Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My best friend's wedding...

On 7th September, Mark and I headed down to Orchardleigh House in Frome to see our best friend get married. Cindy and I have been best friends for 12 years and it was so lovely to be a part of her and Dan's special day. She wanted her (abso-blooming-lutely beautiful) dress to be featured on the blog so here you go Cindy! ;)

The happy couple outside the church

Attack of the confetti

I loved Cindy's hair, isn't it pretty?

Driving back to the house as husband and wife! I love how orange the car was, it matched the bright colours in the bouquets and buttonholes...

The wedding was held at Orchardleigh House in Frome- isn't it beautiful? We had such lovely weather and the house looked stunning, this is the back of it so you can imagine how fancy the front looked! We had the entire place to ourselves so it was like a very stylish house party :)

Me and my best friend Sophie all dressed up. This was the other of my two wedding outfits  and is another Coast  bargain, I just love the print so much!

A rare photo featuring Mark AND me!

And an even rarer one of all of us together as a group! Here's Chris, Sophie, Oli, Oli, me, Mike, Mark and Pete looking snazzy! We have all been friends for years and it was so lovely to be able to dance, eat and sing our hearts out :)

'My dress has pockets!'

The table decorations were beautiful. I was lucky enough to be able to take a vase filled with flowers home as I did a reading as part of the service. You can also see a bottle of some very good red wine...

Pretty party favours!

The food was delicious and we had champagne and canapes on the terrace (snazzy) before heading in for a 3 course meal. I ate my smoked salmon before Mark could take a picture but this was our main, beef stroganoff with rice...

Yummy puddings- chocolate torte, strawberry tart and sticky toffee pudding...

I love this picture that Mark took during the speeches, that really is the look of love, Congratulations guys! It was such a lovely day, I still had aching legs from dancing and an aching tummy from laughing so much a few days latwr- definitely the sign of a good day! We also got the chance to visit the Cosy Club in Bath on the Monday too, there were a few hangovers around that table! ;) 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

The best outfit I have ever worn?

This may be one of the best outfits that I have ever featured on this blog, it features all of my favourite things (including stripes and a splash of red) and I just felt super swooshy in it! I love the combination of red and navy together, it always feels very chic. Please excuse my smug face in these pictures too, that is just the look of love you can see! I do look at bit like a French stereotype in these pictures, all I need is a moody looking Monsieur and a baguette and I will be set... ;) As a dress lover, I don't tend to wear separates very often but I've been trying to step outside of my comfort zone recently and it seems to be working. Any day that you spend bouncing along happily is certainly a good outfit day! 

Top: Boutique by Jaeger dress worn as a top, skirt: Warehouse, shoes: Stylist Click c/o Spartoo
I know I keep raving about my hair but I really love it at this length as it is so much easier to manage. The natural curl in my hair starts a little bit further down so I am left with waves instead which are much easier to style! I do need to think about getting some new glasses though, a lot of my pairs look much too heavy on my face now, any recommendations for where to get some snazzy frames? I have been swayed by MAC's charms recently but this Max Factor lipstick will always be my go to red, it is just so vibrant, especially when your skin is as pasty pale as mine! 

It has been a while since I have worn this striped Jaeger dress as it is a bit short after a washing machine mishap- I always seem to shrink clothes in the wash despite following the care instructions and it is massively annoying :( It makes the perfect top though, especially with that natty little bow at the back...

This skirt was the one that I picked up in the Warehouse sale (£5! I have been very lucky with their sale recently!) before going on holiday and it is one of the favourite things in my wardrobe. The super high waist is uber flattering and is the skirt falls at the perfect length for me. I can't wear anything too short or long so just above the knee is the ideal- thank you Warehouse! I love these shoes so much that I have them in both grey and navy. The wedge is super comfy and the bow is super fun too, plus they match perfectly with the top- how could I not love them?!

What's your favourite outfit you have blogged about?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Super sassy sixties spy...

Try saying that with your mouth full! Regular viewers of my Instagram may have noticed my recent love affair with all things Whistles. I have been bowled over by their clothes recently and I'm pretty sure that I could dress myself in only their brand without much difficulty- have you seen their dresses?! I had been stalking this dress over on ASOS's website for ages and when it finally got reduced that little bit more, Mark (very kindly) bought it for me. I was so excited when it arrived and I really couldn't love it any more. The colour is the most amazing tangerine orange and the fit is super flattering. I was very excited to wear it. It is also brilliant because the colour is so jazzy that it doesn't need accessories to jazz it up, the dress is statement enough! I felt like a super sassy sixties spy in this outfit- I blame the shift dress/bright colour combination! Now all I need are the nude pink and bright blue versions and  my working wardrobe will be set! You can tell it is heading towards Autumn with the light in these photos, I am going to have to hunt out an interior spot to shoot some outfit pictures as the colours did not come out well at all :(

Dress: Whistles via ASOS, shoes: George at ASDA, watch: Radley c/o Joshua James Jewellery

Sixties style calls for a sleek bob so I straightened mine the night before and slept on it as I don't like it to look too flat or pristine. I did try winged eyeliner but it didn't photograph very well so you will have to just use your imagination I'm afraid ;) Even in my extensive lipstick collection, I didn't have quite the right shade so I ended up opting for a corally shade instead. Normally I'm not a fan of dress with sleeves but this one didn't make my arms feel all claustrophobic (yes, I AM super weird!) so I was onto a winner!

