Deck the Halls...with Christmas biscuits!

First and foremost, prior to any festivities, I'd just like to say Happy Birthday to my sister for next Tuesday! I know she'll be reading this, and would be dutifully upset if I were to mutter a Christmas-y word before wishing her a fab day, so Happy 16th Beth and please...remember your big sis when you win the lottery.

Now. Christmas! We put up our Christmas tree today, and for me, it always signifies that first little sparkle of excitement about the festive holiday. Let's face it, everyone's just a big kid at heart, and anyone who can't find even a sliver of joy in listening to over-jingly one-hit wonders or watching your mum fret that the 103 roast potatoes she's slaved over just won't be enough to go round, needs to come and experience a Slater Christmas for a bit of yuletide cheer!

Just to get myself into the festive spirit, and having been inspired by Nigella's Christmas cookbook, I decided to make some Christmas biscuits to hang on the tree...

I used this recipe but omitted the cloves and pepper and used my own icing and sprinkles for decoration.

Nigella suggests using a piping nib to pierce the biscuits but I found that a straw works just as well! Whatever you do, don't forget to make the holes before you put them in the I did -oops. All that's needed once you've let the biscuits cool is some ribbon, icing tubes, good old hundreds and thousands, and a little imagination!



It doesn't really matter about neatness... scruffiness here can be disguised as being 'rustic' :P They make pretty cute presents too, and I will be giving some (only as many as i can bear to part with!) to my little cousins with their Christmas pressies!

As I always tend to when I start baking, I found myself wanting to make even more and so turned to my old friend Green's .... ok so it may come out of a box, but could you resist these?!

 Nom nom nom.

I've just realised that it's snowing here- YAY! Is it unreasonable to go out in my wellies and pyjamas just to hear that crunch crunch crunch of footsteps in the snow? Well, perhaps not unreasonable for me, but certainly for the poor neighbours who would have to witness it! I think i will have to resist until the morning. 

And with that lovely image, I'll leave you to get on with your own festivities. I hope everyone has an absoloutely wonderful Christmas, let us know what you're doing to spread the yuletide spirit!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night

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