Maxi-mum effort.

So, another revision-dedicated break at home, another purse-emptying shopping trip. My willpower at the moment is pathetic, my wardrobe however is not. The 'maximum' effort I've referred to has been focused wholly upon spending time with family, friends and Dorothy Perkins. No bad thing of course, until you realise that actually, exam dates are looming ever closer and there really is no room for manoeuvre. Oopsie. Ah well, I'm writing this intermittently as I download a program for statistics revision... and we all know that just having the program open is a step in the right direction...right?

Anyway, on to a quick [or decidedly lengthy, depending on how horrible this statistics revision looks] peek at what I bought...

Maxi[mum effort- geddit?] from Primark
Gold sandals from Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses [to which I am developing a worrying addiction] from Dotty P's too :)

It's all for holiday of course, although I'm beginning to use this as an excuse for nearly every purchase - right down to that nail-varnish, or those ear-rings that will look 'lovely with a tan'. Wonderful; if you're not a snow-white, burn-prone skinned girl like me. Again, oopsie. In all honesty though, anything that can remind me of that long lost season that we call summer right now is a godsend in my eyes. Bring on the sunshine!

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Winnie said...

Oh the print on that dress is really gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! That print is so vibrant - I'm hoping it's a playsuit/romper!

Leia said...

gorgeous print!

Nathalie said...

Love your finds... I also get that when having to do things for university: shopping, blogging, eating... just so not to need to start working :)

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks guys :) It's one of those I think I'll only brave on holiday, but I was definitely impressed with Primark's new stuff- they've upped their game methinks!