A fresh start

It has been a long time since I have posted on my little corner of the internet but I wasn't quite ready to pull the plug just yet. I started this blog with Danni nearly a decade ago (!) and I never imagined all of the different opportunities it would open up for me. Nowadays I am a social media marketer by day and I'm less inclined to take photos and rattle off a post when I get home from work, mainly because my need for a creative outlet is much less urgent than when I was working at ASDA for instance. The usual joys of stress and pressure have also piled up so I couldn't dedicate the energy I needed to make this a feasible part of my everyday routine.  
I still love seeking out bargains and styling up outfits though, so expect to see a bit more of that here. Mark and I also bought our first house back in December 2018 so a lot of our disposable income is going on finding pieces for that rather than adding to my ever-expanding wardrobe! I have also set myself a challenge to read more books than last year and I'm pleased to say I'm already 40 down towards my target of 130. If you've got any recommendations, please do let me know. Looking forward to re-acquainting myself with everyone's blogs (hopefully at least some of my faves are still posting!)

Here's to fresh starts!


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Yay! Glad to see you back Maria :)