What's in my handbag?

The lovely Sarah tagged us to reveal what we carry around on our handbags in this post and I jumped at the opportunity! I really love seeing what is in other people's handbags and comparing it to the junk that I carry around in mine. Recently I have been rotating 3 bags, dependent on the outfit that I am wearing and also what I need to lug to uni.
 This red Topshop bag which I swapped with my sister I wear whenever I can as it's the perfect size for everyday.
 This tan Asos bag is absolutely HUGE! I can fit all my folders for uni inside it which is quite an achievement! 
This dark brown Fiorelli handbag was an 18th birthday present from my lovely friends but unfortunately it's not very big so I tend to wear it at the weekend or when I want to smarten an outfit up :)
As you can tell, I have a LOT of stuff in my bag! This is the contents from Friday arranged neatly so I can photograph them for you all! 
Some of my make-up. The Rimmel mascara is my favourite daytime mascara at the moment and the Topshop lipstick is in 'Blush'. I have used an eyebrow pencil since a beautician got a little bit overzealous waxing my eyebrows and I had to fill them in! I thoroughly recommend it though, it just makes me look more polished, even when I'm not wearing make-up. 
More make-up! My keys and gazillion key rings (I had to take a load off as my keys wouldn't fit in my bag...OOPS!) and a spare cannula for my insulin pump :) I normally have some deodorant with me but I don't know where it was in these photos :S
My phone, purse and sunglasses. Believe it or not, last week was REALLY sunny here but it seems to have gone back to winter this week :( 
I have to take my passport everywhere as I don't actually have any other ID and inevitably I forget to bring it with me unless I keep it in my bag all the time! You can also see my personal skincare favourite too! I am OBSESSED with the Boots Vitamin E skincare range and I am sure it has made my skin a million times better. I have even converted Danni to the cause! ;)
Last but definitely not least, my diabetes stuff! I will have been diabetic for 13 years this summer and I have to take my stuff with me everwhere. That's the reason why I have such huge bags...honest! :P Recently I have had my camera with me all the time but obviously I used it to take these photos! :)  

What do you have in your bag? Do you carry everything but the kitchen sink, or just the bare essentials? I tag anyone who wants to share what's in their bag!

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Sarah said...

I love the giant red Topshop bag - these posts are so much fun! :D

Leia said...

I love peeking inside people's bags! This was fun :D

Maria Fallon said...

My sister won it in a raffle I think and then I swapped an old bag of mine for it....= A FREE BAG (the best kind in my opinion!) :D

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

I love thiese types of posts: it's so interesting to see what's in peoples bags. The tanned ASOS bag is gorgeous. I'm taking ideas from this: I think I should keep hair producrs in my bag as well.

Maria Fallon said...

It has been so windy that I have NEEDED to take hair stuff with me... plus it's quite small so it's fairly portable... The Asos bag was an absolute bargain, I paid £7 for it and have worn it to death :)
Maria xxx