Spring staples: the trench coat

Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons, I hate being too warm so anytime I can get sunshine without boiling to death is a winner in my book. April showers though can be tricky to dress for. Luckily this jazzy trench coat is the perfect final layer for drizzly days. I have been a massive Whistles fan for as long as I can remember and eBay is my best friend when it comes to finding gems to add to my wardrobe (without the premium price point!). I'm definitely not one for a minimalist capsule wardrobe (I like the range of choice!) but certain things you are likely to find in lots of people's wardrobes and trench coats are certainly one of them. No boring beige for me though, this baby is more brown sugar than blah...

Coat: Whistles via eBay, top: Topshop, jeans: Gap, shoes: Betty London, necklace: Accessorize
The overall effect of this trench coat is pretty classic but the colour is more brown than camel which is much nicer and more flattering on my pasty pale skin tone. I really like the oversized shape and the belt is great for cinching you in too. The best part about it though? I look and feel like a private detective whenever I wear it! Which is pretty fitting really when it comes to my social media stalking skills 😏

You really can't go wrong with a red lipstick and this one by Chanel is perfect! It's the Rouge Coco in shade 440 Arthur and I really love the finish (so much so, I also bought it in Etinenne!) My hair is getting longer and longer again and although I still have a lot in my wardrobe from 2013, I'm not sure I could ever go back to super long hair

Teeny bags are truly my kryptonite, I absolutely love them but with the amount of junk I lug around on a daily basis, they are just too impractical. This Brit Stitch half pint satchel is teeny but I can just about fit my phone, bloods stuff and a few cards. The colour is really unusual and it may not be practical, but it sure is fun!

Where do you find your basics? Could you ever have a capsule wardrobe? 

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daisychain said...

What an amazing find, you look gorgeous!