Defining your personal style: what an afternoon in my wardrobe taught me...

My wardrobe is somewhat of a talking point within my friendship group; it is quite very expansive and yet I still have days where I don't know what to wear. The other day, after reading through Elle, I was inspired to finally sort through my wardrobe and get rid of stuff that I never wore. Anyone who has met me will testify to my love of colour and prints, I can't think of anything worse than wearing black from top to toe! After sorting through all of my clothes it was clear to see what is important for me in my wardrobe.

♥ CLASSIC SHAPES: As I like to experiment with colour and print, a fairly classic shape is essential, for example; a pencil skirt in a dark purple is more versatile than black (in my opinion!) whilst adding an element of interest to your outfit. This is probably the least risky way to buy clothes that are flattering but not ageing; I figure that I will have to 'tone down' my look slightly as I get older so I might as well have fun with it whilst I have the excuse of 
naivete and youthful exuberance, right? 

♥ COLOUR: Whilst I am a fan of bright colours like coral or red, I also love dusky pinks and purples and gorgeous jewel tones of amethyst and emerald.... basically any colour but black! I find that having such pale skin and then such dark hair, if I wear black, I look like one of the undead and not in a cool dishevelled kinda way! Colour, however subtle helps to lift your 
spirits and there's nothing more attractive than a smile right?! 

♥ PRINT: I would say that at least 60% of my wardrobe is composed of prints, mainly floral but spots and stripes put in a decent showing too. My go-to-outfit is a printed dress and cosy cardigan and a tea dress can be dressed up and down with a few choice accessories. 

♥ QUIRKY DETAILS: Whether this is a ruffle on the sleeves of a blouse or a heart shaped cut-out in homage to Luella, the importance is in the details... Some suspender tights can add an edge to even the most demure outfit and bows make everything better. 

What are the key elements of your wardrobe? Are you a fan of black or colours? 


daisychain said...

I need your heart print tights. Fabulous post x

Sherin said...

My closet definitley needs a clean as well. Things are literally falling out.
I know I have a lot of stripes in my wardrobe. I absolutely love them!
And is that a picture of you as a child I see in the collage? So adorable.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a hoarder that I keep clothes that I never wear just in case I change my mind one day and re-wear (which I always do end up doing) so now I have a overflowing wardrobe and clothes rack! Suprisingly despite my wardrobe being filled with colour, on a day-to-day basis I tend to stick to blacks and greys as they're my go-to staples and wear colourful clothes on special occasions or nights out. I wish I could wear as much colour as you do, but I'm obsessed that I look silly in colourful clothes xx

Maria Fallon said...

Laura- Thank you! I love those tights too much to ever give them away though!

Sherin- It did make me feel a million times better :) I had 13 stripey tops at the last count :P Haha! And yes, that is me as a rather snazzily dressed toddler :P

Claire Eloise- I definitely find it difficult to throw things away and I do wear all of my clothes but I was ruthless! I really love you in colour, you should definitely wear it more day-to-day :)

Maria xxx

Unknown said...

Ooh, I love your collage! It is so interesting to see all the photos together and really get a sense of the elements which make up your style! Especially the cute photo of you as a little'un!

Sarah - essbeevee said...

The collage is adorable, look at the little you! So cute!! I'm like you, my personal style is often a talking point, friends and colleagues will say stuff like 'I was in New Look today and it was full of Sarah dresses!' I hate throwing away clothes although every now and then I try to get more ruthless with it, generally when I can't shut my wardrobe any more!

Maria Fallon said...

Harriet- Thank you, it really helped me to see what I like and the kind of shapes, prints and colours I go for...I even did as a toddler! :P

Sarah- Thank you, I miss being that small and cute :P I hate throwing things away but I was really ruthless this time...saying that, I still have a wardrobe full of clothes! :)

Maria xxx