This Week Has Been...

On fire
[read: AWN FIYAA]


[thanks to this]


[who doesn't want nails to match their candles? Hmm?]

[first ever Creme Brulee. Hopefully not the last!]

[Fancy  a personalised message from an Aussie cutie? Umm, when is the answer ever going to be no here?]

Eye Opening 
[pre-mascara vaseline = non stubby lashes. Win!]


and sensationally calorific.

All in all it's been a good'un I'd say. Plenty of food, friends and faffing around - always a good combination!

I'm beginning to learn that planning is key. I tried living the last-minute lifestyle, cramming in work quickly, stressing over unfinished essays or unmet friends and frankly, it hardly lasted a term. I just can't do it. I'm a geek at heart - give me a diary and a set of new pens and I'm ready and raring to go.

Oh God. That really was quite nerdy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that being organised is no bad thing for me, especially this year. Whether that's planning essays, work or's all going in the diary from now on. 

Plus, I get things to look forward to which, in the midst of endless dissertationness [yep, it's a word] is always, always a necessity. Good luck to all those who're handing in theirs soon, I know there's a few of you! And please, go and have a drink on me when you've finished...

...monopoly money counts as payment right?!


Yu said...

Ahh your week sounds lovely, the pics are soc ute :) Ready to start off the new one with some Visual Soc? :P I'm not..

daisychain said...

I need that nail polish!

Chloe said...

I love the hair in the picture, looking lovely.

I'm glad I'm not the only nerdy one- Paperchase is a must-visit whenever I'm in a proper city and frankly, nothing makes me happier than the feeling of knowing the semester is scheduled in, in my diary!

Here's to nerdy final years!

Sherin said...

I'm an organisation nerd as well. I write a ridiculous amount of lists and love my calander.

Ooo, your curls look fab. Love them. And I loved the Aussie Hunk as well.

Hannah said...

I love to plan, writing lists is like one of my favourite things and you get such a great sense of statistician when you cross it off. even when you're just doing a food shop!!!! love the colour of the nail varnish and the candles looks so prety =)

Hannah xx

Maria Fallon said...

Yu - I most certainly was NOT ready for that lecture. Awful.

Laura- models own, top turquoise! :)

Fashion Junkie- yay, another paperchaces fiend! Pretty stationary definitely makes deadlines seem better

Sherin- thank youu :) and glad you enjoyed the hunkyness ;)

Hannah- You're so right, that striking out of something you've done is the best feeling!


Winnie said...

Oh the Models own nail varnish is gorgeous. I love the colour. Oooh also the one I was wearing in my post is Barry M's lilac (slightly paler with a pearly topcoat). Anyways, can't believe that was your FIRST creme brule! I love that stuff :)

Maria Fallon said...

Oh lovely! Thanks winnie, will no doubt be buying that soon! I can't believe it was my first creme brulee either...where has it BEEN all my life? :P


Sarah - essbeevee said...

That nail polish is GORGEOUS. Good luck with the dissertation, I remember those days! It'll all be over soon. And I love your curly hair, so sweet!

PS BEST CRISPS EVER. Try them with Sainsbury's Cheese & Chive dip. YUM.

Maria Fallon said...

Sarah- Sainsbury's is 5 mins down the road...BRB. :P