I think I'm in love. With the postman.

Afternoon everybody, it's been awhile. I could spend a paragraph or two wining about exams and yada yada, but no-one wants to here about that do they?! Instead, I'm going to take a quick break to explain my current love for our postman... 

Unfortunately he isn't a 6ft 4 clone of Jake Gyllenhaall/James Mcavoy/Greg James [although, in my head he most definitely is and this makes me very happy indeed], but he has been delivering some wonderful things lately which make me love him. Just a little bit.

First up, I was the winner of an irresistibly cute giveaway by the lovely Eloise. The only time I can ever remember winning anything was from a magazine about seven years ago, ensuing a few high pitched teenage squeals and some super-sonic filling out of an application form, and that was for a tube of clear mascara so you can imagine how excited I got when I received these lovely goodies...

The artwork is all Eloise's own, and I have to say I think she's extremely talented. I haven't managed to listen to the album yet, but I did have a quick sneaky listen on Adrienne's website and I love her sound - very chilled out and perfect for stressful exam time! The envelope itself is a masterpiece - and Eloise even left a lovely message for the [imaginarily stunning] postman. All in all a wonderful prize from an equally wonderful blogger- go go go!

I also got the best parcel the other day from mummy and sister Slater; they'd put together a revision package to get me through these exams. Naturally, it consisted of chocolate, cookies and a Cow of Wisdom. Yep, you heard.

Isn't he beautiful?! He's just one of Edward Monkton's wacky characters, and you should check his website for some other lovely goodies. I have to say the prospect of a box filled with home-made cookies, macaroons and a slab of Galaxy cookie crumble has certainly propelled me into work mode. Hopefully it'll last me a few hours too ; )

Do any of you get just as excited at the sound of the letter box? How do you cope with revision? Let us know : )


Anonymous said...

all those goodies you got in the post look so cuuuute! i love them alll.. they must have been lovely suprises!

im quite new to blogging so i'd love it if you could check out my blog :)


Helen said...

oooh cookies in the post! did they end up a bit crushed or anything? i would love to send some baked goods in the post to my friend in london but i'm not sure i trust royal mail.

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Lovely goodies! xo


Ella said...

that cookie picture has made me hungry!
i love the packaging that the parcel came in too
i love receiving post it feels like a special occassion ha
belle xx

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks guys :) It was definitely a lovely surprise.
Holly K- shall definitely be reading your blog now

Helen- the cookies were fine, they'd been put in a box within the big one. One was slightly cracked but hey- i gobbled them up too quickly to notice!

Pearlslaceandruffles- ta very much!

BV - They were v yummy, I'll try and get the recipe up here soon!


Leia said...

those cookies look DELISH! and yes i do get excited when i hear the sound! haha

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks Leia!

Like i said up there ^^^ imma try and get the recipe up with pictures soon- not sure my batch will do my sister's version justice though!