Monday, 1 February 2016

Falke and floral prints...

It's strange how your wardrobe changes over the years, I used to live in cute floral dresses but have barely worn them recently. This Oasis dress has been hanging in my wardrobe for a while although I have been waiting for the colder weather to wear it as it is too short to wear without some opaques! I really like the colours and the ditsy print is super cute. I have been having a bit of a crisis of confidence recently and do worry that certain clothes can end up looking a bit 'young' on me. I tried toning down the cutesy factor with some grey tights and a swipe of red lipstick so hopefully this dress doesn't look too ridiculous!

Dress: Oasis, tights: Falke, shoes: c/o Clarks
Glamour magazine normally has some pretty cool freebies and this Clinique Cherry Pop Lipstick is a new favourite of mine! It's a pretty pinky-red and goes on really smoothly. It doesn't last very long on me (the perils of constantly eating!) but fades pretty evenly down to a pretty stain so is ideal for when you don't  have the time (or inclination) to reapply throughout the day...

Nails: Max Factor in Angel Nails
 I am lucky enough to work right in town and often spend my lunch breaks searching for bargains in the shops. I picked up these beautiful Falke matte tights in TK Maxx and I couldn't be more chuffed. They are super cosy and I love the slate grey colour too- much less harsh than black! I have been trying to soften these beautiful pointed flats for about a year now and although they're still not as comfy as I would like, I am slowly wearing them down ;) They were the perfect choice with this dress as they felt a bit more interesting than my usual block heels and I could speed around town to get my errands done, win win!

How do you avoid looking like you are playing dress up?

Thursday, 21 January 2016


Workwear can be pretty tricky but I'm a great believer in wearing classic pieces in fun colours to brighten up the office. This teal blazer is a firm favourite of mine and is one of the pieces I reach for when I need an extra burst of confidence. I had to do a mini presentation at work and I really loved this outfit, I felt pulled together but still comfy, important if you have to speak in front of people! I'm not sure why the photos came out so bright but no end of fiddling with the settings helped so I'm afraid you will have to just be dazzled by how bright this shirt is! ;)

Jacket: Miss Selfridge via Matilda, top: Mango, trousers: H&M, shoes: Marks & Spencer, necklace: Accessorize (gift)
Nars Audacious lipstick in Grace is the perfect pink shade for pale skin like mine and even though it looks pretty dark pink here, it is really punchy in real life. My necklace was a birthday gift from my friend Naomi and it is so pretty, I love it when you get a gift that matches your style so perfectly!

 I can only wear jeans on Fridays at my current job so I have to go for the next best thing and opt for comfy trousers instead. These H&M chinos are super flattering and so soft. They're so good that I went back to buy them in brown too! For some reason they only have two colours on the website but the Cheltenham store had 5 or 6 different colours so it is worth keeping an eye out if you are near a shop. I always recommend buying multiple colours/prints of things if they are available (and you are able!) as you know that they are guaranteed to work with the rest of your wardrobe. These shoes always get a good reception when I wear them and is it any wonder? They are awesome!

Do you buy in multiples?

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Tropical mango and coconut cake...

There are certain recipes that you know will never let you down and this Victoria sponge recipe from Marguerite Patten is my go-to for delicious light and fluffy cake. I have been trying to use up things from the freezer recently and had the bright idea of using the batch of frozen mango that I had in a cake. I really love coconut and mango together but was trying to work out how to incorporate the flavours into a cake without it going too soggy. The house smelt amazing as this was cooking and I was so impatient to try it that I burnt my mouth in the process, haha! Overall I was pretty pleased with how this turned out but would probably use less mango next time as the mixture was quite wet. It could have probably had another sachet of creamed coconut too, I was erring on the side of caution as Mark's not really a fan but actually even he said it could take a little more of it. It wasn't bad for an experiment though, and I think with a bit of tweaking, this could make its way into my favourites...

Tropical mango and coconut sponge cake, baking,experimenting with cake recipes


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Leopard print Laura Ashley...

When you say Laura Ashley, leopard print is not the first thing to spring to mind but this slinky shirt dress is one of the more unusual pieces in my wardrobe. I have had it for a couple of years now and even managed to take photos back in April 2014 but never posted them as I didn't like how they came out. I always tend to style it in quite a simple way, when you have a dress that is patterned, textured and almost satin-y, it doesn't need any extra embellishment! It was so windy when we took these photos that I almost blew away and revealed more than a glimpse of thigh in the process... ooer!

Dress: Laura Ashley, belt: Miss Selfridge, shoes: c/o George at ASDA, belt:Tesco
I love Max Factor make-up and as their liquid eyeliner is the only only one I have ever been able to get on with, I was keen to try their newest offering and I have to say, the Masterpiece liquid eyeliner did not disappoint! It is easy to use (a must for novices like me) and lasts all day without needing to reapply it, no one has time for that! I have been loving the Max Factor Creme Puff blush too, it gives such a glowy wash of colour. I have the 'Seductive Pink' shade but I am definitely going to buy 'Alluring Rose' too! I have been growing my hair slightly longer and I love being able to do a bit more with it. I just curled it slightly with my straighteners here and I couldn't believe how well it lasted! 