These shoes are some of my favourites as they are just so comfy. I love blocky heels and the dalmatian print on these are ace! You can't see it very well here but the hem of this dress is slightly longer at the back than the front which is perfect for work- no risk of flashing! 

What is the sassiest outfit in your wardrobe?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

1930s inspired...

Yes, it's another little red dress! It's been a while since I have worn a 1930s inspired silhouette on the blog but since having my hair cut, I seem to be more drawn to different shapes and styles than I used to be. I picked up this dress for about £15 in the Monsoon sale a little while ago and  I really love it. It's not really an everyday dress but it's perfect for things like family meals where you want to be fairly dressed up but still be able to slob on the sofa with your food baby afterwards ;) I look very windswept in all of these photos, one of the perils of the great outdoors I suppose! It was a very bright day when we took these pictures so I look slightly washed out which is a real shame as I really loved twirling around in this dress- as you can see!

Dress: Monsoon, shoes:Marks and Spencer
I have just noticed the hanger tag hanging out of my sleeve in these pictures and it is driving me mad- I wish I could go back and tuck it in! MAC Lady Bug is my new favourite daytime red lipstick and it is lovely, I just wish the colour lasted a little bit longer on my lips. It disappears quite quickly after eating or drinking as it is the lustre finish so is lovely and creamy but wears off quite quickly. I cannot be faffed with reapplying lipstick throughout the day so I need something a little more hard-wearing! Lipcote may solve this problem but I find it very drying, any tips for prolonging the life of my lipstick are appreciated...

 I wasn't 100% convinced that the length of this skirt was flattering on me but with the right shoes, I think I can get away with it?! We did get some funny looks when taking these photos, I guess I do look a bit incongruous standing next to a field all dressed up! But hey, if it's good enough for Jane Austen's heroines to swoosh around the countryside, it's good enough for me...

Any tips on prolonging the life of my lipstick? Which eras are you inspired by?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blogging on the go...

Bag: Radley, coffee mug: Tiger, iPad mini 2: from Argossmart cover: John Lewis, pouch: Hobbs

Recently it seems like life has sped up and my schedule fills up quicker than I can blink. Not that I dislike having plans but sometimes it can feel like 'fitting it all in' is nigh on impossible. More and more of my blogging is done in snatched periods of time - 5 minutes before dinner here, a hurried commute here - so I have had to get better at blogging on the go. I got this iPad mini from Argos to try out and to show you the apps I use on a regular basis. Obviously the first thing I did was test out my blog. Doesn't it look lovely?!

The Blogger app on my Android phone is great for dashing off the text to a post but next to impossible to use for actually writing the text around the images. Luckily, the bigger screen on the iPad mini makes it much easier to use and I can even check the comments on my latest post (hooray!) Commenting on blogs using my phone is a total pain so hopefully this will mean I will be commenting more on all of your lovely blogs!

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are my 3 go to apps and I love the front-facing camera. I can get picture perfect selfies with minimum fuss, although it's slightly less subtle than my phone...  ;)


Like every other person, I am completely obsessed with Netflix and I have been able to catch up on my trashy TV watching without annoying Mark. There's only so many times he will sit through Gossip Girl with me!

Spell Tower is an app you have to pay for but it is ridiculously addictive and surprisingly fun. You can also challenge other people across Wi-Fi so Mark and I keep having  quiz offs- great for my competitiveness, not so great for domestic harmony ;)

Sadly enough, choosing a case was probably the thing I was most excited about when I agreed to do this blog post! Mark bought me a smart cover case which locks and unlocks the screen (snazzy) and I picked up this gorgeous bronze metallic pouch to protect it even more. Not bad for a mere £10 from Hobbs right?!

How do you keep a blog/life balance?
P.S. This post was done in collaboration with Argos

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Stripes and a scalloped playsuit...

It's been a while since I have worn a playsuit on the blog, I used to love them when I was at uni but the ones that I saw in the shops were so short that they were obscene. Luckily though M&S came to my rescue with this gorgeous scalloped playsuit that I picked up in their sale a few months ago. I felt very French in these pictures, (I blame the stripes and red lipstick) but also slightly like an oversized five year old. I guess if an outfit can feel fun AND sophisticated, it is doing pretty well, amirite?! We also tried a new location for these pictures too, what do you think? I met up with the lovely Hattie a few weekends ago for lots of food and a long-overdue catch up and it just reminded me how awesome blogging can be. I first met her at the Birmingham blogger meet a few years ago and now I would count her as a close friend - it just goes to show that the internet ain't all bad!

