Brownie Points

'Ello 'ello.

Hope everyone's ready and raring to go with work/college/school/uni, and that those resolutions are propelling you forward rather than holding you back! Before I start a-rambling on, just wanted to send out a huge thanks to everyone out there reading this and especially to those who've stuck with us for a good while now. Writing means the world to me, and I'd be doing this whether people were out there listening or not, but to know that you're choosing to read these posts or follow the blog is pretty awesome. And well, it's nice to have someone to listen once in a while isn't it?

On to my next point, I think I'm addicted to brown. Wait...can you be addicted to colour? I'm pretty sure I am: if colours were brands I'd be an amazing ambassador for this's lush! [lush?!...too much Gavin and Stacy].

 Cream cardigan: Peacocks//Brown jumper: New Look//Jeans: Topshop// Belt: Primark

This is what I wore today just to pop out for some supplies for Uni [sob]. It kind of depressed me that everything I was wearing was nearly new....I should not be spending so much money right now. Especially with bills to pay and Glastonbury to start saving for. BUT HEY.

The one thing that made me a little less pained at this recent splurging, was that sometimes you come across  gems like this...

Mouse Ring: Accessorize.

...and suddenly the shopping binge doesn't seem so bad!


Yu said...

Very very pretty! I think I know what you mean by addiction to colour, I'm addicted to dirty pinks and greys!

daisychain said...

You look amazing! Brown is such an under-rated colour!

Maria Fallon said...

Yu- HURRRAAAAH for colour addiction. It's not an unhealthy obsession in the slightest...nope.

Laura- dawh thank you! I do love brown. A lot. Partially as it makes me think of chocolate. Never a bad thing!


Ellie said...

I love brown! And it's so versatile and warm-toned so looks good on most people! I just have trouble accesorising with it! x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

You look well lush my love ;)
Love the cardigan,well done Peacocks for that- they did gooood.
I get obsessed with colours, at the moment its burnt orange/brown colours

Sherin said...

I actually wore brown last night and was like 'this isn't such a bad colour'. I think I may be jumping on the brown train as well.

and the mouse ring is really cute! (Despite me being freakishly scared of mice.)

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit - I adore the cardi! I have one like that but alas it shrunk in the wash! It's still wearable, just not as big and snuggly asit used to be. Take heed from my tragic story and wash at 30 degrees!

Maria Fallon said...

Eleanor- yeah I just stick to gold most of the time now jewellery wise!

Steph- thanks m'dear :D and i know!! so proud of peacocks [for once]

Sherin- YAY. team brown is go.

Harriet- thank you so much, will def remember that!


Maria Fallon said...

Melanie- thank you! It's always nice to hear from new readers


PinkBow said...

you look so lovely, a real cosy outfit.

(also...the book shop you mentioned...please tell me more!)

Unknown said...

Brown is definitely a keeper! it's less harsh than black and warmer than navy... a winner! :) jazzy ♥

Fayoona said...

looking lovely my dear!
uni work sucks! I do not miss that.

re brown: it is a colour i rarely wear. i tend to opt for black or grey or bright colours. never brown, much as i try!
it look great on you!
x fi

Maria Fallon said...

Paula- thank you! Cosy is definitey the preferred feeling right now- so cold! I think it was Maria who mentioned the book shop? Will pass the message on!

Claire - very true- it's a warmer version of black!

Fiona- Thank youu :) and yes, uni work is utter tripe. End.


The girl with the pretend crown said...

LOVE your blog and pics!! Awesome! :) ♥ xxxx

Maria Fallon said...

Me- thanks :)

Vicki said...

oh my goodness i love that little mouse ring! so cute! did you buy it recently? i really want it now! :) x

Maria Fallon said...

Vicki- hehe it's cute isn't it?! Yeah got it maybe a week ago? in the accessorize sale - only £1 ish!


Kate: Heart of Solid Gold said...

I love this little mouse ring! I managed to bag the bargain too, it is just too adorable!
If it makes you feel any better I am completely addicted to grey :)

Maria Fallon said...

Kate- hurraah, another colour addict! hehe, yeah the ring is my new love- it's like a pet without the responsibility ;P


Susie said...

I adore that little mouse ring--so cute! Brown is one of my favorite colors to wear, especially with black (and I just read a quote by Nina Garcia on Twitter that said brown + black makes classic looks modern = yay!)

Maria Fallon said...

Susie- I do love a bit of brown, it's so versatile! And yay indeed- nice to have a bit of confirmation...we're totally cool ;)


Sarah - essbeevee said...

Oh my gosh HOW cute is that ring??? Adorable! I need it in my life! That cardi looks so cosy.

Are you going to Glasto? Me TOO!! I can't wait, now it's the new year I've decided I can officially get excited. :) Although nearly had a heart attack the other day, was transferring stuff from my 2010 diary and saw a reminder on my January payday to pay for Glastonbury... had a very stressed google and found out that, phew, payment is due in April. Thank the lord! :)

Kate said...

Ooooh I DO love that cardi! Looks really snuggly; I've had my eye on a few similar recently. Peacocks do have some nice surprises sometimes!