Friday, 11 December 2009

The weekend that was...

Boy do we have a lot of gaps to fill! It's been a pretty hectic few weeks for both of us, with seemingly never ending essays and deadlines, and so blogging has had to take a bit of a backseat :( But now we're free as a bird and ready to update you on the world of Danni and Maria! Somehow, we both managed to get tickets to The Clothes Show but on SEPARATE days so we'll have to give you our own little reviews...
My wonderful weekend started on Thursday afternoon when I  made the journey to Selly Oak to meet the lovely Eleanor and her new housemates who kindly took me in for the evening to make sure we got an early start for The Clothes Show on Friday. And what better way to start a day of non-stop shopping than chocolate croissants?!

After catching the train to the N.E.C, and gratefully dumping our coats and bags onto the cloakroom assistant, we were ready to have a good old mooch before the catwalk show. Luckily, as it was so early we got a chance to spot all the stalls we liked the look of before the crowds descended...and I may have committed the ultimate sin of buying the first thing i fell in love with; although i have no regrets about this vintage beauty :) * It is THE softest jumper in the fact I think Danni may have discovered the ever elusive PURPLE YETI!! :O *

The catwalk show itself was simply incredible. Having been struggling to even remember much of the last one i saw (albeit five years ago) I have to admit I wasn't expecting much from the show itself, but in fact it was so good that i don't think my rambling will do it much justice...hence the huge amount of pictures! The thing that made the show so spectacular was that it wasn't just a loop of models stomping down the runway, but it had been fully choreographed, with dancers as well as models strutting their stuff. The set was also fab and i can't imagine how long it must have taken to plan out, let alone create! I guess it all helps to make the whole thing more accessible to us mere fashion amateurs rather than catering for the I-go-to-catwalks-every-other-day-daaahling types. Oh, and any catwalk which samples the Kings of Leon is good by me!

The invitation stipulated long legs and beautiful faces...

Purple and red = NOM
Ooh la la, it's Paris...
Somehow, I don't think these were Primark bags...

So after taking a very modest (ahem) amount of photos at the show, we made our way back to the exhibition for some serious shopping. Luckily, I'd been saving up for a while and so could afford the things that I really liked - it was nice not to really have to worry about spending too much as I'd set myself a limit and was determined to treat myself for once!

I could've probably spent the whole lot on jewellery alone but limited myself to a bracelet, necklace and ring. I was so excited to see JunkJewels there- I've asked for some of their jewellery for Christmas- and it seemed that they were proving popular with the crowds (this is where i bought the bracelet). The necklace was from Malaya Jewellery which was selling mainly vintage inspired pieces and everything was unique!

I began to feel a tad guilty about buying the jumper so early in the day as there turned out to be a much bigger vintage section than i first noticed, but it was too busy to look around properly, and I think I got the best bargain anyway! Although I wasn't planning to buy any more tops, I couldn't resist this black laced batwing top which was identical to one I'd been pining for on Missguided but had sold out...

... I can't wait to wear it and it is by far my favourite purchase of the day :)

Apart from that, I bought some nail varnish and the odd goody-bag filled with make-up samples, money-off coupons, and random food! Both El and I were positively exhausted by the end of the day, but I wouldn't have done anything differently! I had such a good time - who said retail therapy didn't work? Roll on December 2010!

Apologies for the lack of posts but we have had SUCH a busy week... I finally handed in my last essay (Roman economy whoo !) and got one back- I got 62 which is a 2.1 so I was super pleased :D Anyway, the Clothes Show! I was lucky enough to be able to stay at a friend's house (Thank you Mike!) for a couple of days before the Clothes Show and so getting to the Clothes Show was easier than expected, even with my HUGE bag. I met up with Becky, Louise, Abigail, Sophie and James at the entrance to the N.E.C and we went in :D Luckily I managed to stow my huge bag and coat away...unluckily I left my mobile in my jacket pocket so I didn't manage to take any photos :( I was SO glad Danni had, as the whole thing was just AMAZING. I loved the fact that there were so many clothes and shoes and bags and make up...I felt like a kid at Christmas :) I treated myself to some make up, i.e. nail varnish of the Barry M variety and some lipsticks, including a yummy lilac colour which I am yet to rock :S I think Danni and I must be psychically connected  as we both went straight for the grey nail varnish and both ended up buying it- OOPSY! I only wish I had more time and money as there were so many beautiful things <3 <3 Danni and I are DEFINITELY  going again next year, and we will take many photos for the blog. 
For now this will have to suffice....

Well! The catwalk show was probably the highlight for me and luckily there are clips all over the internet :) like here and here :)  but they can't describe the atmosphere, the screams were especially loud when the male models came onstage in their sequinned hotpants ;). I think for me (and probably for Danni as well) the best part of the show was the beautiful cover of Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody'. I had goosebumps all over by the time it finished. I just wish that I had had my phone as I was planning on taking a thousand and one photos for here but I will definitely remember for next time.

ALSO...Term one has finally finished and we are heading back home for some TLC and home cooking. Both of us are really looking forward to Christmas and seeing all of our family again. If anyone is at Merry Hell Hill over the holidays, please go and say hello to Danni at the Julian Graves stall or pop into Waitrose in Cheltenham where I will be turkey running :D 

Festive love and hugs! <3

 What are your plans for the holidays? Are you home for Christmas? Jetting off to somewhere exotic?! Leave us a comment and let us know :)


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