzing, and all made by her relatives!

Claire Eloise- m+s are miracle workers I tell ya. I felt the same way at the start of the year about my diss, hopefully your enthusiasm will last way longer than mine!


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up Danni, you are nearly there, and the feeling of finishing is SO worth it! Also, I love the icicle picture, such an interesting angle!

naomi x

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

That salad looks yummy! We also had massive icicles hanging off the overhang from the roof, they were amazing!

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Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Maria Fallon said...

Naomi- your so sweet, thank you!! seriously looking forward to getting it over with!

Chantele- it was indeed, and yeah - I guess everyone must've had leaky drainpipes!


Unknown said...

Good luck with all the work, it's just dawned on me that I have a week to finish my dissertation, eeeek! At least you had cupcakes to help get you through it all...