Playsuit: Marks & Spencer, top: H&M, satchel: Brit Stitch, shoes: Clarks

I was initially a bit worried about the tabard-like front but actually the fit makes it pretty flattering as it makes your waist look much slimmer; never a bad thing in my opinion... This nail varnish is so nice too. It seems a little bit early to switch to dark nail colours but they just look so much more sophisticated than my cheery brights, especially on my short nails!

Just how cute are those scalloped shorts?! If wearing a playsuit wasn't so darned inconvenient I would be layering all kinds of snazzy tops over it but I think a cosy jumper and some jazzy tights will have to suffice in the winter! My beloved Brit Stitch satchel is softening up nicely and the leather by the handles has started to get that slightly battered look too- lovely! 

Do you wear playsuits? Who are the best friends you've made through blogging?


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fade to grey...

Jeans and I never used to be very good friends (and I even went a few years without wearing them- just how skinny was I in those pictures?!) but recently I have been reaching for them as the perfect basis for both my work and weekend wardrobe. I picked this faded grey pair up in the Warehouse sale for a mere £5 and they are so comfy. I swear I can't go in that store recently without picking something up, their clothes are just lovely. The grey is a bit more unusual than my usual choice of blue denim but I actually really like it, all of my blue tops and jumpers have been getting an airing with it. I am in a completely different place to where I thought I would be 3 years ago (sartorially and socially) but I actually like how things have turned out, I'm really not doing too badly for myself, something my worrying tends to forget!

Top: Warehouse, jeans: Warehouse, shoes: New Look

I have spoken about my love of MAC's Impassioned before but really how could you not love such a vibrant pink?! It is difficult to show it here but it brightens up even the greyest of days! This top is another Warehouse beauty (I told you I was obsessed!) and I love how simple it is, the only problem its that it is slightly too low cut for work, I think I will be saving this one for weekends instead!

These jeans are straight legged rather than skinny fit which makes them ridiculously comfy but also weirdly difficult to style. I went for these leg-lengthening heels and a slight turn up to bring them back into my comfort zone but I'm keen to wear them more casually so any ideas for how to style them are appreciated! 

How would you style straight-legged jeans? Which brands are you crushing on at the moment?


Friday, 29 August 2014

Wild thing...

For someone who never used to like leopard print, I sure do own a lot of it! It started off small with a scarf, moving to my trusty leopard print belt and shoes and now fully fledged leopard print clothing in the form of beautiful leopard print dresses. Great Plains asked if I would like to review something from their gorgeous dresses range and this Wild Thing Hoxton dress is the latest addition to my wardrobe. It should come as no surprise that I have fallen in love with Great Plains, they are the sister company to my beloved French Connection and have so many beautiful clothes- we won't mention the fact that my wishlist is now currently totting up to a mere £731.50 (ahem) We found a pretty spot by the river to take these photos but really a dress this cool needs a lot more eyeliner and some kind of concrete backdrop, amirite?!

Dress: c/o Great Plains, shoes: Marks & Spencer
You can't really tell here but I was wearing quite a lot of smudgy eyeliner here, it just hasn't photographed very well! I was going to try and do something fancy with some eye shadow to match that gorgeous print, before I remembered just how cack-handed I am. One of the days I will sit down with a YouTube tutorial and learn to do it properly but I really don't have the patience! 

Long sleeves and a high neckline can sometimes feel quite oppressive but this dress is so light you barely notice them. It also means that this dress is also suitable for work, although I would probably save it for when I was going out for drinks as it is a little too jazzy for just an ordinary boring Wednesday! Originally I was going to wear this with a pair of black tights, to dress it down a bit but that actually made it look fancier- maybe it is the contrast with the brightness of the print?

Have you ever bought anything from Great Plains? What are your secret obsessions?
P.S. Great Plains sent me this dress to review but if I didn't love it, I wouldn't feature it! 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Berry boho...

As the temperatures have started to drop, everyone has started complaining about how they aren't ready for the cooler weather but I couldn't be more thrilled. Autumn is my favourite season and I love being able to wear long sleeves and darker colours again. Sorry sun-worshippers, you have had your fun for this year! ;) I have had this jacket since my 11th birthday (!) and it still fits (just about!), it's probably the only piece of 'vintage' in my wardrobe! I don't wear it very often as it ends up looking pretty casual but I think it works with these cords, what do you think? 

Jacket: Marks & Spencer , top: ASDA, camisole: Tesco, cords: Gap via Matilda, shoes: ASDA
Even my make-up is getting more autumnal! This Revlon lipstain in Berry Crush is the perfect berry shade and I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of it this winter. I am on the lookout for more darker lipsticks though, has anyone got any recommendations?

 Last year I wore this top with my berry coloured jeans but I actually prefer these cords with it as they are much more comfortable! They are supposedly part of Gap's leggings range but considering that they have pockets and a proper zip and button, I feel justified in wearing them as trousers! I never know what shoes to wear with this outfit, white would match best but the closest I can get is these nude shoes which are super comfortable, even if they are looking a bit shabby!

Any tips for darker lipsticks? Are you craving Autumn yet? 


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