A better look at that amazing print
I have been wearing these wedges all the time recently, they are so comfy and are great for putting a spring in your step. I haven't really blogged about my beautiful Olivia Burton watch but it has been a constant accessory since Mark gave it to me for my birthday and I really really love it, it is just so pretty!

Are you a Laura Ashley fan?

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Burgundy velvet...

Christmas can be quite strange. It's probably when you spend the longest on the sofa but your clothes tend to be pretty fancy and unsuited for slouching - in my house at least! I picked up this velvet shift dress during Gap's Black Friday sale and I couldn't be more chuffed with it. The simple shape makes it easy to wear and the burgundy colour is pretty festive, even though I will definitely be wearing it all year round. I couldn't believe how pale it made me look though, I am almost blending into the wall behind me!

Dress: Gap, tights: Tesco, shoes: Marks & Spencer
I layered Topshop's Get Me Bodied Christmas Lip Bullet and Revlon's lipstain in Crush to get the perfect berry shade and although it's a little bit darker than I would normally go for, I quite liked it. It is weird, I am happy as Larry in bright lipsticks but nude or dark ones give me the heebie-jeebies!

I have long loved nude fishnets for adding a bit of texture to an outfit (I even wore them to my graduation!) and when I saw that Accessorize was selling them, it's safe to say that I stockpiled a few pairs! They are way more interesting than plain nude tights and weirdly make it easier to walk if you are wearing heels, I guess it's easier for your feet to grip inside your shoes?! 

Any tips for wearing dark lippie?

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Spending new year in St Ives...

I have just spent the last week staying with friends at a darling little cottage in St Ives; beach walks, board games and plenty of food and drink with great company was the best way to finish 2015 and start 2016. The photos speak for themselves about how beautiful a place Cornwall is and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a beachy escape in the UK. It really is great, even in the rain!

Although I wish I had had a longer break (doesn't everyone?!) I am excited to see what 2016 brings as I have lots of fun things planned!

What are your plans for 2016?

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The year I decided I can...

As we get to the end of 2015 (I can't believe it has gone so quickly!) it is interesting to look back across the year. There is always a lot of talk around what women can't do and I'm pleased to note that this was the year of saying that I can for me. I have changed quite a lot this year and I'm ending the year happier than I started it. I always think that confidence is very visible and I was really chuffed with how this outfit turned out. This would be perfect for a festive drink with friends, you don't want anything too fancy but still like you have made an effort and the addition of pleather trousers allows you to do just that, especially when you add heels!

H&M cream oversized slouchy jumper, ASDA faux pleather trouser leggings, ASDA black suede wedge heels, cosy, winter, Nars Audacious lipstick in Grace on pale skin (1)
Jumper: H&M, camisole: Tesco, trousers: c/o George at ASDA, shoes: c/o George at ASDA
This jumper is super cosy and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe because of how plain it is. I love the stepped hem and it helps to skim nicely over my (ever-growing) food baby too!

H&M cream oversized slouchy jumper, ASDA faux pleather trouser leggings, ASDA black suede wedge heels, cosy, winter, Nars Audacious lipstick in Grace on pale skin

Lipstick is one of those things that always makes me feel pulled together and Nars Audacious lipstick in Grace is my newest addition. It adds a splash of colour to a very plain outfit and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, I mean, just look how pretty it is! I decided that I am going to grow my hair slightly longer and although it's already annoying me a little bit, I can already do so much more with it. I don't think I could ever go back to having it this long, it's nice to have a bit of a change...

H&M cream oversized slouchy jumper, ASDA faux pleather trouser leggings, ASDA black suede wedge heels, cosy, winter, Nars Audacious lipstick in Grace on pale skin

I am always worried that I end up looking a bit sausage-y when I wear a fitted bottom half but hopefully I manage to pull this off. These are supposedly leggings but as they have a fly and working pockets, I felt justified in calling them (very tight-fitting) trousers. You know how much I love ASDA shoes and this wedge pair are ideal for adding a bit of height without the fear of toppling over.

H&M cream oversized slouchy jumper, ASDA faux pleather trouser leggings, ASDA black suede wedge heels, cosy, winter, Nars Audacious lipstick in Grace on pale skin

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, see you in 2016!


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Feeling like Kim Kardashian...

I have spent a lot of time recently watching Keeping up with the Kardashians (no shame for my trashy TV habit!) and I think my obsession with their polished lives is filtering into my wardrobe. This outfit felt very Kim K to me (only without her awesome make-up skills!) and although my outing to the the International Centre for Birds of Prey was decidedly less glamourous, this outfit was super cosy and I felt amazing in it. Thanks to my diabetes I am always really self-conscious about my tummy so would usually avoid anything quite so bodycon but this is such a soft dress that it was impossible to resist, Monki struck lucky again! This faux fur gilet is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, it is just perfect for making even the most casual outfit look dressed up. Purple and faux fur seem to be a bit of a recurring theme in my wardrobe, although this version is distinctly less chilly looking ;)  I'm not 100% sure why, but I felt unstoppable in this outfit, I do love how transformative clothes can be!

