Florals in a field...

It seems like Mark and I have had plans every weekend recently and although I love doing stuff and seeing people, there's nothing better than having nothing planned. At the end of October (some of!) my family and I went to see the Vulcan's last flight at Staverton airport  and although it's not the kind of thing I would usually go for, it was actually really fun. I wore this floral Gap dress and it was ideal for both the huge roast dinner I ate beforehand and standing in a field at the airport ;) I am a massive fan of Gap dresses and this one is another firm favourite, especially as it it has pockets, I mean, what more could you ask for?! It's not fancy, but it sure is fun...

Dress: Gap, shoes: c/o George at ASDA
I have been wearing my hair a little longer recently (it looks weird in hats otherwise!) and am able to do a little more styling-wise, like curling it with my GHDs. The best part is that the wave holds, even in the wind and rain! I have had my Fitbit for nearly 2 months now and and I really love it, it has definitely inspired me to move more

I love a swooshy skirt and this one is lovely, especially as all of that extra material helps to make your waist look smaller, just what you need after a big dinner ;) 

It is so nice to spend time with family and although I don't get to see them as much as I would like, they are pretty darned special. Now can you guess which of us are related?! 

My Grandad, me and Mark, my sister Catriona and her boyfriend Rory, Mark doing his best fashion blogger pose, me and my Dad, the Vulcan swooping overhead and my Mum.


Anonymous said...

Haha, love this post=D That is a very pretty dress and suits you perfectly. Gorgeous curls going on there too.

Well done with the progress with your FitBit, I have to agree they really get you moving. It was good tracking my stats in preparation for my walk. It has sadly been neglected ever since but i'll start moving again in the New Year. Which one do you have?

That's a great picture of Mark posing;-)

Sophie said...

I've been forever debating a fitbit - maybe It's time I took the plunge! You look as lovely as always Maria!

Sarah said...

Such a lovely look!

My Sentimental Heart


Unknown said...

What a lovely dress, love the print.

Been looking at getting a fitbit, I have an app on my phone that tracks certain things, but think this would be a lot more accurate.

Hair Advice & All Things Nice

Unknown said...

The colours of that dress suit you perfectly! Lovely! xx