This week has been...



[You mean you don't take your nap by the telephone box? Oh...]





It's nearly did that happen?! Just when you'd quite like the weeks to slow down (a rarity as I usually just want the holidays to come as quickly as possible) before you start panicking about deadlines, time seems to work on a whole new, super-sonic scale.

But in spite of said time-flying, and subsequent raging panic, I've gotta say this past week (and a bit) has been lovely. Took a little trip to Warwick last week which, despite going to Warwick University (actually in Coventry...very confusing), I'd never visited. It was adorable, and warrants a separate post so for now I'll just say if you like sweet shops, bunting and vintage warehouses, it's a goldmine :) And not at all boring as my sleepy picture would suggest!

Also got a nice £20 incentive for taking part in some social research at Uni - it's a project I've been part of since starting and have had interviews for the last three years asking general stuff about my experience of Uni, Sociology, and life in general really. They're going to compare the responses we've given over the years....can hardly bear the thought of my naivety in the first one "oh yeaaah the work's like, greeeeat. Everyone's lovelyyy, all fine and dandyy thanks". Oh first year.

Anyways, apart from that I've pretty much done a bit of Uni work, watched trashy TV and been a massive fatty. A block of galaxy may have been demolished yesterday....I was too greedy ashamed to record that.

Oh and what are everyone's opinions on Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? I watched my first episode last week, got immediately hooked but am now reeling from this week's episode. I mean, grabbing? REALLY? :( boo.


Candycane said...

I thought this weeks ep of BFGW was quite sad :(


Sophie Bryce said...

I feel like this week is going nice and slowly too, finally! *shakes fist at all them fast weeks*

This blog was ccuutttee <3

Maddie said...

looks like a lovely week! and I have a friend at warwick!

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I was looking forward to MBFGW, but missed the first episode and then heard friends talking about how stomach-turning the sexist culture is, and decided I wouldn't be able to watch. Nothing makes me more angry.

Sherin said...

Sounds like a great week. I'm craving Haribo now!

Personally, I think BFGW is the best thing TV has ever done for us!! I know it's trashy, but it's soooooo good and funny. I haven't seen last night's episode yet. I heard it was good though.

Heather said...

haribos num num!

Maria Fallon said...

Candycane- agreed! I know it's meant to highlight a sub-culture but still...the way they treat those girls is so upsetting. Ugh. Anger.

Sophie- WELL HAAAI :) I meant that this weeks gone fast! Just when i need it to go slow. boo. but never mind. sexy tuesdays soon!

Pierrot le fou- wow, what a small world!!

Penny Dreadful- I know. It really is upsetting. Eye-opening, and entertaining a lot of the time, but horrific at points.

Sherin- it's never a bad time for Haribo! Can't deny that the show's entertaining, but there are some aspects that are so sad. And they're sexualised from such a young's shocking!

Heather- haha, num num indeed!


daisychain said...

coffee + haribi = I LOVE YOU!

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

that is the best costa coffee i have ever seen, yum. ohh, looking forward to seeing what you spend your vouchers on! xx