Dress: Monki, gilet: from a charity shop, shoes: Office
Unfortunately my lipstick had rubbed off by the time we took these pictures (although you can see it better on Instagram) but just imagine a gorgeous dark purple-y berry lip! ;) The long sleeves on this dress would have been a complete no no for me in the past as I was always far too warm and got sweaty (TMI I know) but Driclor has opened up a whole new world of clothes for me and I can't recommend it enough! I think the reviews speak for themselves but honestly, if you get self-conscious about sweating, this is the product for you and it is so freeing to have that confidence..

Flat shoes are the only option when you are on your feet all day and this nude pair came to the rescue once again. I would have preferred a slight heel but until I manage to replace these ASDA shoes, I am stuck with this pair... 

Are you a Kardashians fan? How do you stay confident?

Monday, 14 December 2015

Our trip to the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Newent... (PICTURE HEAVY)

Living where we do, there are a lot of cool things on our doorstep and the International Centre for Birds of Prey is one such thing. Mark and I had been planning to go since my birthday last year but I was so overexcited about my birthday that I cried when he mentioned it and he thought it was best to postpone (yes I like my birthday!) We finally got round to visiting this year and it was such a great day out, even if you are not as crazy about owls as me. We arrived as a flying demonstration started and wowee, can those birds fly! They swoop down really low above the benches and apparently have been known to catch people's hair as they swoop around. Luckily my hairdo remained intact but it was breathtaking to see these beautiful birds up close...


Friday, 11 December 2015

My 2015 winter essentials...

Winter seems to have taken quite a while to kick in so far this year but the chill is definitely here now and since we have put the tree up, I am feeling really Christmassy! For once I have been really organised (don't hate me but yes, I had bought and wrapped my presents before the end of November! ;) I'm not a fan of the dark evenings but Mira Showers challenged me to share my wintry essentials and actually there's a lot to be said for these cheery items!

 I have a bit of a thing for scented candles (blogger cliché alert!) and have had
This Yankee Simply Home candle in 'Savour the Season' smells so Christmas-sy. I love anything cinnamon scented so between that candle and these tealights, our flat smells like a bakery at the moment!

Scarf: Accessorize
You know how much I love the colour red and this cosy scarf is a recent addition to my wardrobe. I got some Accessorize vouchers for my birthday and decided to treat myself. It is so cosy and the perfect splash of colour.
Hats: River Island, Accessorize, Topshop and Accessorize
I am lucky enough to own a lot of cute hats and I have been wearing a lot of berets recently as they look pretty darned cute with my short hair. I have had this embellished black beret for years (just look at my little baby face!), the leopard print and the red bow one for a few years and this cute chunky beret was a birthday present from my lovely friend Naomi this year. I think most people suit a beret and there's nothing better for keeping you warm in winter!

The Internet has brought me some wonderful things and friendships are top of that list. I absolutely love owls so this hot water bottle is a fun way to keep cosy (yes I also have owl pyjamas!)

I got this cute cup for my birthday from my friend Becky and I really love it. I can't resist a pun and it is the perfect size for a hot chocolate with some marshmallows!

Cold weather always makes my skin really dry so I have been combating it with this La Roche Posay set and the Elemis Hydra-Boost day cream I got free with a magazine a few months ago. It gives me a really nice glow and my skin is just drinking it up at the moment.
Top: Ellesse via TK Maxx, leggings: Puma
I rejoined the gym recently and have really been enjoying it. Half of the battle is finding a routine that works and I think I have finally managed it.I have been going a couple of times a week before work and despite aching all over, it does start my day off right! You know that clothes are a great motivator for me and this crop top and these Puma tights are a fun addition to my workout wardrobe. I feel so cool in them and that's half the battle, right?!

I have been reaching for multi-purpose products recently and this Dainty Doll cream blusher in Paper Roses is great for whacking on after the gym and works well as a lipstick too. I wish it was still available to buy but I guess I can track it down online somewhere when this one runs out...

I'm usually a shower kind of gal but there's nothing nicer than a hot bath to keep you cosy. I must be the worst blogger ever as this Magic Christmas bubble bar was my first ever Lush purchase! I always love the look of individual products but the store always smells far too overwhelming for me. I had seen this one online and in the window and went in when I had a cold to buy it. It makes the bath a gorgeous orange colour and my skin feels so soft afterwards. Now that I have dipped my toe in, I will definitely be back, I just need to decide what to try next!

 Nars make some pretty lovely make-up and I am a little bit addicted (I may have got Mark to order this set ready for Christmas!) Nars Audacious lipstick in Grace is a gorgeous bright creamy pink with a coral undertone and you only need one swipe for full coverage. Mark balked at the cost of this but the payoff is well worth the price and you can't beat an embossed lipstick for a bit of luxury ;)

What are your winter essentials? Which Lush products would you recommend?


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