Love me tender..

No, this isn't a late Valentine's post but rather an ode to my favourite new necklaces and a love letter to the blogging community. There are many reasons why I love the blogosphere, whether it is offering styling advice, helping to track down items that are no longer available locally or just being all round awesome, you guys always come through and I am very lucky to have such lovely people reading Frills 'n' Spills! :D I love the supportive community of bloggers and love the fact that I can call so many of you lovely ladies, friends! [OK, soppiness over :P] After expressing how lovely I thought Sarah's jewellery was on Twitter, a cute little parcel popped through my front door. 

What though was in my little striped parcel? 

A gorgeous butterfly in a goldy/bronzey colour, perfect for adding just a bit of sparkle when wearing a plain dress or top. I think this is going to look perfect with my thrifted Topshop dress, tan brogues and tan belt this Spring! 

I must admit, at first when I saw rainbows I panicked. Now I LOVE colour but am always wary of wearing coloured jewellery (after having to be surgically removed from a red necklace which I wore non-stop for at least 3 years, I kid you not!)  but have already managed to incorporate this into a number of outfits, mainly pastels, to give them a bit of oomph with the small blast of colour and the sparkle in the top of the heart...

This necklace though has barely left my neck since I got it. It adds the perfect hint of cute to any outfit and has been complimented by almost everyone I have met. My favourite outfit I have worn it with is my new 80s style Mango dress from Ebay.

Not the best photo but I was trying to show off the bat-wing style sleeves. Now I normally go for sleeveless or short sleeved dresses and tops but these slightly longer sleeves have been a godsend in the recent cold spells. My favourite part of this dress though is the gorgeous skirt, it is actually more of a wrap skirt and adds a bit of interest to an otherwise basic dress. 

Worn here with my AMAZING new hat from River Island which elevates the humble hat into a piece of art. 

I will leave you with the King himself singing the title song of this post; Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender. I can't get enough of Elvis recently, I used to love him when I was about 15 (I had calenders and everything!!) but recently I have been in awe of how amazing his music is. There is a wealth of songs beyond Hound Dog and I really do urge you to give some of his earlier music, his charisma and soul in his voice is undeniable, just WOW. 


Hahahahaha yes this is Mark when we were in our first year of college. We always used to joke that he looked old (i.e. 84!) hence the Classical art sign pointing at his head...
2009 (told you it was at least 3 years!!)
Are you an Elvis fan? What's your favourite part of blogging? 


Leia said...

I love your Mango dress and your 'love' necklace!


Unknown said...

Aw, that was so sweet! The dress is a beautiful colour and all the necklaces are lovely!

Maria Fallon said...

Leia- Thank you, it was SUCH a bargain too (less than £4 including postage!)which I appreciated! :)

Llara- It is cosy too and thank you :D

Maria xxx

daisychain said...

LOVE the necklaces!

PinkBow said...

Oh my, I love this. Your comments on blogging... It is so lovely to 'meet' people from around the world. And I love the 'love' necklace

Sherin said...

I agree with you: the best part about blogging is definitley the community. Everyone is so amazing and I've made great friends.

Ooo, the jewellery looks so pretty. I am in love with the butterfly necklace. So pretty.
And love the dress as well. THe colour really suits you.

Loved the blast from the past as well. The clasical art arrow is in too perfect a place.

Sarah said...

Ive only just seen this :) Glad you love the jewellery :D I love the blogging community, I have found it really friendly and warm and its a great way to meet like minded people. For some reason your posts have stopped popping up in my reader :( I have deleted and re-friended you but it doesnt seem to have worked :'-( booooooo!

Maria Fallon said...

Laura- Thank you :)

Paula- Thank you, the community is DEFINITELY the best part of blogging :D

Sherin- I know, I have met some really lovely people (yourself included! :D) and it's brilliant! Thank you, it is my current favourite dress...and that poster was too funny! :P

Sarah- That sucks :( Hope it works again soon!! And thank YOU :D I do love the blogging community!

Maria xxx

Rachel said...

That first necklace is so beautiful!

Reg Rodriguez said...

i agree, the blogosphere is just filled with amazing, beautiful, kind people :) it's a real joy just being able to check what people all over the world are up to! i'm loving that love necklace! so pretty! :)


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love the blue! x hivennn

Maria Fallon said...

Rachel- Thank you :)

Reg Rodriguez- The necklace is amazing! And it's amazing to meet and talk to so many people :)

Jazzy- Thank you :)

Maria xxx