I can honestly say that finishing my exams has left me floating about a metre of the ground with a slightly dazed grin on my face. Anyone following me on Twitter  will have seen just how happy I was! I absolutely hate the pressure of exams as they make me go a little crazy as I don't deal with stress very well. Nevertheless, they are finished for this academic year and I have a week or so of blissful ignorance before I get my results. My mum and my youngest brother and sister came by yesterday and took some off my stuff home as I have to move out of my uni house pretty soon. One thing is certain though, I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF, so keep your eyes peeled for some blog sale goodness in the next few days :)

One of the first things I did after my family left was to pull out my make-up bag and try my new coral lipstick. It is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in shade 750 in 'Kiss Me Coral', a brand that I am consistently enamoured with.It is a lovely bright orangey colour that feels very summery.
It also matches my nails perfectly! The shade I am wearing is Bourjois Tangerine Fatale. I love Bourjois nail varnishes and the lovely LLYMLRS and I were singing their praises on Twitter, mainly as they dry so quickly and I am too impatient to wait!
Mark's family came over on Sunday, the day after I finished and we went for a picnic in Kenilworth park (again!)  It was an absolutely boiling day and guess who managed to get sunburnt? :( My arm has been on fire for days despite me wearing sunscreen...GRR!
At least I had my sunglasses eh?
 I also went to Birmingham to visit my friends, Pete, Oli and Oli and I had a really lovely couple of days :)  Pete lives in Perry Barr right next to Villa Park so of course we had to go and take some silly photos...
The majority of my family are Villa fans so here you go Fallons! :)
This lovely little place *cough* is Aston Hall, a lovely manor house that has reaffirmed my desire to live in a house that has grounds (A girl can dream!) I mean just LOOK! They are absolutely beautiful and kept in tip-top condition with a team of gardeners.
I had a really lovely couple of days and would like to thank Pete for his hospitality and everyone for some very memorable conversations!  Danni has finished her exams today YAY!! :D so we went to the Dirty Duck on campus to celebrate with some burgers and chips. On the way home, I decided that I needed to book a haircut A.S.A.P as it was far too long and far too thick so I went to the Regis salon in Cannon Park. A lovely lady called Becky did my hair and she did a sterling job!
 She trimmed about an inch off the length but put all of my layers back in and shaped the hair around my face. I absolutely love it but this may be because of the incredible blow dry. It is no mean feat to tame my wild tresses into something resembling a style. I guess the real test is when I try and style it myself tomorrow morning :S Looking back at my outfits over the past couple of days, coral has definitely become my 'go-to' colour in both summer and winter. It's feminine without being sickly sweet and it is very very versatile and goes with a number of other colours.Plus, the pop of colour provides a bright constrast to my pale skin and dark hair- something that is always welcome!

Do you have a 'go-to' colour? What do you think of my new hairdo? 


Leia said...

congrats on finishing your exams! love the lipstick, the skirt, and the coral dress!

Rach said...

congrats on finishing! I love all your outfits especially the sunday one. Your new hair looks lovely x

Yu said...

A REGIS Salon?! You call yourself a student? Hahaha jk.. gorgeous classy hair cut :)

Maria Fallon said...

Leia- Thank you! My skirt was from Dorothy Perkins last year sometime and I have it in green too! :)

Rach- Thank you! I love my new hair!

Yu- I know! It cost £26.40 (!) for a wet cut and blowdry with the main stylist woman and she was really lovely :)

Helen said...

woo yay for exams being over! hehe. i like your outfit with the black playsuit.

Sherin said...

Yay for finishing your exams! And I love the Revlon lipstick. It looks like its a great colour.

I so want to live somewhere like that manor house! It would be so amazing and fun.

Maria Fallon said...

Helen- Thank you! It is actually a very dark navy and it's SO comfy!

Sherin- That is my dream, a team of people to look after the grounds of my house... *sigh* And yes the colour is lovely :)

StephanieDJL said...

I love your outfits in this post, especially the coral dress! Your hair is fabtastic too, you look gorge! (not that you didn't before!)

Yay for your exams being over

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you Stephanie! I really like coral at the moment <3 And I am so pleased with my hair too, I just had to pull it back and ta-da! And I am so glad that exams are over WHOOOO!

Unknown said...

I just love your hair! Beautiful curls - I am very jealous! The coral colour of your lipstick really suits you too, and your gorgeous red skirt!

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you Harriet! I have grown to love my curls- I used to hate them! And coral is definitely my go to colour :)

Maria xxx

Carissa said...

lovely shades of red :)