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Having read lots of you lovelies' Christmas posts, I can't help but notice that quite a few of you have had some snazzy new SLRs this year, and I'm now planning to get one after my 21st [when I can ask for a bit of money towards it!].

I've always loved photography, and have wanted a 'big camera' for years. I managed to save up for a compromise when I was about 14 and bought a Kodak camera which is midway between an SLR and a compact.
It's taken some lovely photos in the past...

...but I'm definitely ready for an upgrade. Only thing is, I don't know where on earth to begin. 

First there's the whole Canon Vs Nikon debate which, well, let's not even start on that.

Then there's whether to splash out on a super-expensive, up-to-date version or just go for an older model and save some dollar.

And of course there's the lenses. Choices, choices. My knowledge at the moment spans to the limit of knowing that buying a very expensive lens basically means forking ££££'s for a blurrier background. But oh how wonderful that blurry background can be.

So my lovelies, this post is a bit of a plea. A plea for help, tips and any guidance on what to consider when buying your first SLR. Maybe you've bought one recently yourself, or had one for Christmas? Maybe you've used one that wasn't that great, and [god forbid] didn't produce a blurry background anywhere near beautiful enough. Whatever the advice, I'm all ears!

Cheers M'dears


daisychain said...

I will be keeping an eye on this post as I want a new camera tooo, and I am hopeless x

Maria Fallon said...

Aha! Oh bless you Laura, hopefully someone out there knows more than we do!


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Great photos. I'm eager to see what camera you choose. I love photos.

Leia said...

I really want to get an awesome camera but they're soo expensive!


Maria Fallon said...

Tanya- thanks :) I'm eager to see too!

Leia- I know, I've been saving for a while now, but have got lots of things to fund this year so will have to ask for help around my bday!


Ellie said...

I have a Canon 350D that I bought for about £300 off ebay about 5 years ago :) It's great, has lasted an age and has some great functions! x

hgh said...

I've got a Canon 400D, which I bought a few years ago, and its a great camera. My favourite lens (of course the one I smashed in my carry on :'( ) cost about £70 off Amazon, and does all the pretty blurry backgrounds. You can probably get the camera on eBay quite cheaply :)

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you guuys - it seems like ebay is the way forward...now just to get over my irrational fear of it! GAH.


Unknown said...

I've got a Canon 450 and I lvoe it! (everyone probably says that about their cameras!)

I got it on Amazon, because like you I have a bit of ebay fear, and wanted somewhere I trusted. The great thing about pretty much any slr is you can buy new lenses and add-ons so the camera grows with you! Short of breaking mine I don't think I'd ever really need to replace it.